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Why don't you drop it these days?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by NovaCoder, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. I was thinking about dropping bikes the other day (as you do). When I first started riding I made a habit of it (you learnt on 50cc scooters in Pommie-land) but these days it does not happen very much (touch wood).

    In theory it is because I'm a more experienced rider but maybe there is more to it than that :?:

    I was thinking maybe it's because my current bike would cost lots to fix up if it went for a minor slide whereas with my crappy little learner bikes it wouldn't cost much (if anything) to get back on the road.

    Or maybe it's because I know it will hurt big-time if I fall off my 600 whereas my first couple of bikes were so damn slow it was like falling off a pushy :p

    So what's eveyone else's excuse?

    Old and cautious? Wise and learned? A big girls blouse?
  2. Cause if I dropped it, I tend to drop it around a crowd of people like those attending an auction :roll: I try not to go through with the embarassment :oops:
  3. best time to drop your bike is in front of a booze bus forgetting to put your side stand down
  4. Maybe also linked to not taking risks that could result in a crash, probably covered by the big girl's blouse theory really.

    I also stopped using a disk-lock, minor stupid drops became a thing of the past. Frickin disk-locks :evil:
  5. Murphy's Law. I've dropped my bike the first day I bought it. I decided not to fix it since the odds are being a learner, I'd drop it again. So far, I haven't as of yet. And the ugly crack on the fairing really is bugging me to go and get it welded back together and repainted looking new. So following murphy, once I get it fixed, dropping it soon after would be inevitable :?
  6. Disc locks yuk I forgot twice and took off and ended up over the handle bars cant tell you where the disc lock ended up hint?
    now I have one that has a little cord on it attached to the throttle I never forget its there now (I hope)
  7. This might sound a bit boring but the reasons I don't drop my bike these days (touch wood) are balance and instinct. Its a bit like learning to walk. Once the body learns about balance, the brain instinctively makes the necessary adjustments to keep us upright. Things like counter-steering and leanig often go against our "natural" responses, so like any skill, we need to re-educate ourselves, until it becomes second nature.
  8. When I first got a motorbike lic - (way back in the late 80's) I dropped my bike quite a few times hit by two cars, discussion with a tram line and a couple of pot hole/inexperience events... eventually I stopped riding and bought a tin top - I actually moved interstate and let my lic lapse - stoopid stoopid me...

    I'm now back on the road on a scooter and the ONLY time my bike has been sideways was when the postie knocked it over out front of my house.. TOUCH WOOD!!!!!!!!!

    I like to think that it's because I'm older and wiser ( I hope nobody ever sees some of the the stupid things I do still!!!)
    :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
  9. You could do what I do and keep forgetting to put the side stand up, then try to take of 3 times if front of a group of riders on the Christmas Angels run before you realise the stand is still down. :oops:
  10. Or leave your disc lock in ...
  11. done that but it didnt hit the ground luckily :LOL:
    why dont you drop them as you get older ?
    answer is simple , you have dropped in every way known possible and you have learnt from it and realise the cost of dropping it $$$$$$
  12. Nova,

    I also made a habit of dropping my bike...even though I promised myself never to drop it....but once it's dropped, I kept dropping...

    However, I think the frequency has started to lessen *touch wood* *gimme a piece of wood*.........yes, probably I have learnt from my mistakes, and also, I now take all the time in the world manoeuvring and parking -- and don't give a damn what other people think.......when I'm on high risk areas where I dropped my bike 100% of the time (ie. footpaths, driveways and carkparks)

    Either that, or my legs have grown longer. :LOL: :LOL:
  13. It's like getting on a pushbike
    Once you learn you never forget.
  14. Cause anyone who wants to drop their bike needs their head read.

    Why dont you still shit your pants? Cause you've finally learnt how not too. However from time to time, should everything conspire against you, you may still kec your kegs.

    Same applies to riding bikes.
  15. My reason: So many roads, so little time. 8)
    I love riding my bike and want as little down time as possible.
  16. Cause my legs grew???

    Or I'm just getting quicker at catchin the poofta (more likely)...
  17. Until you realise that's there's 1 way left that you've managed to miss in 20 years plus of riding.... *doh*

    Then it's back to Groberts viewpoint ;-)
  18. Don't let them grow any more! The likelyhood of a drop is inversely proportional to the length of your legs. Birdrock hasn 't reported a drop that I can remember. Lil, however...
  19. Both I and my friend got our licence together... about 9 years ago... I have droped my first 250 several times... than smashed it. The second 250 got droped once. Since that time I have not droped any bike nor smashed any (except ct110 at work). My friend on the other hand droped and smashed and run into almost any thing on all the bikes he ever rode... and he was a Posty for some time too... I think it all has some thing to do with natural ability to balance and to learn how to balance...
  20. OMG, you're right!!!

    Shite, where can I get some anti growth hormones real quick?