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Why does Christianity get all the bashing?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TarmacSamurai, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Sadly the sacrilege thread was locked and I didn't get an opportunity to respond to hornet's last accusation against me. I don't know if this thread will last, but we'll see.

    Firstly, I certainly don't "start most" of those threads. But I will happily join in the discussion on them.

    I also don't hate Christianity any more or less than any other religion. I think all religions are fine taken as philosophies or mythologies - I find them incredibly interesting on that front, but extremely dangerous when taken as fact and used against other people or used in policy making, etc.

    But hornet's post raises another point. Why do most threads like those seem to be about Christianity? I think it's partly due to the prevalence of Christianity in our society. I'm sure it's also largely due to Christianity being seen as an easy target. Is it also because people are scared to say anything against other religions?

    I think Islam is equally fallacious and dangerous - quite possibly moreso - than Christianity and I've debated on here before about that religion too. I don't see that as anything more than a mythology that many people choose to believe over others and I find it equally hard to see why people pick that one and write off the others. The same with Judaism and any others.

    Anyone care to discuss these points?
  2. I won't discuss, but I will agree with some things that you've said Al. I'm a christian (non-practicing) and am concerned about the amount of bashing at the moment. I think you've hit the nail on the head with a few things in your post:


    Again I think you've hit the nail on the head. It's an easy target because IMO if you criticise any other religion in this country you can expect a severe backlash from the followers eg: Islam. Christians on the other hand tend to (with some exceptions obviously) 'turn the other cheek'.

    Personally I think religion is bollocks. All that pomp and ceremony is just bluster to appease the masses to make them think that by going to church they are somehow furthering their cause to get into heaven or whatever. Having faith and a personal relationship with your God is much more satisfying. For me anyway :)

    Live and let live. I've always thought that people who attack Christianity are generally scared of something, otherwise why bother? These days it's mostly harmless ('scuse the Douglas Adams ref) and we don't really have anything like the crusades going on in the world. So why go out of your way just to prove someone shouldn't have to think a certain way? Why give a fcuk? Guys like FL* who argue so forcefully against religion really give me the shits because he just HAS to be right and HAS to prove that it's all bollocks. Again, why? What possible happiness do you get out of trying to undermine someones belief system?

    *FL happens to be a good friend of mine - I just used you as an easy example Jason :)
  3. All three religions you mention actually worship the same god as offshoots of the same belief so essentially if you dismiss the existance of one religion's god, you've offended all three anyway so what's it matter? :)
  4. How many Jewish jokes are out there? How many Muslim jokes are there? How many Christian/Catholic jokes are there? Christians don't like Jews or Muslims. Muslims don't like Christians or Jews and Jews don't like Christians and Muslims. Get the picture? It's all in your head, there is no prevalent Christian bashing. Everybody gets bashed the same amount. Of course it could be seen as a fad. What's the religion-to-bash flavour of the month sort of thing. :roll:
  5. Bollocks. You missed this quote:

    We're talking about here on NR
  6. I didn't miss that quote...flavour of the month :wink:
  7. I mustn't be enough of a Christian :?: Why not try and accept everybody :roll:

    When you guys get old, you can come and join the ciruclar debates on the Ulysses Forum - the same endless dribble from the same dribblers :LOL:

    Ya believe or ya don't - accept the difference and move on, nobody's mind will be changed on a Forum
  8. I believe that all religions should be bashed equally as each and every one of them is trouble. There is only one GOD and his name is Valentino Rossi. :grin:
    Oh and he is quickest in first practice. :grin:
  9. Because the forums most prolific poster consistently brings christianity into mostly unrelated threads (e.g. a thread about a movie). thus making many thread about it.
    Because he uses unsustainable arguments (e.g. velisovsky) and questionable methods (in an unrelated thread "the black lobby") to back up his points.

    Their have been equivalent posts about islam, but Say_wat provided balanced, reasoned discussions, and never resorted to cheap 'tactics', thus the debate remained civil -no questions were dodged, no underhanded slander was meted out to those who "hadn't read the book".
  10. To answer your question honestly..

    "Why does Christianity get all the bashing?

