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Why does it always rain on me?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mithrel, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Well, actually it's the first time i've ever ridden in a hail storm...

    Looked out the window this morning, starting bright and early for work, everything seems to be fine.

    Half way in to the ride, it starts to hail...

    I didn't have my gloves on, in my rush to get on the bike this morning and beat traffic, i'd left them in my backpack instead. Hail stings... It seriously feels like you've got hot little needles hitting your hands.

    I took it nice and slow, ignoring the puddle of water slowly building up in my crotch, and arrived at work without incident. Some things that I can take from this experience are - Don't ride next to a car in the rain, when he goes through a puddle you'll get REALLY REALLY wet. Take it easy around puddles, they are deaper than they appear. Work pants hold water, it doesn't just go through them, it's like they build up a tollerance and eventually you get puddles forming in your boots and crotch, it's lots of fun!

    Right now, i'm sitting in my office, soaked to the skin and wondering what i'm going to do about it... Might go find a hand dryer...

  2. there's no better feeling than that first trickle of water running down your warm leg :)
    But then completely full boots is always amusing.
  3. first rainstorm I got caught in, I'd made the mistake of tucking my pants into the tops of my waterproof boots...
  4. I didn't even look at the weather otherwise I would've had my wet weather pants on, got saturated :( , I always like to keep well away from the trucks otherwise you can't see a damn thing!
  5. Gonna have to get a pair of wet weather pants I think. I'm riding my bike more and more often these days.

    Any suggestions guys? Cheap ones and expensive ones...
  6. I had my first rain ride for 20 years this morning :shock:

    Not really rain, low cloud, mist and drizzle, enough to get a nice layer of oil floating around :eek: I took it nice and eeeeeasy! And learnt that I gotta get round to applying some of that "rainx" stuff to the visor... TONIGHT!

    I've got a good riding jacket that's waterproof, leather gloves that have liberal applications of "dubbin" on the back to keep waterproof. as for pants, I wear draggin jeans, and will be getting a cheap set of plastic "overpants" just to keep them dry. The across's fairing kept the legs pretty dry this morning, I didn't expect it to help that much.

  7. I have a set of Kathmandu Gortex snowboard pants. The best thing about them is the zip that runs from the top to the bottom of the leg so you can get them on and off over bulky clothes. Yes they are 100 percent waterproof as guarenteed.
  8. Sounds good...

  9. **** Lurk shakes head and sighs ****

    If you think that hail stings then I really dont recommend having an off (not that i ever would) while riding without gloves.

    It is a natural reaction to protect the rest of the body from injury by putting your hands out. Bitumen and hands dont go together any better than any other part of the body, it will remove layers of skin till it hits bone and then remove the bone too.

    Seriously ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear gloves... If you go back through some of the accident threads and have a look at what part of riding apparel get damaged the most its often the gloves...
  10. I carried my wet weather pants with my last night just in case (go Melbourne weather! :roll: ) they are just a waterproof overlayer that I got from Peter Stevens, go over both my Draggins and leather pants.. cost me $24.95 :D

    As for gloves.... I never not wear them.. two things will tend to hit the ground/get damaged first if you fall off with no gear.. toes or fingers...then its knees/elbows.. Alot of bike riders that come off in and present to the Emergency have minor hand injuries (grazes/fractures) and thats WITH gloves on....
  11. Thanks CBC & Martyh, I'll be looking for them in Hobart very soon.
    gotta keep me draggin jeans dry!

  12. When it comes to rain pants, like anything, it depends on how you want them to perform. Its not just a matter of keeping dry. The first pair I bought from an outdoor and camping store for $25. they were great around town in light rain. But on the highway in constant rain they leaked in the crotch enough to let the rain in, but not enough to dry out when the rain stopped. I now use a pair of rivet over pants for $50. They work well, but I can see that they will wear out with ongoing use from being dragged over boots.

    Don't ever ride without gloves. The smallest off can leave you depending on someone else to wipe your arse for a month. Handy tip, when its heavy rain, put your sleeves over your gloves so water doesn't run down your arms and fill them up.

    Puddles are great for filling your boots with water. If you haven't got water proof boots, or the ones youu have leak, you can try putting your feet in plastic shopping bags before you put your boots on.

    Rain can be a pain in the arse to ride in, but if your well geared up it shouldn't make much difference.

  13. Like they say "you gets what you pay for", I intend to get a pair of cheapish lightweight overpants for daily commuting, they will live in the Across's "boot", only seeing the light of day to be worn or aired out after use. Then I'll save up for a better set when I start to do more cruising (on a better cruising bike than a toofiddy, which my daughter is already trying to steal!)

    I personally don't ride out the carpark or my driveway with out gloves, boots, stackhat, jacket and at least draggin jeans firmly fixed to my ample frame.... ever.

    After 44 years, you kinda get attached to all your "bits"

  14. Mithrel,

    MotoDry overpants. $40 (I think) and I have been in howling rain with them on and not had an issue. They have a quarter length zip and I get 'em over suit pants, jeans, etc and boots with no hassles. Completely waterproof.

  15. I've got a pair of the $25 RJays pants, also the jacket to go with them.

    Haven't used either though - this newbie hasn't got wet yet!

    (I know - the rain is your friend. A ride in the rain is on my "to-do" list.)
  16. Iffracem
    I paid 199.00 when they were on special. They normally retail for 400. So are not cheap. However Gortex is guareented to keep you dry by their own admission. I had ridden all day in them in pouring rain and not been wet.
  17. I love riding in the rain... But I don't have any wet weather gear

    Lisa :twisted:
  18. Okay, okay! I'll wear my gloves, thanks for the reminder...

    Might check out the shops after work for some wet weather pants, check out some prices.
  19. i always got a kick out of riding in the rain. i guess growing up in the bush on chook chasers and then having a bike as sole means of transport for first 10 years on the road makes you want to make it fun?? I love riding "McCoy" style in the wet :)