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Why I buy gear online

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by PilgriM, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. This is a little dig at PS in Melbourne, why I try to buy gear online these days where I can..

    I went into their store yesterday, to try a set of waterproof boots, Alpinestars, $299 so not the most expensive but still a reasonable amount of coin..

    Tried on a size 47 EU, just a little too tight around the foot in my work socks, wouldn't work with my thicker winter socks, so I ask to try a 48, they don't have any in stock.

    I ask if they can get some into stock so I can try, get told I will need to leave a deposit of half the value ($150) for them to get some in, could be refunded if I was not interested in buying, I said shove it..

    Surely a store with their level of stock turnover, the stranglehold they seem to have over bike gear sales, they could get a pair in, size 48, & leave them in stock if they didn't work for me, why is the onus on me to leave my money in their hands for a week or so???

    I have found the boots for $50 cheaper online, best I have done so far is $25 cheaper than PS including delivery, happier to do that & not give them my business cause that deposit request pissed me off.

    Retailers wonder why we move to buying online more these days, customer service is a way to distinguish yourself from the online competition, I would have not stressed about paying the extra $25 if they had got a pair in & the fit was good, you can beat a price difference if you show some willingness to engage with & understand your customers.

    Its not a big thing but when I know I have other options, I will seek them out...
  2. I ordered sidi vertigos online, delivered for about half what they cost here. Thats why I buy online.
  3. Spot on PilgriM. Price is always going to be hard for a bricks and mortor store to compete on - if the expected level of customer service was there they would have nothing to fear.
  4. I take your point PilgriM but how do you try them on for size from a On line store? PS lack of service is legendary though ;)
  5. Some stores have a refund policy if the items don't fit (don't know if this includes postage though) and most have guides to measuring yourself for fit (although this doesn't tell the whole story).
  6. Yah, that is where I am slightly stuck, seeing the 47 was a touch snug the 48 "should" be ok, but won't know unless I try & buying online without checking the fit is a risk.

    I could have been really cheeky & got the 48 in, tried them, then got my deposit back, then tell them I am going to buy online, but the point is, I would have bought them from PS if they fit, they lost a sale through some weird requirement that I stump up the money before they will get a pair sent from their warehouse that sends stuff to them pretty much every day..
  7. My current Alpinestars are 47, so I kinda figured the same brand would be the same fit, that was wrong of course...
  8. good work. thats rubbish having to leave a deposit, just to try them.

    on the other side of the coin, i was at bikemart this morning looking at getting my dirt gear. brian helped me out heaps, and of course, gave me the usual discount. ill probably head down tomorrow to pick some stuff up.

    ive had them order stuff for me to try on before, and im positive im not along in that regard!

    up yours PS :p
  9. I was in there earlier this week, couldn't see any Alpinestars boots in stock, maybe I missed them..

    Also noticed a pair of Rossi boots, been considering a pair of them, probably a bit cheaper than the Alps..
  10. last time i checked, the never have A* stuff because PS has somehow (im no good with business stuff) told whoever they get it from not to supply bikemart.

    disclaimer : might be wrong on this!
  11. A* is owned by Peter Stevens in Aus (Monza Imports). Fact.
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  12. Thanks for the clarification :)
  13. deposit required,
    you have no idea of the amount of stock that gets ordered in, only for the customer to decide they no longer want it etc... then it turns to dead stock in the store. that costs money and it all adds up. basically the deposit requirement is to avoid this. so the stock actually moves in the stores. also many manufacturers don't accept returns unless they want the product back or its defective.

    i know it sucks (and i sympathies for your case), but it is there for a reason.

    and are u shure about monza bieng owned by ps, as its only been an supplier (when ive done the orders, completely different to if we ordered something through ps imports e.g. triumph)
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  14. Vince& Steve Chiodo own, Peter Stevens, Vespa Aus, Triumph Aus, Hyosung Aus and Monza imports who import Dunlop, A* blar blar blar blar.......it's no industry secret, the whole motorcycling world knows who owns what!
  15. fair enough, as i said its just news to me. im still learning all this,
    plus i dont work in accessories so i have limited exposure to monza.
  16. Well it wasen't like it was a special item, was simply a boot line they carry, in a size they did not have in stock, seriously they had a 47, whats wrong with having a 48 in stock, its not like my feet are the biggest out there, I take around a size 11 normally..

    I could understand if it was an item they don't normally stock or is pretty expensive, its called using your judgement, either the ps people didn't have the nads to make a simple call on that or their hands are tied, either way, they lost a sale..
  17. Seems your not alone "86% have ditched a purchase over bad service"


    I hate to keep going on about but this but I have first hand experience as a previous owner of a chain of picture framing stores - admittedly not an industry greatly affected by online sales - but a focus on customer service and satisfaction bridges pretty much all barriers.

    The argument that they were not prepared to order a pair of boots because they may end up being dead stock is short sighted. Every transaction (be it a sale or just advice/service) should be conducted with a view to repeat business - chances are they have not only lost this potential sale by not ordering the boots but many more throughout the years this customer will be riding.
  18. I have absolutely no issue in paying a slight premium to buy in store because I get to take the item home straight away.

    Two examples I have is purchasing a digital still camera, online with extra goodies was still about $200 cheaper than buying it local, then take into consideration it was only a $400 purchase.

    Second was a bike brake lever, PS wanted $138, Brighton Kawa wanted $153 and the parts guy starts swearing and cursing when I tell him I can buy one online for $80 delivered from another Aussie company.
  19. ive had this kind of service from other shops before, but do you really need to rant about it?

    they lose your business. easy.

    have you been to another bricks and mortar store(not just bikes) and asked them to order a product in for you to see if you might purchase it?

    was it the clearance centre? or the one on elizabeth street?
  20. lol which person told you that? ive heard of something similar :)