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Why don't people nod anymore?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by fekkinell, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Just kidding.

    I had an awesome dream last night. I dreamed that there was a road in Gippsland that was designed like a race track. It had ripple strips and kitty litter and everything.

    Only catch was it still had 110kmh speed limits and was just like a normal road but twistier and one way only. The speed limits didn't really matter too much because it was designed to be twisty not fast.

    It was a good dream. :angel:
  2. better get those sticky bed sheets in the wash before they harden
  3. There is such a road, but I am not telling you where it is.:p
  4. You could always try going to Bathurst and spending half the day travelling down conrod straight at 60km/h..

    Or the Isle of Man circuit.
    I was watching some highlights on OneHD last night, and one of the reporters said the circuit takes 2 hours to navigate when open to the public and following road laws, but only 17 minutes for the superbikes.
    Can't wait to go there..
  5. faarrrrrr i was about to come here to tear you a new arsehole :D
  6. Weren't we all :roll:
  7. I thought IOM had no speed limits between towns?
  8. What they said the other night was its only unlimited when the track is blocked off.

    It is open to public at certain points during the event.. but is one way, and no speed limit.

    Outside of the event when all the road blocks are removed, there are speed limits enforced everywhere.

    If I'm wrong then someone feel free to correct me :) as I'm rather curious about this event..
    I'm just going on what the commentators were saying as they were setting up/practicing.
  9. You are partially right, during the Isle of Man TT there are restrictions because of the level of traffic. Outside of the TT period their are no island speed limits outside of posted areas. There have been three different island referenda to introduce speed limits at various times. All defeated.


  10. I noticed the fenceposts with barbed wire next to the road over the top. They sort of put WRBs into the shade - mind you since they're doing 300km/hr as they go through that section then they probably don't notice them :)
  11. from the above

    Driving a car in the Isle of Man is broadly similar to driving in the United Kingdom, and most traffic regulations are the same. As in the UK people drive on the left hand side of the road.

    Unlike the UK there is no national speed limit. There are speed restrictions in built up areas, but after passing a 'National Speed Limit' sign there ceases to be any speed restriction, although people driving in a reckless manner may well be stopped by the police.

    The Isle of Man issues its own driving licenses and the minimum age for driving a car is 16. Anybody who moves to the island to live is required to obtain an Isle of Man driving license within 3 months of arrival.

    That's why so many Top Gear tests take place there (and the fact that Clarkson has a house there might help as well).