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why don't they just give them 1litre bikes ! lol

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Australia Post tells posties to lose weight !


    All the posties i've seen delivering around my neighbourhood are all slim ! I've never seen an over weight postie !
  2. The one that delivers to my mum's old place in Queanbeyan is a rather generously proportioned individual.

    Dunno how the union can argue that expecting posties to drop below 100kg is a bad thing. To weigh 100kg and have a BMI in the healthy range for a male you need to be 204cm or 6'8" - now I'm pretty sure the majority of the workforce is well below that height, so Australia Post must have some real porkers in its ranks.

    It's time they brought back bicycles for mail delivery - that would get them all whippet thin in no time! :p
  3. Besides, think of the cruel and unusual punishment that those poor old CT110's are being dealt out every day. :LOL:
  4. "About 12 to 13 years ago, they tried to weigh us on the job and if they try again, there will be mass walk-outs."

    Haha, I love that bit. Mass walk outs.

    Sounds like the fat c*nts are getting another handout; "Some staff would also be eligible for financial assistance to pay for weight loss advice." Same goes with Govt health plans. How about they start giving the healthy people money for all of the good food, gym plans and sporting memberships that they've been spending money on their whole lives.
  5. I'm yet to see a 100kg+ postie on a ct110 :oops:
  6. to be honest mate BMI is a total crock of s&*t, as soon as you start doing any weights or even a physical job it doesnt mean jack. I weigh 102kg and i am 6 foot 3 and i am definitely not fat. Even my doctor tells me that in a lot of cases it is way off.
  7. Yes I know it has it's limitations but for the majority of the population (who are not training hard or in physically demanding jobs) it is still a reasonable measure.

    I guess we could get them all to bare their waists and do skinfold tests.
  8. If they go for a medical checkup, they should be able to get on a set of bioelectrical impedance measuring scales to give them an idea of body fat % muscle % and water %

    Forget the BMI, it isnt even useful. You can pick up a set of BI scales for like 50 bucks or less.
  9. Safe Working Load as decreed by Honda for the AP spec CT110 is 130kg which must cover mail load as well as the PDO in issued PPE. As it currently stands AP asks that the attired PDO weigh no more than 105kg to allow for 25kg of mail to be spread across the safe pack carrying system.

    The issue for AP is likely that, as a self insured company, they wish to pass on as much of the blame for P400 incidents to the PDO's instead of properly equiping them (dress for the slide not the ride does NOT apply to AP issue attire) while increasing the level of outdoor deliverly time allocated to each round. In short AP is looking for ways to reduce it's full time and motorcycle fleet in order to inflate the bottom line and ensure the director's performance bonuses.

    Yes, I am a postie. Yes, I'm upset at the suggestion that we're all fat and lazy and HELL YES I'm upset that AP is setting it's personnel up for ridicule in this manner.
  10. Bioimpedence scales are wildly inaccurate.

    One of the most accurate methods of determining body fat percentage is the water displacement method - but that's a tad complicated to set up and requires some specialised equipment.

    DEXA is not too bad either but it does involve exposure to x-rays.

    But I don't know that AusPost will be going to those extremes to determine the body composition of its workforce.
  11. And? Who the buggery bollocks actually uses the postal service these days?

    Besides, if they all start walking they might just lose some of that weight. Winners all round :D
  12. out the gate for 48
  13. . . . . Newman !!!