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Why indicators exist.....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by removed-6, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. To tell people what you are about to do......


    Neither of these guys used 'em, and as such neither knew what the other was about to do :cry:

    Noob lesson No.1 - Always assume that the driver hasn't seen you!
  2. :shock:
    Lesson No.2 - When in doubt read Lesson 1

    The fact that the rider was almost tailgating doesn't help either. [/quote]
  3. Gosh it's repost season again... I bet you'll find the old thread using "alfa" (which it's not, its a SEAT)
  4. He had it coming.
  5. Yeah, I should have known that 'eh? December 2007, why didn't I remember that........... :roll:
  6. it's an idiot sandwhich, and the rider is the meat
  7. Even without the indicator, that red car had "I'm going to overtake" body language for a couple of seconds before it crossed the line. However, even if the bike had indicated, do you think the car would have seen?

    Even though it may be considered the car driver's fault, it's up to bikers to be doubly aware because of things just like this.