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Why I like to ride in Thailand

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by daewoo, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. #1 daewoo, Oct 10, 2007
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    I see all the guys lining up for their 30 minute 'blast' through the camry infested, police swarming lap through the RNP near my home...

    I wonder if they know what they could be doing for $1500/2weeks...

    A video on YouTube... slow to start, but good sample of the typical roads up North... can't wait till Nov 15...



  2. Hehe I liked that, nice find

    Cheers :cool:
  3. :LOL: @ the shitty a-se music..
  4. Budget: SFA! :LOL: nice 1
  5. The missus and I are heading over that way for a few weeks in November too! Dunno how much riding will be going on though, I hear most of the vehicle hire places want you to relinquish your passport as a deposit (don't really want to do that), and if you crash the bike, you bought it!
  6. if u crash the wrong 600

    thai mafia can extort you...like what happened to me and my mates..

    immediately call the australian embassy..they'll send out someone to help you
  7. yeah dont go hiring bikes ova there

    just go everywhere in Took Tooks ...(not how its spelt)
  8. tuk tuks
  9. I have riden bikes over there every year for the last 5 or 6... although only recently graduated to 'real bikes' from scooters...

    Muppeteer, Where will you be going????

    You will usually need to give them your passport, although one guy let me off just giving him my Drivers Licence... that is really their insurance that you will bring the bike back... if you have any issues at the end of the hire period, the Tourist Police will always get you your passport back for a little 'tea money' ($15)...

    The bikes are generally not well maintained, and I have heard that the shops hope you will drop the bike so that they can r00t you for the repairs... You can usually get insurance for an extra $3 a day, or choose not to crash...

    These guys are not making big money out of it at $6/day, so if you do damage their bike, you should expect to pay for all repairs... same same hiring a bike on the Gold Coast anyway...

    Plus I think it should be covered by your travel insurance...

    There aren't any real mafia in Thailand to worry about, and not any that are involved with the motorbike hire business... but it does pay to shop around or get recomendations rather than just go for the guy closest to the beach...

    And stay away from the damn tuk tuks... they are a rip off... I usually only use them late at night when I am completely wasted... other than that I use Taxis or Motorsai (motorbike taxis)... If you need to use a tuk tuk to complete your Thailand experience, use it ove a short distance that you know the cab fare, and don't pay more than 1.5 times the cab fare...

    If I can give you any further help, please let me know...

  10. In case anyone is interested, I put this rough pricing guide together for a few mates who couldn't decide if they wanted to join me this year...

    I reckon that $1500 for 10 days riding on the best, cop free, car free, speed camera free roads one could hope for is a bargain...

    Best Case - Worse Case
    Airfares Syd-BKK $850.00 - $1000.00
    Acc BKK (5 Nights) $150.00 - $350.00
    Flights BKK–CNX-BKK $107.00 - $107.00
    Acc CNX (7 nights) $70.00 - $700.00
    Dirt Bike (3 Days) $69.00 - $91.00
    Road Bikes (5 Days) $29.00 - $230.00
    Food $126.00 - $420.00
    Beer / Bottle $126.00 - $350
    Rough Guess $1527.00 - $3248.00

    $1 Au = 25.97 THB

    • Airfares Aus – BKK - $844 current BA Special, typically $1000 available year round, can usually get a package for about $1300 for flights Syd – BKK – CNX including accom in BKK and CNX.

    • Acc BKK –
    o Hard to get decent Acc under 1000THB/$38,
    o I usually stay in 4 star for THB1800/$70.

    • Airfare BKK – CNX Air Asia Inc Taxes 2,779.86 THB/$107

    • Acc CNX 4 Star –
    o Royal Princess THB2600 ($99)/1000 ($38) ,
    o Guest house $10/night
    o Guess houses can be good fun, but backpackers can be so disagreeable…

    • XR 250 Dirt Bike prices range from 600 THB ($23)/Day to 800THB ($30)/Day

    • Road Bikes;
    o Honda CBR1000 @ 1,200 baht ($46) a day – Worse Case
    o Honda Bros 400 @ 600 baht ($23) a day
    o Honda Phantom 200 @ 500 ($19) baht a day
    o Honda VRX 400 @ 800 baht ($30) a day
    o Suzuki Desperado 400 @ 800 ($30) baht a day
    o Yamaha Serow 225 @ 600 baht ($23) a day
    o Yamaha TW 220 @ 650 baht ($25) a day
    o Honda Wave 150cc @ 150 baht a day ($5.70) – Best Case
    o Honda Click 110cc Automatic @ 200 baht ($7.60) a day
    o Honda Airblade 110cc Automatics @ 230 baht ($8.75) a day

    • Food based on;
    o Best Case (Thai food in Western place) $3/meal x 3/day / 14days = $126
    o Worse Case (Western Food) $10 x 3 x 14 = $420
    o It will be a combination of both I would guess.

