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Why don't we have a national "ride to work" day li

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Yeah, great idea, and in the US, I'm tippin it'll be warmer than it is here!!!
  2. so we do it in our summer so all the fair weather rides can join in.
  3. I like this idea

    I would just once like to be able to carve up the nongs I have to put up with every morning when I drive to work in the work vehicle, especially up Mount Ousley, and from Menai to Silverwater road!!
  4. Everyday is ride to work day , so why the need for a special day :)
  5. Being obtuse

    Yeah, yeah, we know, some of use our bikes for everything.
    Not complaining, mate, but some of us have to wear a suit to work, and some of us have cars supplied by our jobs, and for some of us the two go together, so even if we wanted to ride every day, we couldn't.
    And some of us, like your good self, have lots of bikes, or so your profile says. SOOOOO, ....... whatchya got, huh huh?????? :)
  6. i work nights... does that make it ride to work night? will i be the only one? stuid work makes it more expensive to ride therer than take public transport.
  7. How is that possible?
  8. I ride to work every chance I get, and if I have to take my guitar, which is often, I put it on my back and ride anyway. gets some funny looks, though!
  9. Great Idea..for those who don't ride to work....

    For those of us that do, we'll join in, but with a "don't ride your bike to work, go somewhere else instead" day :p

    mmmmm, Swansea for morning tea, then the nice.... twisty... all most no traffic at all highway past Lake Leake..... Into Cambletown for a hot drink and a deep fried Mars Bar.

    Then U turn back the other way on the same road, afternoon tea at Swansea, home along the East Coast road (also nice and twisty) and home by 5:00 pm

    hmmm, sounds like a plan

  10. STOP THAT THIS INSTANT, you'll go blind, I tell you!!!!!!!!!!
  11. DEFINITELY sounds like a plan. Let's see, if I don't get a call-in that day....
    Macquarie Pass, coffee at Robertson Pie Shop, then Moss Vale, Fitzroy Falls, Barrengary Mountain, Kangaroo Valley for lunch, Camberwarra Mountain to Nowra, Berry for aftenoon tea and home by 3 to take Mrs VFR to work.

    Sounds like a great day's work to me.
  12. I ride to work to , so i suggest a nude work day . You must come in my office first to make sure you are (not) dressed . Females only .
  13. Pass, for any number of reasons.
  14. Jeez midnight, your certainly trying to pack as much pervage in the next 11 weeks as you can :wink:

  15. I tried riding naked, it put a whole new meaning to "tank slapper"
  16. now that's an image I never wish to see :shock:

  17. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p