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Why don't cops enforce Keep Left rule???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by daewoo, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. There is a whole section of the Australian Road rules dedicated to it;


    In NSW, it is a level 5 offence, 3 points and $238 (rule 130), the same as speeding between 15km/h and 30 km/h over...


    I live at the southern end of the 90 zone past the Royal National Park that most Sydney riders would know... In 6 years I can say that it is probably less than 10 times that I have driven that road without a car hogging the right lane... including 4 TIMES TODAY stuck behind some a-hole doing 20 under, and being road raged by a w@nker in an X5 who didn't like me undertaking him in my $15K Corolla Wagon, who then re-overtook me ('cause I only do the speed limit plus GST), and then sat beside a truck at 70 most of the way, giving me the finger, not worried about the other 30 cars also being screwed over by his feeble little mind (and probably little something else)...

    The cops love it along there, 'cause they can easily pick off people doing 20 over, yet many times I have sat behind Highway Patrol ####s who ignore the same 'fine level' offence...

    In the UK, it is an offence to 'undertake' and BOTH drivers, or the car traveling in the 'fast' lane can be fined... it seems like here it is encouraged to drive in the wrong lane, because as we all know, speeding is the only bad driving behaviour, and only speed kills...

    surely cops are drivers off duty (and maybe riders) and like the rest of us hate these ignorant and/or arrogant fools... WHY DON'T THEY BOTHER TO FINE THEM???

    First one to invent a 'Not Keep Left Camera' gets my vote for PM...

    <end rant>

  2. Someone here was telling a story about exactly this - an undercover cop was in front of said netrider, there was some idiot sitting in the right hand lane in front of uncover car. Undercover car flashed highbeams at car, it didn't move into left lane. So then it put on the lights and pulled the driver over for it :)

    It is something that should be enforced. But safe driving seems to be only orientated about speeding these days..
  3. Here in Brisbane they went on a blitz for a couple of weeks with a hand held video camera.... but they were pulling people over for tail gating. I sat and watched for a while at a 90km/hr section on the Ipswich motorway. 90% of the time the driver getting pulled over was sitting up the arse of some nitwit sitting in the right lane while the left lane was completely clear.

    Had they been booking people for failing to keep left the actual cause of much of the tailgating would be nipped in the bud.
  4. I've handed out a few.

    It is not illegal to pass a car on the left on a multi laned road...
  5. It should be... but it has to be a two way street... I hate being forced to undertake... said moron in his camryconadore finishes his mobile call and decides to move over and you are pushed into the armco... but if they knew that they would be fined for being there in the first place it wouldn't happen...

    I hate being forced to tailgate as well... nitwit in the RHlane, 15 cars at 1 second gaps behind, try and leave 3 seconds and 5 cars will fill the hole...

    It is just such a simple and sensible rule, almost completely ignored by drivers and the cops...

  6. :rofl: pun :rofl:
  7. +1 to hating people who sit in the right hand lane. My mate sits only in the right hand lane and he travels at 5km/h less than the speed limit (only has 1 point left) Ive threatened to punch him in the face several times just coz he is pissing me off even if im a passenger in his car lol. I no longer travel in his car coz i dont wanna punch a mate in the face :p
  8. Yep, got a mate who has a new Crossfire SRT with more neddies than he knows what to do with; his missus drives a HO V8 Jeep Cherokee -- and both of them refuse to drive in the left hand lane because that's where "all the idiots drive". Infuriates me so much I won't travel in the car with either of them any more.

    I can see no problem with passing on the left on a multi-lane road; if it's just one lane each way, now that COULD be a problem. :demon:
  9. It is just creating an unnecessary dangerous situation... more car movements, more cars traveling at different speeds in the same lane... I am not saying that I don't do it, but I like the UK system where there is much more lane discipline, and people don't undertake much more...

    I used to catch a cab to the airport at 5am once a week, and the Taxi drivers would never go in the left lane, until I told them to... then I would get the silent treatment the rest of the way, which was actually a bit of a bummer, as some of them were good fun to talk to...

  10. If only we could enforce "courtesy" on the roads eh?
  11. Why not world peace while we're at it :p :LOL:

    Warning: racist comment!

    I mostly see foriegners, particularly asians, sitting in the right hand lane. Shits me to tears! Don't they drive on the same side as us?

    I figured some of the foriegners are just used to the slow lane being the right lane?
  12. I reckon we need camry lanes.
  13. Not that I have noticed... it is just a collection of general a-holes...

    Wankers in 4WDs, heaps of P platers, young women with kids in the car, old farts, Camconadores...

    BTW, half the world drives on the opposite side, and in most of Asia they just drive on whichever side has the least traffic :LOL:

  14. Huh? We can't split on the left, but we can overtake on the left? What's the diff? Same danger. In the blind spot.
  15. The reason is simple.
    they have cameras to do their job for them. why would you expect them to do anything except drive from doughnut shop to doughnut shop?
  16. Some clarification:

    On a multi laned road ie; where more than one lane in each diection exists, it is ok if you overtake a slower vehicle whilst you are travelling in the left lane, and said slower vehicle is travelling in the right lane.

    Something else we need to clear up here, is that undertaking in terms of roads, is something that does not exist. When you pass another car you are always OVERTAKING.

    Undertaking is what people at funeral homes do.
  17. Its no more or no less dangerous whether its left or right lane.

    Its not creating more car movements nor more cars travelling at
    different speeds in the same lane whether OVERTAKING in the left
    or right lane.
  18. I think you could easily find that is more than half of the world that drives like that.

  19. The upside to idiots who won't keep left is that on 3 lane roads like the F3 the left lane becomes your own personal expressway.
  20. This is the bain of my road existence!!! Yeah Phizog, i was telling that story the other week, it was so good seeing that d!ck get pulled over.

    The only thing I can think of is that proving the offence may be more difficult, unlike with speeding where you have a radar, etc. It f*cking sh!ts me to tears and I reckon it's one of the main contributors to road rage