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Why does smee have a sore elbow??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. I haven't read every thread in the last few days, but I have seen your status update on the right: what's going on????

  2. he got bitten by that cat
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  3. Looking at "RRDevil's epic boobs" thread too much? :bolt:
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  4. Dislocated it 15 years ago in a soccer match and for some reason it's recently been giving me grief to the point I wake up at night.
  5. Do you enjoy prodding lions Hornet?
  6. Probably arthritis in the joint.
  7. :LOL: No, it was a sincere question, I was hoping he HADN'T had an 'off' that I hadn't heard about.
    Sorry to hear, sadly old injuries seem to hang around; in really cold weather I still get twinges from my first broken rib..
    Hope you can find a solution, smee.....
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  8. Getting it scanned this week, got full movement and can do almost anything except lift heavy weights at the moment, can't go to the gym etc. Only real issue is the constant ache and twinges of sharp pain at night. Most likely because of the way I sleep.
  9. Less of this, Smee.
  10. hehehe actually pushups do hurt
  11. My sympathies. I to suffer from the same issue (although I dislocated mine 24 years ago high jumping).

    Does your lock up, then make strange grinding noises.
  12. Hi mick, it does and then goes CLICK, I can also make it grind
  13. X-rays will probably reveal you've got bugger all cartilage left or that it's dislodged.
    Cortisone injection might help. I'm only guessing, hope you find a solution mate, pain that disturbs your sleep is the pits.
    Don't want you any grumpier than normal do we ?
  14. Could be that you've aggravated the deeper tendons/ligaments. I had a similar thing about 6 months ago - waking up at night for hours and all - and it takes ages to settle back down, even with anti-inflammatory medication. The problem is that it isn't easy just to stop moving it around. While mine is much better now, even raking leaves etc will start to upset it again. I also get a cold feeling on the point of the shoulder, which indicates nerve issues. The physio tells me it's all about getting old.
  15. Well? Stop doing it!!! :LOL:
  16. I went to my doctor about it. His suggestion was 'tennis elbow', he gave me some Voltaren gel and it came good, while I was using the gel. I've basically gotten used to being in constant 'discomfort' and only bother with the gel when it's bad.
  17. Coming soon to Netrider;
    • Where can I get treatment for a bad back?
    • Cures for baldness
    • Do earplugs stop tinnitus?
    • Why don't kids show respect to their elders anymore?

    *NB Posted by a bald, old fart with a bad back.
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  18. Fixt:)
  19. Nah the Womble isn't grumpy and being a bald old fart is a privilege which has to earned.
  20. He isn't worried but kids in his front yard, he has a moat complete with sharks