    Because people are cowards and Christianity is the most peaceful religion.
    You can bag it shi*tless and nothing happens.
    Say the same things about Islam and you can expect to be mailed a bomb.
  11. Up until he was asked to substantiate why he believed the Ottomans were a model for a muslim Caliphate and I posed a series of atrocious practices they did right throughout their empire.
    He never answered them.
    It goes to show there is no perfect organised religion.
    there are various degrees and as I mentioned in the previous thread christians on the whole are more tolerant than muzzies.
    Your most tolerant types would have to be buddhists.

    oh and +1 to 2up
  12. Probably because we are mostly "Cultural Christians" on here and as such Christianity is our delusion and as such we get to bag it...

    Unlike dougz I think a lot of people like are quite unconcerned mostly by peoples religion of choice, but sometimes the sheer insanity of it coupled with the fact that these delusional people are then given credence and influence by the public and government.

    The thing that always worried be about Bush and Blair being born again Christians was that if you are going to send young men off to their deaths, you should at least accept that that's the end and not that they are going to live live on in heaven isn't that what we take the piss out of the other lot for...
  13. I think Russ hit the nail on the head.

    I for one will happily question Islam in the same way I'll question Christianity. The questions are the same.

    There isn't a Qur'an bashing prolific poster on these forums for me to question. If they was I'd be questioning them as well. I'd ask how they can justify that Mohammed married a 6 year old and consummated the marriage when she was 8? I'd ask why Muslims treat their women as second class people when there is no command in the Qur'an to do so?
  14. It could be simply that of all the religions, we simply know the most about christianity and therefore we naturally have the most to discuss on this topic. Many of us have probably gone to christian schools, I certainly went to a rather strict christian school.

    If we were in india we would be bickering about hinduism and sikhism.

    This only strengthens the fact that religion is a natural, evolving social phenomena passed on through factors much the same way as in a biological sense.
  15. I'm with 2up.
  16. You would have been killed if you did.
    They take their religious talk quite seriously.
  17. My upbringing was in a Catholic setting and so I questioned the most, what I was being told. It's from within that construct that I can comment the most cogently when Christian topics come up.

    Mind you, I can't really comment on many of the offshoot Christian strains, except to say that if the one book can generate so many interpretations... it musn't have been written that well. lol

    I haven't delved as deeply into other religions so I don't comment much about them. I did find say_wat's contri's very helpful.
  18. Very interesting comments so far. Are people really that scared of commenting on Islam, even on here? Who here is gonna mail you a bomb FFS? We've talked about it here before.

    Say-wat - I was trying to remember his name. He was a very thorough and interesting guy to talk to, never avoiding questions like a politician as others so often do. But I still took the same issue with his points as I did with hornet's over Christianity and never worried about a bomb. Seriously, is anyone here actually NOT speaking their mind on Islam (when they will speak their mind on Christianity) out of fear?

    (On a slightly related note, anyone noticed the big Scientology ad that keeps popping up on the sidebar of this thread? Now there's a bunch of real nutjobs. No more or less deluded than Christian or Muslims, though I suppose).
  19. christians don't cop it unfairly!

    Every bloody religion cops a laughing about! It's not like the jokes are made with malice, just harmless poking fun at some of the sillier aspects like a suicidal zombie god who had a kid who was actually himself due to a snake with legs talking some nudists into gobbling up some knowledge in a garden of some sort. :LOL:

    The true victims are the atheists!

    Telling people you are an atheist is committing social suicide! People just don't like em, you might as well tell people that you kill and eat baby's and you would be better liked!
  20. Definitely not me, i love poking fun at jizzlam. I'm good friends with quite a few muslim people but I still reserve the right to take the piss out of their sky tyrant and virgins. The question has to be asked though... does it stipulate male or female virgins? Seriously can you imagin the panic that would be induced when you got to paradise just to find yourself surrounded by 72 ready and willing sexual male slaves!!?

    Ah those darned hubbardists...

    Can't make fun of xenu now, the scientology monster'll getcha. It's funny how he can be publicly quoted as saying starting a religion would pay better than writing science fiction novels and still have a religion with a following of over 100,000 people!

    My faith in human intelligence is severly depleted...