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Why does this guy get completely airborn?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Morbo28, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Was watching hnOouyXVJV0[/media]]this vid (linky).

    At the end of the rolling stoppie, he goes over the bars. Nothing unusual there. But you see that the entire bike gets airborne, seemingly while the front is still under load. What do you think happened? It seems either:
    1. He hit something on the road
    2. After he went past the point of no return, the front forks were not actually under load, so extended. But somehow with enough force to throw the front in the air
    3. Some sort of shock blow-out - you can see a white puff on the ground just before 0:04 (and there is a loud bang). But I don't know how this would make it extend with force.
    4. Dunno...

    Not that important I guess in the scheme of things, but just couldn't figure out why it would kick up like that.

  2. Cos he's a dumbass. Just option 2 with option 4, cos I dunno.
  3. Looks like they started to wobble, the front wheel turned and dug in.
  4. The movie is a few years old but I seem to recall that the suspension snapped or something. Some kind of blend of physics takes over from there.
  5. Maybe he wound off compression damping to help get a good stoppy but also wound off rebound.

    Then he let go of the brakes.
  6. Look like he hit something...
  7. There's a bloke who does a rolling stoppie as if he's going to set it down with a nice smooth 90 or 180 degree turn on the nose, but as he's coming in gives the brakes a jab and release, bunny hops off the front (with some descent air time) and does the 180 turn in the air. I'd say you CAN get a bunny hop like that with brakes only and no failure, so perhaps he was very ham fisted right at the end there. Alternatively, other options. Disc cracked or warped (can happed suddenly), stone caught in caliper (seen this one), pad delaminated and got jammed momentarily (I've had this one happen).

    Suspension or axle failure could also be a clincher, wheel goes out of alignment with caliper = lock up.

    Anyone know of the original bloke im talking about though? Cos that's one trick stoppy he can do.
  8. That kinda makes sense about the brakes devo.

    Perhaps he hit the brakes harder near the end the end when his SR kicked in (or he fcuked up, or slipped or whatever), which loaded it up even more, then he freaked and let go, and it bunny hopped.

    Still, that's a pretty severe bang just before he goes over.
  9. I didnt notice the bang. That might've been his sphincter snapping shut.
  10. LMFAO :rofl:
  11. Friggin classic, Dev! :rofl:
  12. :roll: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink......
  13. Was "think" too snide even for you?
  14. Dunno maybe, if you pivot passed that balance point, the angle of the forks will mean that as you continue forward the forks will naturally unload relitively quickly & they will provide alittle nudge out to their full extention, almost giving the impression that the bike pogoed the rider off.

    wierd & unexpected things happen when a motorcycle is upsidedown.

    Some find this sort of Tom-and-Jerry nonesence shocking though.
  15. Yeah I hear what you're sayin'... that's what I meant by
    But it doesn't seem quite enough...like the dab of the brakes would have been needed or something.
  16. As a guess - looks to me like maybe the forks were completely loaded up with no travel left, and he's gone over a cats eye in the centre of the road.

    I think that's what I see on the road as he flicks over anyway. Cool trick though either way. :shock:
  17. +1
  18. Which goes to prove when the sheets are short the bed allways seems longer
  19. http://www.youtube.com/v/3ZFzwd-jHfY

    Probably not the same video, but close enough to what you describe.
  20. +2

    The front wheel gets off the ground because the bike rotates around its Centre Of Gavity, not because of some bunny hop or sudden extension of the front suspension.

    The bike rotated around its Centre Of Gavity because of some catastrophic failure at the front end.
    Possibly he did have compression set very soft, and the suspension compressed enough to push the mud guard against the triple clamp, folding it down on to the wheel, the rotation of which then wrapped the guard around the wheel and caused the rotation to immediately stop. The cats eye on the road may have contributed to the sudden and final compression of the suspension.
    Or a disc failed.
    Or one fork failed, and collapsed the suspension sideways.
    Or a brake pad collapsed and jammed the front wheel.
    Or . . . doesn't matter. He failed.