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Why I should be allowed to carry a Shotgun!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoogieMan, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Like every other day I ride to work trying to avoid being run off the road by drivers who seem incapable of doing a headcheck.....

    But as I got into the city I was AMAZED when heading down latrobe past melbourne central when this guy in a 4WD just casually turns accross the road infornt of me to pull into the carpark and stops (as the car infront of him stopped just inside the driveway entrance)... I screech to a halt and honk at the driver to make him aware that he was blocking traffic and that he nearly caused an accdent.... he mearly stared back at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train, shrugged his shoulders and looked away before pulling into the carpark.....

    And I thought to myself.....

    THIS is why I should be allowed to carry a shotgun.... dont need it to be loaded just so I can t point it and make people pay attention!!!!!

    :x :twisted: :x :evil:
  2. He'd probably be too stupid to even realise what it was anyway, but it certailny is frustrating ins't it?
  3. I reckon, you should just carry a small hollow peice of metal that comes to a dull point, strapped somewhere to the bike, if someone nearly kills you, break there window so they take some notice of what nearly happened, if some fcukwit like that just stop and tap his windscreen right in front of his vision, just so it cracks accross the windscreen.

    fight ignorance with what was meant to be used, stupidity.
  4. Maybe you could just load it with salt?

    Won't kill anyone but it'll sting like salt and vinegar chips on a coldsore.
  5. Isn't there something called "bird shot" that stings like hell but doesn't actually cause any damage?
  6. ....somehow i think it would hurt a little bit more then that.

    are you talkin bout buckshot? if so, that will just put like 20 bit of shrapnal around your body, possible not killing you..
  7. i encountered an unusually high number of ignorant cagers last week and as such was seriously considering fashioning a sign on an A4 piece of cardboard that read something along the lines of: "did you mean to fcuk up or are you just stupid?"

    i was thinking about keeping it up the front of my jacket and whipping it out when stopped an the first set of lights.
  8. Bird shot surprisingly, is for shooting birds. Turns a 22 into a mini shotgun. So you might do some damage.

    I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just saying you might do some damage. :wink:
  9. I've always thought paintball guns should be legal, for these very situations. At least you would leave them marked as a warning to everyone else.

  10. A girl I know used to carry a water pistol filled with brake fluid strapped to her fairing inner on the RHS and a bag of small ball bearings on the fairing inner on the LHS.... the brake fluid is evidently _nasty_ on paintwork, and a handfull of ball bearings realeased in front of a car wouldn't be good either...

    I was always _very_ careful I was polite to her ;)
  11. Get an old empty grenade case and get someone to fill it with lead for you.

    That way you can just lob it into (or through) their window as you ride past. Guarentee they won't be hanging around to see if it's a dud or not :p
  12. Unfortunately it's rather carcenogenic as well.
  13. And, if you get it in your eyes, it will blind you. I had a mate had to have his eyeball removed after it got splashed with brake fluid. Not nice.
  14. I'd say micro shotgun. Mostly its a noisemaker, a fair amount of the shot tends to get caught in the barrel rifling and gets too much angular momentum for it to be effective at much of anything over a metre away. It can cause damage, but you'd have to be pretty unlucky (or lucky) to cause any serious harm.
  15. I understand every-ones frustration but some of these are going a bit far . Just pointing a unloaded gun at some-one COULD cause a heart condition , ball bearings , just silly . Some of you weren't members back when in about July last year there was a big up roar here about what some-one wanted to do to motorbike riders that he posted on a fishing forum . That froum was swarmed by netriders angry at what was being said and the post was eventually deleted . Yell , shout at them but take it no further.
  16. Now THERE's an Idea :p :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :twisted:
  17. Yeh I agree
    I think (and I'm speaking for myself here) that we are not really serious here, just tossing around an "if I could, I would" scenario.
  18. I did a two day riding course run by the cops many years ago in Canberra. Good course but what was interesting was when someone asked what happened if your boot "accidentally" made contact with the tail-light or door panel of someone who did that sort of thing.

    The police instructor's response was "just make sure the cops in the cars don't see you and never ever admit it was anything but an accident if they do. "
  19. Brake fluid will strip acrylic (water-based) paint reasonably well, not so flash on oil-based. Still works though.

    Acetone works a treat, but will corrode the plastic water pistol

    Best thing you can use (in a water pistol form) is the stuff that service stations use to clean the walls of the car wash. THAT stuff eats paint beyond ALL possibility of repair.
  20. just have a rock handy for some window action