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Why I don't like my cruiser

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by JuzzyDee, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. So it's taken me a few months, and I've got my first injury. Fortunately there was no drop, so the hip pocket was injured at all, cause that would probably hurt more.

    So I'm on my way to work, I need to turn left at a t-intersection. I didn't do anything to differently to usual, except I finally have some proper boots instead of lace up work boots. As I come around the corner, the pitiful cruiser ground clearance comes into play, but because of the new boots, my ankle movement is reduced, and suddenly my toe makes contact instead of my heel.

    Anyway, long story short, my toe digs in and wrenches my leg away. My boot and bike suddenly had opposing ideas, boot wanting to stop for a rest, bike wanting to continue on it's merry way. With the ankle fully supported, the next best stress point was my knee.

    Felt a flash of burning pain, it had all but abated a few minutes later, but damn it hurt. Not ashamed to admit it was shock enough to make me a bit giddy for a few minutes, lucky I was at work so I was able to just park the bike and get off without the stress of finding somewhere safe to pull up.

    Put some ice on it, and within half an hour it had started to swell and ache and hurt to move. Wasn't planning on seeing a quack, but I had to because I needed ice at work, it needed to be logged, which meant I had to go see one. Took me a week to get to him. It's pretty much sorted now, no swelling, no pain when moving, just a constant dull ache. He had a poke and a prod and a push around and said there's no ligament damage, and it's most likely just a bruised cartilage.

    Now I'm more keen than ever to get off my restrictions and get a nice little naked to poke around town on.

  2. How did your toe dig in on a cruiser, your feet are up in the air away from the road,
    This is a common problem on a sports bike, Keep your toes up in a corner,
    But on a cruiser,
    Glad you did not break a bone or your ankle,
  3. Not sure how you managed to ground your toe, your hero knobs should ground first then maybe your heal, but glad you didn't do anything too serious to bike or yourself...
  4. To be honest it all happened so quick I'm not sure what happened.

    I know it wasn't the top side of the toe, it was like the sole of the boot gripped up around the toes, my feet were slightly toes up but for some reason that section of the sole seemed to make contact not long after the pegs.

    The yammy doesn't have hero knobs though, I think they must have made the decision that ground clearance was poor enough as is without reducing it that little bit more by throwing the knobs on. But yeah, the order of contact as far as I can tell was peg, boot, sole of boot gripped, ripped foot off the peg. I'm considering myself lucky that it was a fairly low speed incident. I tend to have pegs on pavement a lot, especially up through the twisties. I think it would have been much nastier had I got that same level of grip at speed, but then again, the slow speed may have been what gave the traction to the boot in the first place.
  5. I hated the constant scraping while on my VN250 cruiser.

    Mine used to scrape the foot peg and throw the peg up. After a while i got used to it and pretty much lifted my inside foot off the peg while doing tight turns :)
  6. Sorry to hear that, sounds painful! Is it possible to raise the ground clearance on your bike somehow?
  7. Any idea how tight you were turning? I went up old Pac on my XVS650 Classic last saturday and had her in some pretty tight turns, and the floorboards never scraped.
  8. You got it right the first time in can't wait to get off restricted.
    It's a cruiser and has to be ridden as one...sorry.
    There about style. Being able to crawl and look solid. Being able to cruise and move mountains.
    Whilst they enjoy a good curve, a carver they are not.
    Try putting a bit more of you and your weight on the inside. You wont need to lean as much. it's as simple as sliding your ass an inch across the seat. Almost undetectable to the naked eye. But makes a world of difference.