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Why don't they build a...?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gromit, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. What bikes would you like to see built, that aren't being made already?

    Eg - how about a faired sports-touring version of the Z1000, or the 900 Hornet?

    Or a 750 V-twin Japanese sportsbike?

    A new TRX850 that isn't a BMW?

    A TDM900 that doesn't make you wince to look at it?

    What's missing from the showroom floor when you go round the bike dealers?
  2. a Honda 600 roadbike without RRRRR added to its name
  3. Have you checked out a 600 Hornet?
  4. An Adventure bike with spoke wheels, belt drive, weighs around 170KG's and puts out 80hp. BMW F800GS will go close but nothing confirmed on the belt drive despite the F800's having it.
  5. They don't sell the 600 in Aus, only the 900's...

    I'd like to see Yamaha bring in the MT03 'Torque Sports' bike.
  6. yeah but they don't sell em here anynore do they??

    a mid sized honda V would be nice as well.
  7. A 750 V-twin supermoto... :grin:

    Don't care who builds it.
  8. They made a faired Z1000, for the US police, a Z1000P. Had huge front fairing, hard panniers and a topbox. Watch an episode of Chips. There have been a few come up for sale here in the last 12 months.
    I'd like to see a large GTR 1000 style tourer, where they actually tried to keep the weight of it down! 265kgs is too much, I reckon they could get it down to 200 kgs if they really tried!
    I'd also like to see proper midsize tourers(not sportsbikes with panniers!) offered to teh Australian market, around 700cc would be nice.

    Regards, ANdrew.
  9. I reacon a Japanesse sports bike with a belt drive (I just think they are awesome) and an exhaust that exits from underneath the bike, like the Buell. In fact just get one of the major Japanesse companies to put together a full faired bike with all the features of the Buell, one that actually look impressive. I'd buy one, or ten.
  10. A 600~650cc single cylinder sportsbike. A cafe racer version of the Sachs 650 roadster would also be nice.
    I'd also like to see that 6-cylinder Suzuki Stratosphere go into production, would make a nice sports-tourer I reckon.
    And I agree with you on the new TRX850 idea too.
  11. Indeed, the 600 Hornet is a current model OS but not here.

    Quite why Honda dropped it when they have many other very similar models in the same categories, is a mystery. Not everyone wants a 600 race replica, and the model DOES sell OS..... You can scratch it, commute it, tour it, what's not to like??

    And it must be time for the SR-500 concept to be revisited, surely?
  12. According to a Honda MPE guy I spoke to, it was because they were convinced they could upsell to the 900 Hornet, due to the price being not much more (bigger margin?). Doesn't seem to have quite worked out that way, though.
  13. BMW F800ST maybe?

    I would love an old school cafe racer with a glorious 675 engine looking something like this.

  14. If they made these with an engine smaller than the 1000 it'd be a close
    Actually the Sport or Paul Smart Replica with a 600 or 750cc engine (and much lower pricetag) would be nice to see built too.

  15. wow - you got a response from Honda MPE??
    I e-mailed them several times prior to buying the 2nd hand hornet to find out if they had plans to bring a 600 to australia in the year 06 or 07.
    I never got a reply.
  16. A modern tansverse v-twin. 750-900 cc preferably. You could make a fair range of bikes out of that

    A light weight 900cc triple with an attractive engine. Not one that should have been 1000+cc all along.

    A modern 500cc single road bike ala gb500, but 20kg lighter.

  17. Triumph come close with the Thruxton. As a genuine old 60's cafe racer dude, I can tell you that it doesn't take a lot to make the Thruxton into the real deal. This is an example of what I believe Triumph should be doing with it. For me, I would delete the discs and fit an 8LS vented front drum, but for the real world they should leave the disc's of course.

    http://tinyurl.com/gywvr (I'd ditch the bellypan though)
  18. thats a pretty awesome looking bike there Inci, i agree though, kill the bellypan for full marks
  19. What about the 600F ??
  20. not a huge difference from the RR

    a 600 naked would be good. like the Hornet etc.