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Why I bought a Honda VFR800f

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pjcliffo, Mar 21, 2016.

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    image. Why I chose the vfr800

    I won a trip from triumph to ride over 2000kms through Americas national parks out of Las Vegas. This was on a big cruiser the thunderbird Lt. Pic 1 At bottom of post

    A great bike for this type of trip but not my kind of bike. I like the light responsiveness of my street triple.
    Top image

    This trip gave me an itch to do some touring in Oz. plus the bug for a new bike was biting hard.

    After a couple of trips I realized the triple was the wrong bike for this type of trip especially with an occasional pillion and some luggage.

    I thought about a second bike as a tourer and tried the Suzuki gsx1250f, a bandit with a fairing.

    Pic 2
    Nice bike, good value but too heavy and a bit boring.

    Decided 2 bikes would be silly, Rego, insurance, space. So a sports tourer is the way 2 go. 2 bikes in one. No luggage sporty and fun. Luggage and screen go touring.

    The first bike to get me excited was the ninja 1000sx. Loved the look and well designed luggage and ticked most boxes on paper.
    Pic 5

    Took this for a long test ride (difficult to organise, the salesmen are very reluctant). Great bike in many ways but put off by the buzz over 7000 revs, the ineffective screen, even though it's adjustable and the poor rear brake. Also it was much nicer back on the triple. Tried 2 of these with the same result, very disappointing.

    Next tried Honda crossrunner 800. Couldn't like the looks but strangely comfortable and welcoming, an easy ride and I liked the idea of vtec for the 2 bikes in one theme. Unfortunately the practical looking screen was hopeless at 110kph.

    Then the new suzuki gsx s1000 came out which looked promising.

    Took it for a ride and loved it but too similar to my street and not for touring however the gsx 1000f came out soon after and it is better for touring.
    Pic 3

    Now I was getting excited. Took it for a short test ride and loved it. Great power, good aerodynamics and comfortable.this was more like it.

    I held back though because no proper luggage, the pic is a ventura setup. Only comes in blue and grey for oz, shame on you Suzuki. Engine sounds busy at 110kph and throttle very sensitive. Doesn't like steady speed, wants to go go go. Handling also needed some sorting. But the best yet.

    Tempting but not quite right and the pillion seat is an instrument of torture.

    Always loved this look but the salesmen at lane cove were hopeless. Do you know where I mean?
    Pic 6

    Worried about the sporty riding position, legs up head down.

    Salesman couldn't organise a test ride and couldn't find a key to open the panniers but wow I was reluctantly allowed to sit on it!

    Saw an ad for a great deal but in Newcastle on a black vfr800f 2015 with all the touring gear! Spoke to the seller, a nice lady who changed her mind about touring with hubby and said I could test ride. Drove straight up, great looking bike 1600km and still smelling new with 16 months factory warranty so took it for a 40 minute ride with her permission.
    Pic 7

    What a sweet bike! Felt at home immediately, great gearbox, sound and quality. Lovely to ride and look at. Very different riding position and power band to the triple but that's what I wanted, and you still have that vtec up your sleeve. Aerodynamics good but the screen could be better, but it comes with a puig touring screen and blade still new in box! Panniers and top box perfect and comes with the fitted Honda luggage. Weight disappears as soon as you move. Sound of the v4 wonderful.

    Returned, haggled from $13000 to $12400 bought it on the spot, locked my car and rode the 160km home and the old highway from Brooklyn. Excellent smooth secure handling in twisties and relaxed cruise on the highway. Had a slight soreness at back of neck from leaning forward and looking up. Slowly building the muscles to get used to that.

    Bought second hand 1.25 inch risers in case and a beautiful arrows pipe that without the baffle sounds amazing. Also fitted T. rex sliders after nearly dropping it when moving in the garage and didn't notice the side stand had gone up! Bike suddenly got more and more heavy as I leaned it onto the non existent stand. Not as heavy to lift back up as I thought.
    Pic 4

    The quality of the paint, fittings, features and design is exceptional. Nice to have suspension that actually absorbs bumps. Still loving the street until I sell it but enjoying a new world of bikes.

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  2. VFR800s are nice bikes but I'm wondering why you didn't try out a Triumph Sprint GT?

    They've got all the touring ability of a VFR and a triple motor.
  3. Congrats on the new ride. May I say, you have excellent taste. :)
  4. Yes no doubt a good bike and I love triples but every time I sat on the sprint it just didn't fit. It immediately told me this is not for you. Sometimes you can tell just sitting on it. I did learn that bikes that look good on paper may be quite different when you ride it.. Must fix those pics!
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  5. nice write up congrats :)
  6. I wonder why you think that? Not.
  7. Congrats PjcliffoPjcliffo, what a great looking bike, very stylish in sexy black :love: Thank you for the thorough and informative write-up, nice to hear VFR fitted the bill beautifully (y)
  8. As the owner of a twenty year old VFR I can only applaud your decision!!!
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  9. I'll admit to a small amount of bias :)
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  10. Well done. Well kitted out and seems like a great price too!
  11. The Sprint GT is a funny beast. I wasn't too sure why it didn't sell too well and then I took one for a ride. It just seems to have a strange fit (or I'm strange) and the triple strangely straggled.
  12. I've got to say, I found the original post in this tread pretty informative PJ. I'm currently looking at getting a sporty naked or sports touring bike so a lot of the bikes you've talked about were interesting to me.

    I went to go look at and test ride a VFR800 today. Once I got to the dealer I found out that the suspension had been lowered the the seat carved out for a short rider. Being nearly 2 metes tall, that didn't suit me.

    I was about to ask if tour Trumpy was still for sale, but then I realised you were up in NSW, so it wouldn't matter to me.
  13. glad it was useful. Triumph still for sale. Melbournes not the end of the world, it could be transported or ridden down. Cheers
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  14. Good price. I can see a VFR800 in my future at some point.

    Though last time I went to the local Honda dealer and asked what they're worth I was given some ridiculous price like "Mate, they're about 16-17k ride away brand new".....

    I bought a new MT09 for 10,500 ride away.
  15. I hope your not comparing the Viffer to the mt09, on price alone. The Viffer is well worth the $16k sticker price it's a proper refined machine. Recently saw an advert selling the 2015 plated viffers for high $14k, thought that was a ripper price.
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  16. I have coveted the VFR 800 for years now. Haven't ridden an MT09, they are apparently great fun, but they don't seem to be the same level as the viffer. I am interested in the Tracer though. I just need approval from the minister of finance and war, i have already bought a bike first and begged forgiveness after once, I might need to wait a few years to try that again!
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  17. Good choice. :)
  18. why do people tend to go the 800 over the 1200?
  19. I'm comparing on a value for money basis. Two completely different vehicles.

    At 14-15k I'd see the value in the vfr800 at 16-17k I don't.

    So yeah if you could pick up a good one for 12k as the OP did it'd be a great buy.
  20. GrrilaGrrila Very different beasts although I've only had a short ride on a VFR1200. It's really a hyperbike with both gearing and drive to suit, very quick machine and it's about 30kg heavier than the VFR800 (which is pretty heavier).

    With the longer wheelbase and different steering angles plus weight the VFR1200 feels more like a FJR1300 than anything sporty. Comfortable though.

    I suppose you would have to check both back to back to see which one suited better.