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Why i'm glad i drove the cage today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duffman, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Had a bit of work to do in the country today so drove the Cruiser to work.

    Heading out of the city was fine, but coming back was strange. I had heavy rain for a little while, strong winds for a bit and then 25degrres and sunny for some. On the trip back, I managed to hit 2 rabbits and one massive crow! There is now an almighty crack in the windscreen, and rabbit blood on the right front fender. What a day!

    Sure, less chance of hitting them on the bike, but i wouldnt want to find out!
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  3. By hitting 2 rabbits you've prevented millions of the little bastids ever being born.

    God bless your Landcruiser.
  4. Yeah and don't landcruisers feed of the blood of little furry animals. :grin:
  5. #5 Breno, Sep 27, 2006
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    the guy didnt even fall off he just smashed that thing into a billion peices!
  6. ...cheaper than petrol, innit?
  7. And more fun. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  8. That deer got creamed.

    That is some funny footage right there.