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Why I Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MyoMan, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. I suffer from anxiety/depression quite mildly yet I have my moments. The best therapy for me is to get on the open road and let out everything. People can probably hear me talking to myself at the lights which I don't care. I know I look crazy with the huge smile that's on my face.
    There's nothing better than to be a part of this beautiful family. It sounds stupid but I really couldn't care less. All my emotions: happiness; sadness; elation; anxiety, whatever it may be gets laid down onto the road and forgotten when I'm on my beautiful 2 wheeled wonder.
    I find every single bike to be a piece of beauty no matter what people say. If you ride a Honda CT110 or a Ducati Panigale I'll still treat you the same as anybody else.
    I don't know if people feel the same as I do but I'd love to hear from anyone. Even if you ride just to feel your balls tingle

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  2. This is the exact same reason I love riding. Its not about getting from point A to B fast or instyle. For me its about enjoying the bike, feeling it move when you lean it into a corner, hearing the engine roaring as it takes in air and pops with angry while slowing down.

    The other day I was feeling so down I bearly got out of bed, until I noticed it was a bright sunny morning which meant I could ride to work. Its only a short 10-15min trip but even that was enough to put a smile on my face walking into the garage which turned my day around completely, this also meant I had to ride home which meant taking the "long way home"..... 2.5hrs to be exact :wacky:

    For those who havnt seen it, "Why we ride" is a very very good movie. if you ride...you need to watch it. especially towards the end, so touching.

    link to the IMDB page check it out! : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2960470/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
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  3. I too ride to clear my head. Quite often if I'm down about work etc I'll make sure I ride in as I find it nearly impossible to think of anything except the ride while on the bike. Someday that's all I need....sometime to myself without worrying about anything. Keep riding......
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  4. Sometimes to hear the bike or,

    to feel the wind or,

    to get the adrenaline pumping or,

    to remind myself that I can or,

    so I don't have to listen to the wife or...
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  5. I ride mainly as it's an awesome way to get to and from work. Parking is cheap (free!!), fuel costs are low and generally it's easier than driving the car in traffic.

    I also ride as the feeling of being a part of the traffic, rather than being in the traffic is something only riders can appreciate. The bike feels very organic and i find riding makes me fire up in terms of my mindset.

    I'm always thinking and analysing the traffic flow, drivers intentions & behaviour etc. I find it is almost like you get a heightened sense when riding. Driving just feels like i'm kicking back on the couch listening to music.

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  6. I don't have the guts to say on here honestly why I ride ...
    Good on you MyoManMyoMan! :D
    So glad the bike is the panacea for your soul...:)
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  7. Be brave :). It's to grope people's asses then ride off isn't it? Hehe
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  8. I can relate - I suffer from anxiety as well, it's a lot better nowadays but in the past it's even held me back from riding. Like I'd have some spare time so I think of going for a ride, and my brain takes over and starts thinking about each bend, each corner, every thing that could go wrong and then I start trying to find excuses to stay home (avoidance behaviour). But the moment I get past it and start the motor, all of that goes away and my focus comes back to the moment where it belongs. And it stays there long after I've parked the bike and hung up the helmet.

    That's not why I ride though. I ride for the sensation you get when everything clicks into place and the bike feels like an extension of yourself. Intoxicating, and definitely addictive. If I didn't have the bike, I'm sure I'd be doing something illegal (or even more so).
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  9. Good on you hyperspexhyperspex for pushing through the potential barrier :)
    I hope many others on here read these inspiring posts and know that they too can beat their 'demons' !
    The soothing balm of a ride...
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  10. I take the bike out when I'm punching on with the missus
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  11. #11 Oldmaid, Apr 22, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2015
    Ha never that brave on NR...I admire you for your original post though :)

    but with the ilk of some on NR you have got to be kidding. Be like a beacon for some to put the boot right in lol!
    These days I try to approach life mostly as a quality not a quantity option.
    So guess what...me not sharing for once :) woohoo buy a lottery ticket :p

    Over a short time I have learnt too much about social media. Nasty business all up but I finally learnt that it can be fun if you pick your playmates well. Mostly on NR I have met some unbelievably supportive, lovely and caring people who also ride! :)

    But some on NR, well let's just say that life is short and one could only hope that there are much, much more important things happening in their lives that could use their energies ...if not, then wow, I honestly feel sad for them... :(
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  12. I sold my cars becuase I found I was never driving them once I moved to Moonee Ponds, And it worked out cheaper to share costs with a hire care when travelling with friends.

    A motorbike is much more practical for my needs for commuting, the bonus is it's fun.

    I'm also an explorer type personality, a motorbike is a fun way to explore.
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  13. I ride because its the best feeling in the world.
    While I'm riding nothing else seems to matter and any worries that I might have just wash away.
    Also agree with ed noobie, Why we ride is a great movie.
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  14. I ride for a number of reasons. But mostly to clear my head of crap. I find I have to concentrate on my environment wben riding. That drives the annoying crap away for a while. My wife has type2 bipolar and severe depression. Dealing with the effects of that can be draining. Riding relieves that. I also enjoy the feeling of riding.

    Plus its just bloody fun!!
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  15. It clears the clutter, crap and cobwebs from the corners of your mind. It reinvigorates my soul and promotes a positive and fresh appreciation on life. It is my therapy, my happy place, a chance to escape and something that no one can take away from me
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  16. Have only been riding for a short time and wish like hell I took it up years ago! I go to my happy place as well, to clear all the crap out of my head (has been a lot in the last few months!) It is just an awesome feeling being out there on your bike. Loooove it!
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  17. I have a debilitating addiction. I am a refined petrol-head and I need to be riding/driving something fast and fun on a daily basis. Both my bike and car give me the major grins! Life is good!!!
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  18. I ride so I can look cool to the chickybabes
    nothing else maters
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  19. 20 years and still trying for that first hook up lol
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  20. yep that's why I removed the db killer
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