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Why I practice e-braking

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Rusti_GotRage, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Sooo, got up close and personal with the asphalt this afternoon...

    Woman in front of me decided, half way through entering the intersection, that she wasn't actually going to enter the intersection any more. She stops dead in front of me halfway through an amber light and I grab the anchors to stop piling into the back of her. She admitted she should have either stopped earlier or kept going... when she got out to check on me, her car was completely past the white line at the lights, so she definitely stopped too late! That said - I was trying to follow her through on the amber because I was too close to the intersection to stop safely without e-braking - which I ended up having to do anyway - ironic eh?! *shrug*

    Firstly - I succeeded in not hitting her. No impact occurred between my bike and her vehicle ...or anyone else's for that matter.
    Secondly - I grabbed too sharp/hard. Front wheel locked up and the bike went down as I stopped.

    This is good and bad news. Bad news because :

    • my left mirror is no more, shattered on impact with the road.
    • I've bent my gear lever up, not enough to be a major issue, but enough to be annoying,
    • My handlebars appear bent in the risers. Again, not enough to make the bike not ride-able, but enough to be annoying. To ride straight I have to feel like I'm turning slightly to the left.
    • Clutch lever scratched up at the top where it said hi to the road surface.

    Good news because:

    • I didn't hit her
    • I didn't get hit by anyone
    • I'm ok - nil injuries. Draggin's intact, just some fabric burn on my lower knee..
    • She's ok and so's her cage.

    The fact that I locked up the front wheel and the bike went down and I STILL didn't hit her also means two things.

    1. I was traveling at a safe enough distance behind her to react in time.
    2. Had I NOT locked up the front tyre and gone down, I would still definitely have stopped in time to avoid hitting her car. Skidding == loss of traction and reduced braking capabilities... ergo, no skidding, better braking, shorter stopping distance.

    So... why did I go down? I'm picking its because I looked down when the front tyre chirped in lock-up and also because I may have instinctively flinched to the left thinking of trying to avoid her car. So turning, even ever so slightly, while braking hard == BAD...

    It could've been far worse. But it should have been far better.

    Result? I need more e-braking practice!
    Probably need to give traffic more room too and not be so eager to get through the lights... Amber does NOT mean "go faster" or go at all... it means stop if able to safely do so! For that matter green doesn't mean "GO LIKE A BEAR WITH ITS ARSE ON FIRE" it means go if safe to do so...

    The lady in the car was extremely upset at the whole matter and very concerned for my welfare and the welfare of my bike. Details were exchanged and I'll talk to the service people at City Yamaha tomorrow to see what needs doing. Might mean changing my weekend plans though... :(
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  2. Aww man, that truly sucks. Good to see that she admitted fault and she was concerned for you and your bike's welfare. Glad to hear the damage was only minor and that you're okay. Still though, it'll suck if we can't have Rusti on the Rawson ride :(
  3. :( .. Sad to hear your baby got hurt Rusti *** Hugz *** ...
  4. Sorry to hear rusty... :(
    But you're ok which is the main thing and it doesn't seem like too much damage ...

    It's also great that you're evaluating the whole thing adding to that bag of "what to do next time"

  5. Could of been far worse rusti, I think you were very lucky just a little bit more speed things would have been very different.
    Glad to hear your ok and the bike well...........nothing that money cant fix.

    Cheers S & B
  6. Glad you're OK mate. I hope you can get your bike sorted for the weekend.

    Not sure how relevant this is. He was coming up behind her. AFIK, anything from behind is the fault of the person behind. I don't see how she can be made to pay for anything.

    Anyway, glad you're all good mate.
  7. Sorry Rusti. Glad you are okay
  8. main thing is you are ok and thank you for posting this. there are a number of points here we can all take a lesson from.

    Sent from that little tiny chip in my brain
  9. Good to hear you came out of that relatively unscathed man...was worried for a second there when I read the thread's title...also good to see that the bike suffered minimal damage.

    Time to really punish those brakes at Saturday morning practice!
  10. yeh, good thing you're still around cos I'm pretty sure I *do* still owe you at least another breakfast.

    But that does suck dude. If you get an amber at a certain point it can be very hard to judge stop or go.
  11. Hey, if my frak-ups help someone else, it's been worth posting.

    And Matt, you're prolly right on that one. rear ends and all...

    I'm hoping the issue with the front end handle bar alignment is just the risers being out of whack... I'm taking it in to work tomorrow and from there I'll nip over to City Yamaha and see what they say.

    It's a similar story to what Kingpin did to his handlebars on the Noojee ride, and from what people have told me that's a reasonably simple and inexpensive fix... <!?> Loosen, reposition, re-secure???

    Certainly the rest of the front end felt ok, had no problems on the freeway with weird vibrations or wobbles or anything and I was doing the limit on the way home...brakes working fine...

    So bend the gear lever back down a touch, fix the risers, new mirror and good to go... hopefully!
  12. I hope I didn't sound harsh with that. Wasn't my intention.
  13. I'm just glad you are okay. Its just a bad day/week this week.
  14. Nah Matt - you're all good! :) It'd take a lot more than that for me to get p1ssed at you! :p

    And thanks Aly - I'm glad I'm OK too! Hoping the bike gets a clean bill of health tomorrow after minimal work! (ie; minimal cost to my wallet!!)
  15. I'd try harder, but I know you'd just tap out in the end :blackeye:
  16. Really glad you are OK big man. You've inspired me to post about my recent near miss - which was all my fault.
  17. Glad you're alright Rusti.
  18. I bend my bars pretty often, biffing the bike offroad... I simply pick it up (okay not so simple with the DR650 lol), hold it up right from the front of the bike, grasp the front wheel with my knees and yank the bars in the opposite direction to whatever is bent is bent in. A big *click* and she's right again.
    Might not work with your cruiser being substantially heavier but if you've got a centre stand it's worth a shot. If they're more than slightly bent, though, then yeah the shop.
  19. good to hear everythings OK rusty
  20. Thanks for posting Rusti, there's lots in there for us all to think about. I'm really glad to hear you're okay.

    Good luck getting everything fixed and getting back on two wheels again.