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Why don't we see motorcycles on the news??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Yes, I know that every time someone bails and kills themselves the TV gets hold of it if they have some juicy footage, but why not at any other time?

    When Holden releases as barely facelifted Commodore, the TV is there. Why doesn't it happen when Yanaha brings out their new R1?

    What can we do to reduce our invisibility?
  2. A 100m long burn-out at coffee tonight.... :eek: :eek: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Staintunes
  4. The past few years the expo was on the news - and the tv's did seize the opportunity to present the new r1 at the time. However, (and my reason why bikes are not in the news in this fashion) I think one large factor is that Australia isn't really home to any bike manufacturer - whereas most car manufacturers have plants here in australia.

    I also beleive that the reason for not many general advertisements for bike (as opposed to cars) is because bike riders know what they like / want, and it takes ALOT to get them to change their opinions. Wheras many car drivers are quite easily swayed by the advertisements on tv. My mother-in-law is in the market for a new car and every time she sees an ad she says "I like that...". Add to this the relative small proportion of riders and the cost:benefit isn't there.
  5. I think there's a shortsighted reluctance by the manufacturers to spend money. Look at the increase in scooter sales and think how many more there could be if the scooter/motorcycle dealers got together and did some generic ads plugging scooters and bikes as cheap, reliable and fun transport.

    Advertising brings them into the mainstrean and legitimises them as transport. People see ads for bikes on TV and they become more respectable. Much as Honda did with it's "nicest people" campaign years ago.

    It annoys me a bit that the manufacturers don't really do anything to improve the status of riders (or motorcycling in general) by marketing bikes to the wider community. Anything they did would have to eventually benefit them with increased sales.

  6. Actually I think that you're right. This is one time when the "Why doesn't somebody do something about it." mantra actually applies to someone else apart from US.

    The manufacturers are making a lot of money (relatively) from selling bikes, so why aren't they getting out there in the media and promoting bikes?

    The 4WD community is doing a lot to promote their pastime as a viable leisure time activity, so why don't the manufacturers and distributors do the same thing? After all, it's them that will benefit most if more people start riding, isn't it?
  7. I still think the best recent publicity motorcyclists got was from the "What if motorcyclists didn't see you" advertisment; just a shame it never made it into VicRoads thick skulls how brilliant an ad it was!

    All the 'Stunters on the Eastern' press recently certainly didnt do much good. In all honesty, i'm kinda glad bike releases are kept quiet. Especially with the latest crop of supersport 1000+'s power outputs and performance specs, i think if you touted that more widely you'd end up with more knuckle dragging anti-darwinists hopping onto Gixxer Thou's whilst still on their L's.

    I do everything i can to make sure that everyone knows i'm a happy friendly law abiding (99.9% of the time) citizen, and that riding is a passion.
  8. Good points, all of them

    I'd like to think that they could devise something that just promotes motorcycling rather than concentrating on power outputs and performance. Just showing how economical, how enjoyable, how reliable, modern bikes are, how much fun riders have riding them, that they are a viable alternative to a car, especially in the inner-city scenario, that sort of thing.

    Freedom, comradeship...things car drivers can't have cos they're cooped up in their air-con, CD, cruise-control cell.
  9. I had some contact with these guys after we did a media release from the MRA having a go at them.

    They are basically semi-professional riders who were trying to find somewhere to practice. Where they were doing it was on a stretch of road that was not in use (somewhat different to what was the media - isn;t it always :roll: ).

    I referred them on to a couple of places but I don't know how they got on in the end as I haven't heard.

    I think that if there's a way to make motorcycling negative the media will find it. I suspect though that if they started to get some advertising revenue in then the attitude would change.

    One of the most positive things is when shows like "Temptation" have motorcycles have prizes. That is a real plus since it makes them look desirable (I don't know about you but I find an MV very desirable :LOL: )

  10. [quote="TonyE (I don't know about you but I find an MV very desirable :LOL: )


    Um, yes, so do I.

    Not sure that I'd want to go on a TV show and make a gumby of myself in front of a large audience just to get one, though!!
  11. Yes, but if you win you're automatically not a gumby!

    I'd even settle for the two Triumphs they've had on there. (The Volvo might be embarassing though :? )

  12. in juulys FHM mag ( i think july) you can subscribe and win a new gixxer 1000 :) and gear !

    i told my girlfriend to subscribe :D
  13. Hi Boz,
    I think you have a good point here. If a major bike manufacturer were based in Australia they would most likely spend advertising dollars in the market which would encourage mainstream TV and publications to follow the general motorcycling community more closely. Unfortunately most of the motorcycling related articles I see through mainstream (non-sport) news outlets are in relation to high-speed fatal crashes of unlicenced or P plater riders, and not to general riders or the benefits and beauty of motorcycling, or in relation to charity rides, etc, which I would view as quite newsworthy.
    Happy riding,
  14. Hey Tara, hopefully you'll come to some charity events and promote the good causes/charity runs that motorcyclists do. The toy run gets a bit of publicity but I think pink ribbon/blue ribbon/Barry Sheene GP ride should get a bit more media attention :) Not all motorcyclists are hoons as the media seems to portray.
  15. Maybe it has a bit to do with riders generally not doing a good job of promoting riding and bikes in general. I know that every week I attend coffee, I am approached by people who want to know why all the bikes are there. This is a perfect opportunity to get us seen in the right light and get us started in the positive general perception ratings (that didn't come out very well, but I know what I mean :shock: :oops: :wink: )

    I think, though, that its just one of those things. Its like asking why there are no hot guys wearing next to nothing wandering around the bike expo :wink:

    I do everything i can to promote motorcycling. It helps being a tall girl on a Duke (for some reason, people talk to me :shock: ), so I take full advantage and press home the joy of riding.

    If all riders were friendly and approachable, we'd go a long way to losing the stigma of 'thugs' and 'hoons' and gain a lot more in the 'love to do what I do' stakes.

    ...I think cagers are just jealous they don't have the courage to give it a go! :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  16. Agreed. The perception of riders tends to be skewed. It seems like everytime a non-rider discovers I have a bike they tell me a horror story about a gruesome accident they heard about once...and then they ask if they can take the bike for a spin. (?)

    Lil, your Duc would be beautiful. I am sure you have posted about it elsewhere but which model do you ride? Do you find the seat comfortable?
  17. Tara, I have a 900 Supersport. Its an extremely comfortable bike (I find :p ) and has been a fantastic bike for me. I can highly recommend the Duke for comfort and reliability.

    :D :D :D
  18. Thanks Lil. I will check it out.
  19. Sorry lil, they did ask me to do so but I had to decline since I was already committed to working on the Netrider stand. Maybe next year eh? :wink:
  20. Not to mention it's also a family-friendly expo, we wouldn't want to scare the kiddies for the next generation or so :LOL: :LOL: