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Why hasn't the MRAA spoken out??????????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by LadyYamaha, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. to alleviate the fears of the general public that not everyone who rides a bike is toting a gun!

    In light of the bike connection with the city shootings & I must say all sympathies go out to all involved, but I don't want want to become a target of a fear campaign!

    If the MRAA is our voice then start bloody yelling!
  2. About what? Since when was this a motorcycle related issue?
  3. I don't think many people are really thinking about the motorcycle side of things. He is just a nutjob and I think(well hope) that people realise that.
  4. Not one person associated me with the shooter at work today.
    The 2 are coincidental.
    Considering he had 2 cars taken away and no bikes is testament to the fact he may be a bikie with history but if the crime was committed in patch colours on a hardley then the association would be there.
  5. I think VAPA should put out a press release that not all shooters ride a bike :roll:

    Seriously, some of you people worry about the most trivial crap.
  6. Why the MRA anyway? If anything shouldn't it be the club he (allegedly) belongs to making a statement (although can't imagine that ever happening).
  7. YEAH!!!!!!!!

    I wanna know where the MRAA was when I was in court facing assault charges for slapping the fcuk outta the dumb shit that pissed me off one day :evil:

    I was a rider and I slapped someone and ended up in court. All riders were facing a tarring with the same brush that day.

    Damn the MRAA are shit :roll:
  8. See that's the problem, vic - if you kill them, they can't give evidence...
  9. I wonder if anyone on the Honda CRV and Mercedes forums are saying this? :roll:

    Did anyone here think it? Everyone who drives a Merc or a CRV must be a gun toting maniac.

    Lady Yamaha, it's time to go to bed! :wink:
  10. What self respecting outlaw bikie drives a hairdresser's 4wd anyway? :rofl: No wonder he ran amuk, he's simply trying to compensate :LOL:

    Apologies to any CRV drivers out there :grin:
  11. Ha ha ha, that's exactly what I thought when I saw it on the news being put on the tow truck Blueseude!!
  12. :rofl: gold!

    oh...and +1 to the :roll: posts!
  13. + infinity.
  14. [​IMG]

    "Won't somebody think of the children?!!!"

  15. :? i havent experienced that at all... in fact just a short time ago, a guy driving a Merc moved out of my way so i could split... maybe i misread the situation and he only did it cos he thought id pull a gun on him?

    or maybe cos he could see the difference between an ex 1%er and a young girl on a sports bike?
  16. Now lets see...

    Was he riding a bike at the time - no

    Was he wearing his colours at the time - no

    Did his being a member of a patch club or the RACV or the Mercedes Owners Club or any other organisation have anything to do with this particular crime? - unlikely but there's been no specifics.

    Why leap in when there's no particular reason (but I can guarantee that a little brown-leather clad person will :roll: )

    I'd be a lot more concerned for the legitimate gun owners. They are facing a call for yet more changes to the law - despite the fact that it couldn't possibly make any difference to these sorts of incidents. I doubt he bought his handgun through legal channels.

    I can see a case for making comment if they bring in some sort of legislation for registering clubs and associations - if they single out all motorcycle groups only. If they register all clubs and associations then it's fair enough.

    It's a dumb idea anyway - do they really think that that will stop crime? I'm sure the aims and objectives and constitutions of the various incorporated 1% clubs don't have drug distribution, gun sales and extortion written into the formal constitutions registered with Consumer Affairs. If they aren't incorporated and are only an "informal" group - then how can you do anything about them anyway?

    If they ban colours across the board then I'm sure that the Vietnam Vets, God Squad and the Patriots might make a lot of noise too... :?

    All you'd see is an innocuous sports and social club being started up with the members strangely co-inciding with those of the banned organisation. I'm sure there's plenty of people with no criminal records in any potentially bannable group who could register something.

    It's the same with some of the "ethnic" based clubs. There's one or two of those that are criminal fronts as well (according to some cops I talked to) - but 99% of them aren't. They just aren't as visible.

    (I'm not entirely sure about that mob from Piraeus that Vic has as his avatar either - they seem pretty dubious if they have him as a member) :LOL: :p
  17. Worst thread ever......


  18. To help alleviate your fears you better watch the channel nine news special on the 6pm bulletin. Apparently bikies are nasty.

    Bikies and bikers being misrepresented in the news is nothing new though

  19. A Mercedes you say, he could have been a 1% on his way to the office? :LOL:
  20. the problem being that the media likes to generalise...

    do your bit for public relations wave a give little bags of shurbert to kids