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Why do you spectate racers?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jdaley, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. As the Secretary of a club that promotes a lot, I have wondered why people either race or watch motorcycle racing. If we knew, our promotion may be tuned to suit the information.
    I organised with MA to hold a series of surveys amongst spectators to find some answers. I need feedback now about what questions would work to get the result we can work with.
    So can you help please?
    Or can you explain why you love to be a spectator?

  2. From a supermoto perspective, and these are just observations, but most of the spectators at club and qld level have been friends, family, mates and people who have got motards and would like to start racing soon. People that would be there no matter what marketing was done.

    Come national races, even though I compete in C-grade, I'm an enthusiastic spectator when I'm not prepping my bike. It's about the skill level for me. It's a mixture of awe and aspiration. Close racing, bashing bars, seeing what a bike can really do. I like wandering the pits and getting a close look at the pro's bikes, and would get to the races even if I couldn't ride. It's the actual spectacle of the bikes and racing for me.
  3. For me, I like:

    - Watching rivalries develop and boil over
    - Knowing something about the background of the racers and why certain races are significant
    - Fast loud things
    - Desperate overtaking and fighting for position, rubbing fairings, that sort of thing, doesn't matter what class it's in if guys are going for broke.
    - boobs
    - seeing the odd crash and fireball

    I hope that doesn't make me a bad person.
  4. I like all of that too, but not the crashes so much. I only like it when Loz bins it.
  5. You've never seen me bin it. I might be crap at binning it for all you know.
  6. Perhaps you are. The only area in which you excel, is to do with boobies.
  7. Well I for one would attend a race meet if I could see Loz crash and some boobies (not Loz's please)! :grin:
  8. You blokes must have too much time on your hands!
    I cant promote "lots of Boobs, come and see Loz stack" come
  9. As other's have said if you actually 'know' the racers it makes all the difference to your attachment factor.
  10. Ya just not thinking hard enough!

    OK be serious matti, I am a family man with four kids and a loving wife. The missus wont go to races so I have to make it about the kids. So a kids' fun day is not a bad idea, you know get some rides, face painting and maybe a little area kids could have ago on a PW50 or somesuch?? Maybe a bike as a prize for kids?

    This then makes it a day out for the billy lids and i get to watch Loz crash. :LOL:
  11. Well, not unless you plan to deliver!

    A big factor for me has been getting out to see mates like JohnnyO and Cejay and Chris and the B&S guys racing. So yeah, like Devo says the more participants you have, and the wider their connections, that must help.

    Are there any big characters to build stories out of in your league? Complete nutters, bastards, underdogs, devious sneaky types, heroes, legends... People love a soap opera, characters can bring people in for sure. Racing always means so much more to me when somebody like MVRog tells me the stories and the personalities behind it.
  12. John, the reason that I come, is because I am an addict, but for others, the entertainment factor is the thing. It is showbiz, after all.
  13. I love watching close races where you never know who will win until they cross the line.

    Accidents are always interesting to watch - will the rider get up, will the bike still be rideable, or is it day over for them (if they always get up this is a good thing)

    I also like jumping castles, so any race that has them gets my vote :grin:
  14. Ok,why did you go the first time, beforeyou were aware of the side benefits?
    Was it simply because you knew somebody racing, or was it something else, an advert, a newspaper or magazine article, Moto Gp promotion/
    I am trying to develop a promotion systemto get spectators to Broadford for all types of raod racing. I cant promote tits, crashes etc.
  15. Competition between riders is highest on my list of why I like to watch it. Seeing all out fights between rossi and stoner, passing each other over and over, gold, pure gold :)
  16. it works for summernats, the show'n'shine and many other glorious boobs, bikes, and beer shows....
    until you are prepared to listen to what the punters want, you are eternally doomed!
  17. John, I'd say that your most important question would be - why is the spectator there? With some qualifying questions like, related to, or associated with a racer? Or an enthusiast? etc. You can work on meaningful statistics from there I suppose.

    Asking opinions on the facility, services and quality of spectacle will be peripherally useful once you sort out why they are there.

    The view of the track will be important - even as a competitor on the day with free entry, I usually won't be bothered watching others race unless I have a great view of the track (Wakefield Park is the best example).

    Does that help you? If it does, a good garage would be an acceptable recompense at next month's meet.

  18. By the way, I wouldn't complain at "glorious boobs, bikes, and beer shows" either.
  19. Thanks fellas.
    We have women on our committee and as racers and we run "family' friendly meetings.
    I am listening, but myself and the committee is not interested in Summernats style of meeting or promotion let the summernats do that well.

    Can anybody remember why they went to a MC race meeting for the first time?
    Thanks again.
  20. Thrills and Spills. John.