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Why I love riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nitrox72, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. After a day off family stuff on Saturday (building credits) headed out to Motorcycle Accessories in Auburn on Sunday to get some warmer winter gear. The ride through the city and on the M4 was the first time I got to hear my new Agostini pipes opened up on the Cali Custom - I reckon I grinned the whole way there.

    Rather than head straight home I couldn't help a last minute decision to blast up the OPH to the Old Road Café for lunch. Sitting drinking my coffee when a guy came over to ask about my bike. Introduces himself as John, president of the Moto Guzzi Owners Club and invites along to a members night on Tuesday - happy days.

    Monday was the Kangaroo Valley ride with a bunch of Netriders. Got my Dad along and he brought two of his mates he's been riding with for years who I've never met. We chatted about bikes, riding and they invited me to join them in this year's Snowy Mountains Ride.

    I realized I haven't been to Kangaroo Valley since doing family day trips as a kid - forgot how beautiful that whole area is and what a perfect bunch of riding roads. I've also never been away with just my dad on a boys trip - now I'll be doing it based around a shared love of motorcycling on the Snowies trip. At the pub I told Dad if my bonus comes in this year I'm going to tick a NZ motorcycle tour of the bucket list and he asked if he can come along which is bloody awesome .

    I haven't thought about the stresses of work or life all long weekend and now head into the short work week refreshed, relaxed and anxious to get to Saturday to do it all again.
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  2. I had not been on a ride except my daily commute for about 6 months, I find it hard to muster up the same excitement to go for a day or weekend ride when I ride everyday to commute. But my partners dad just got back into riding after about 25 years and my partner also rides but feels much the same that I do, but he wanted to go for a ride together as a family, and I had a ton of fun, and I realized what I had been missing, did not think about work or what I was going to make for dinner just me and my bike. Can't wait for next weekend providing mother nature allows it of course
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  3. I found that my love of recreational riding is waning now that I commute as well. That is until last weekend, dusted off the old Fatboy and had a blast. That old Harley is so different to an Aprilia, it is like a totally different activity.
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  4. Good on you Nitrox72, isn't it euphoric just what a good ride can do. It always helps clear the clutter and cobwebs for me, giving a fresh appreciation on the here and now, and allowing other issues to fall into perspective. I guess that's why it becomes addictive to riders alike.
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  5. So much this.

    I'm a daily commuter rider too.

    I know when I need release because I'll ride too and from work like my head is on fire.
    Crack open throttle, find ANY corner, hang for no reason.....etc.....

    This is when I make any excuse to get out for a weekend blat and release some tension.
    Like a lonely Sailor....
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  6. Hello Sailor
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  7. All aboard......
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  8. ha ha ha BitSarBitSar - now you're just showing off and proving that Uncle Greg can flirt with anyone! ha ha ha