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Why I hate Motorcycling...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jez79, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. ...because everything else seems so boring afterwards!!!

    Does anyone else find they get such a rush from motorcycling (even just everyday riding) that everything else becomes a bit drab?

    Enough said..
  2. It sounds like it is time for you to jump out of an Airoplane. [​IMG]
  3. Done that... Maybe some form of giant catapault??
  4. Have you tried lawn bowls???
  5. +1

    You come from in a great mood from riding and everyone else is in a crap mood and bored, weird!
  6. I find having to wash bikes after a ride does a good job of bringing me down :(
  7. Thats a big ten four. My Kwak turns what would normally be a boring, mundane and frustrating drive to the gym, into an absolute blast!!
    There is something intrinsically pleasureable about jumping on a bike and carving up traffic wether i'm riding the spur or gordon st in footscray lol.

    the cage driving public might not get it, but i sure as hell do!!
  8. Ya I totally agree, esp hitting some nice urban twisties like I do if I decide to take the long way home (which is pretty much the normal way home now days)

    It just clears your head and ya, not many people can understand it.

    However I do rate skydiving as being awesome, that buzz lasted almost a week!
  9. Hell yeah! I hear ya!
    I often find after a looong ride, when i'm buggered and finally get to where I was going that i sit down for 5 mins then think up an excuse to hop straight back on.

    Like "oh I better go and have a quick look around town so i know where everything is"
  10. This is so true,

    but it's really taking i's tole on me because my bike has been at the shop since my accident. To make it worse due to back orders it could be up to 3 weeks. At least i know the boys at Peter Stevens have it so it'll be a job well done once finished.

    Sigh life is nothing but drab with out my bike in it. I need that rush and joy back. i find myself in the car and twisting my wrist just wishing I was on my bike, little corners that i used to enjoy on my morning ride are all just salt in the wound.

    Being a biker is very much a lifestyle, things are never the same after it.
  11. Get yourself an old/vintage bike. Then, when you're not having fun riding it, during all your spare time you can have fun trying to keep it ride-able!
  12. Yeah....I even look forward to washing and polishing her and the car can go fcuk itself! :LOL: We're a strange mob... :grin:
  13. Sweet, its not just me then :grin: Only problem is I just jump on and go for a ride so often its hurting my wallet with all the fuel I'm wasting!!!
  14. I get the same feeling, and I really dig getting to work were everyone else is in a crap mood, and im full of beens coz I just got off my bike. Makes going to work more enjoyable!

    zeker, put it in a different light for you mate, you'll be using twice or 3 times as much fuel for the same performance if you drove a car the way your bike rides.
  15. fantastic! Would you mind doing mine when you're done? :LOL:

    I prefer to enjoy a beer while listening to the bike ticka ticka ticka and beg me to go out again.
  16. I have my very-nearly-vintage sportscar for just that reason! :LOL:
  17. So true :) Lucky there will never be a car that goes like any bike.
  18. fixt :wink:
  19. Because I don't want to get off, plus can't seem to drive cars anymore. Everyone is so slow, the way they would come to a complete stop before a turn/ conner, how they seem to be doin everything else except drivin and how they think it's alright to stop when ever they want to to read the street name.
  20. Or cross 3 lanes so they don't miss their street rather than go past and do a U-turn!