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Why e-braking practice is good for you

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Chollima, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Interesting day today. Been motorbiking and commuting for about 9 months, and driving very defensively to account for high levels of cager idiocy. And sh*t happens all the time, but today was the worst I've had so far. Two stupid maneuvers adding up to more than the sum of their parts.

    Two lanes, I'm in right lane. Guy in left lane cuts in front of me to get around a slower vehicle, then immediately brakes to a complete stop. No idea why. Waits a few seconds while looking around ("where am I going?") and starts up again.

    Because he cut me up I was much closer to him than would've been if following; as a result I did my first ever "proper" e-brake. And it went well. \\:D/ I'll adjust my riding to account for even higher levels of idiocy in future.

    Anyway, other than yanking my own chain, I wanted to say: if you are a learner in Victoria you should get down to St Kilda on Saturday and do e-braking practice with Hawklord et al., and then do more practice after that. It saved me today.

  2. Yeah, I had to e-brake this morning, in the wet. Wasn't fun. I leave as much of a gap as I can to the car in front, but this idiot in a fracking Barina decided to pull out in front of me then slam on the brakes because he'd noticed the cars in front had actually stopped. I was already braking, but my nice safe stop turned into an e-brake. Locked up the tail (which I always do, sigh) and it squirmed under me until I released some pressure off the rear brake and rebalanced more braking to the front. Usual fracking merge & indicate. I bet he didn't even realise that I had nearly run up his arse. Would have been my fault, too!

    I had left 3 seconds gap ... but it should have been 6 or so in the wet. I should have anticipated someone in the middle lane trying to merge into the left lane. I was lucky that I was able to stop the bike.

    My advice? Practice in the dry AND the wet. You never know.
  3. Put me in the boat too.

    Went for a short zip around town last night, and was doing about 65km around a bend and I noticed a stray dog on the side of the road. Being proactive I slowed down, and naturally the bloody dog decided to stroll across my path and target my front wheel.

    Luckily, I hit the e-brake and shimmied, but was ok and after a small heart flutter I regained my composure.

    Those damn dogs...
  4. I've had a couple runins with people on the highway who suddenly stop

    Worst one would have been whilst going 110-115km/h ish.. had a decent 3-4 second gap to the person in front, but then they merged to the next lane really quickly and the person infront of him had already stopped completely due to traffic ahead that I couldnt see before. With people in either lane beside me I couldnt go anywhere and had to stop.

    Chirped the rear wheel a tiny bit down each gear and had the front brake on as far as the lever would go.. and then I realised how shit my brakes were when it didnt stop and I swerved left at the last second and pulled up in between 2 cars, level with the drivers door.
    Was more worried about someone running up the back of me than i was about hitting the car infront.

    Some level of professional training should be manditory before getting a license, as its likely to save someones life.
    When I got my license earlier this year, the training was optional, but allowed you to bypass a 6 month learner period upon completion


  5. Practice often guys, it becomes second nature after a while.

    Glad to be of help, that's what we turn out every sat for.

    Get down to St. kilda and join us, we're a friendly bunch.

  6. My bike doesn't have an e-brake. The normal ones work well enough for me. :cheeky: