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Why do YOU ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by avanti_rider, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. So guys, don't know if this has been covered before, but after searching i haven't come across this.

    My question is: Why do you ride?
    It can be as simple as for transport, or as romantic as ' i love the feeling of freedom'. I'm just interested in peoples motivations.

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    I was talked into getting my licence by a mate who got discount if I did. I was doing the road test on the little Honda 250 (I'm 6'3") cruising down the highway heading for the gateway in Brisbane and thought THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME! 2 weeks later I bought a bike. Can't beat the feeling
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    You should thank your mate for being such a tightarse :LOL:
  4. i ride to get chicks :cool:

    sadly after riding for 5 years it hasnt worked :cry:

    really i bought the bike as i wanted a toy that wasnt going to be as expensive as a car to buy and maintain, bikes are much better bang for the buck.
  5. Best way to get to work.

    Feels good, man.
  6. I ride for many contradictory reasons.
    I ride for the solitude and the camaraderie.
    I ride for the thrill and the terror.
    I ride for the sheer joy it gives me when you are in the zone.
    I ride for the escapism.
    I ride for the detachment it gives you from every day woes and tribulations.
    For these and so many many other reasons ...
  7. Because I can.
  8. I have been trying to pin-point why i ride too. I think Chris goes the closest to it for me!
  9. Cause I got sick of paying and depending on the public transport system (Metro).
    Financially more viable than driving into the cbd.
    Faster and alot more fun.
    It is satisfying passing through traffic stuck cagers.
  10. Cos my dad bought me a peewee fiddy when I was a runt.
  11. Yeah, he does has a point... or twelve!

  12. That says it for me.
  13. .

    Couldn't have said it better.......... perfic
  14. cause it's an excuse for men to wear leather pants.
  15. shamelessly lifted from a UK GS500 forum that I posted a reply to the same question...

    All of the above reasons,I have been riding since 16...I'm 45 this year...this is why I still do it.

    The freedom to move,through traffic, up winding roads at speed...with power to spare,the economics are a factor but not a dictator. I think for myself it's a lifestyle,not just a cheap and fun way to get around. I love the way you move,it's as close to flying you'll get without leaving the ground. How in touch you become with the environment...being able to smell rain coming, or the perfume of that lady in the car that I crept past in the traffic...or the bakery...or the diesel fumes from the truck that's laboring up the hill,hidden around the next corner.
    The way you can tune out of everyday concerns,your focus becomes the road,your bike and your connection to both, the destination is no matter the only thing that does matter is what you do in the moment.

    I was filling up on a hot day not long back,the cashier at the petrol station asked if I was uncomfortable will my gear on. I told her that my mesh jacket breathes as you ride..it's only when you stop that you feel warm.
    She said she wasn't convinced that motorcycling was as good as it looks.
    So I told her that I was on may way to work...how many people does she see in a day that are smiling about the trip to work?
  16. I normally think these kinds of threads are kinda wanky but that was a good post, well said.

    For me economics was a big one, as well as being able go on cruises. My parents/uncles all used to ride so I guess their stories made me want to get into it as well.
  17. The other thing is that riders will talk to each other..it's like a bond that drivers just dont do/understand....unless they are trekking through the outback.
    The first ride I took my daughter on was to Arthur's seat..she was given the typical first pillion ride briefing and her duties were to relax,enjoy, wave to other riders and small kids.
    Once we were at the lookout we were approached by a few riders who had arrived before us... wanting to know about the bike,which way we came and where we were off to next and so on. After about 30 minutes of chat and banter we went back to the bike and started gearing up for the ride home..Ash asked if all bikers do that..just randomly come over and chat...yeah pretty much all the time...it's good isn't it?
  18. I ride because I keeping getting told I shouldnt... to hell with Conformity!!

    Also, I look Good in a Lid!!! ;)
  19. All of the above.
  20. All of the above, and because it makes my butt feel funny.