    • Beer based on;
    o Good Day, CM - $1.50/bottle x 6 x 14 days = $126
    o Better Day, BKK – Average $2.50 / bottle x 10 x14 = $350
    o Again, it will probably be a combination of these.

    Like I said, you can pretty much do it as cheaply or as extravagantly as you like… There will be some swings and roundabouts, but I would suggest that somewhere in between these two is about right… in Chiang Mai, we will be out on the bikes all day, and it will be hard to spend much more than the bike hire, acc, some change for meals, and 6 beers…

    In BKK it is good fun to just waste away all afternoon drinking beer and playing pool… I didn't get drunk my whole last trip, but it isn't hard to spend $60 or more on beers, food, and pool in a day… Don't tell the missus, but there are a few days when I have probably done 2 or 3 times that amount...

    I wouldn't count on keeping it to $1500 for the trip, there are definately days when you will feel like blowing the budget a bit and having a corker of a day, and night, and morning

  11. you forgot to add ladyboys to your budget :LOL: :p
  12. I'm Thai and I can confirm most of what Daewoo says is reasonable.
    Only thing to worry about are the truckies and bus drivers in Thailand who are drugged up with Amphetamine's to keep em awake.

    Some serious accidents happen on their roads if you don't watch out. that's also because the cars also go at ridiculous speeds when possible.
    (my relo's who are my aunties who are over 40 years old stilll drive at 130-140 on highways and freeways and whatever way possible, apparently it's natural for them to go at that speed :p - mind you this was in a friggin CRV 4WD Honda...)

    it would be great fun tho!!! -
  13. Chicks are pretty good, but you can't beat the real thing :rofl:

    DUK35... all part of the fun...

  14. We're going to Phuket for 8 nights, then Phi Phi Island for 2 nights. I was thinking of doing something like this while I was in Phuket: ATV Tour & White Water Rafting.

    It seems fairly pricy (about $212 on the Polaris 299cc, and about $230 on the Yamaha 421cc), but I'll be doing it with the missus, and she is fairly excited about riding a quad bike by herself, and the white water rafting should be fun too.

    If anyone's got any other suggestions for touristy things to do in Phuket which involve quad biking, white water rafting, elephant rides, jet skiing, canoeing/kayaking etc, or the best places to do these things, I'm all ears!
  15. go to the armoury and shoot a glock

    or go out in the field and shoot a shotgun

    any of the taxi drivers till take u

    this was definately the highlight of my trip

    if only i could ride the bikes i hired and the guns and go around with the girls and shoot the bad guys haha

    thailand is so hollywood!
  16. hahahaha yeah.
    not only Glocks but an assortment of everything you wanna shoot.

    Shot guns, Sub machine guns, Rifles, Revolvers, assault rifles hahaha the works.

    Scuba diving around the little islands is cool aswell.
  17. Good for you... where are you staying (Karon? Patong?)

    First think you need to do in Phuket is get a moto... $6 a day and you never have to worry about transport again...

    In Bangkok, the flag fall for an air conditioned cab is 10c (35TH8)... you can go from one end of the city to the other for 100THB... In Phuket they won't allow meter cabs, only these shitty red Isuzu pickup things, that they call Tuk Tuks (but they aren't) and it is 100THB each just to get in... they suck... they are owned by the mafia, and if the driver takes anything less than 100 they take his pickup...

    If you head into the backstreets of Patong, away from the beach, you will get a much better bike for heaps cheaper...

    You can spend a couple of days just riding around exploring...

    There is an Orangutang Orphanage in the middle of the island that is sort of cool... lots of nice beaches and stuff around the Island...

    Patong is a tourist hell hole during the day, but that is where the nightlife is at night...

    All of the cars on the road are crazy... when in Rome... I was doing 130km/h on the highway with my pregnant missus on the back on a 150cc scooter...

    DO be carefull on the bends... careful of oncoming vehicles on the wrong side of the road, and sand on the road... HEAPS of tourists come off, but they probably don't have any riding experinece, just $6 a day to spend...

    There is a pretty cool stageshow thing called Phuket Fantasea... lots of trained animals on stage, and Thai girls in lyrcra outfits if you like that sort of thing :grin: ...

    Don't know much about Phi Phi, only spent one day there...