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Why does my jacket stink?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99CIBBER, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Every time my textile jacket gets wet from riding in the rain in reaks. The smell is undescribable... When it's dry it's fresh as: no stink. Get a bit of dampness on it and phwoor! It's on the pong bigtime. It's embarassing, I think people are noticing the stench. I've washed it a few times in the washing machine and dried it thoroughly, but the smell comes back. I shower regularly too and wear B.O. basher so it aint me.

    Anyone else get this when it rains??

  2. Lol go see a doctor ;)

    What brand is it?
  3. ahhh memories of high school blazers are flooding back to me

    What type of textile is the jacket?
  4. Well, if you read the features listed on the link you provided the first one says:

    "Waterproof city and sport touring jacket in 660 Denier Taslon fabric with PU coating for strength and water resistance."

    So I'd say it's the PU coating that's doing it. It's a feature. =D>
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  5. P for Pong
    U for Unbearable

    I might burn it tonight....
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  6. hmm dont get it wet?? lol
  7. did someone take a dump in a pocket ?
  8. 1. Bacteria (BO or cheese pong - use antibacterial washing liquid)
    2. Mould (musty, damp smell - use antifungal in the wash)
    3. chemical reaction (nothing you can do)
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  9. my rjays jacket did the same.. found out it was the wet weather insert liner that stunk when it got wet..
  10. Should've got the NS-6.
  11. It's definatelty got an element of cheese pong to it, Bacteria. The moisture activates it and brings it to life! yuck! I wonder if it could be related to insect muck getting trapped in the fibres? I've murdered thousands with that jacket. Unfortunately I can't remove the waterproof liner, it's built in. I'll give it another wash in some anti-bacterial washing liquid.
    I think Loz is an expert in pong. He's has serious glove stench issues too.

  12. Thanks Smitizen..Is that the A Stars Nonoxynol-9 version you're wearing in your avatar?
  13. Lol, Aly, back at Westbourne our blazers did that, we used to have to pile them up in the hallway on wet days so we didn't all die from the smell. We always assumed they made them out of dog fur.

    My riding jacket did this after the storm the other day, only lasted a few minutes though. Does the smell stick around after it dries?
  14. Haha get it - PU - Pee Uuuu!
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  15. i knew your post would be a good one knackers
  16. No idea, that's not me just a random pic.
  17. If I were a mean person, I'd say "because it's wrapped around an asshole", but that wouldn't be nice :angel:
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  18. my old gloves did it baddd
  19. I have a pair of so-called Dririder gloves that do the same thing: smell like arse after being even slightly damp, even if it's just hand-sweat...
    They're yours if you want them? People could only say about you, "Geez that Cibber goes like stink, don't he?"