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Why do you ride what you ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TcPhoenix, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. A little bit of a confusing question. Sorry if it's the wrong sub-forum, it looked right.

    Seeing all the different bikes out and about. Sometimes there is the norm, CBR, GSXR, Triumph street/speed Triples. But occasionally, there are some different ones.

    This is just kind of a general understanding of what was your decision on the bike you ride today, or what made you want to ride a bike. Was it financially appealing, economical, dream bike, bit the bullet, just because, so on so forth.

    Why do you ride your particular bike?
  2. I like lattes so I bought a Ducati
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  3. I'm an ugly cnut so I trade my 12 blade on a husky nuda 900R. There have been many others though
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  4. I like sex
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  5. because I'm good at picking bikes that break easily.
  6. I bought mine because it is an absolute beast, yet oddly practical and you don't see them around a lot.

    Also, I don't like lattes so a Ducati wasn't an option.
  7. I bought mine because it was cheap and I'm cheap. Also I like getting naked.
  8. I wanted a sport/tourer with the emphasis on sport, integrated luggage, a shit tonne of power on tap, something that wasn't a carbon copy of every other bike on the market.... I ride a VFR12. Very fun to flick around yet still practical for long distances.
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  9. Because CFmoto's are really cheap.

    I knew that while on my Ls & Ps, I'd fall off, crash and generally make a complete mess of the bike (a prediction that has been painfully accurate), and so I wanted something where I wouldn't really give a toss.
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  10. I rode a VTR250 at the Ls course and it seemed fine so I bought one.
  11. Love at first sit (y)
  12. Husky Terra so I can ride just about anywhere. Road, dirt road & no road.
  13. I buy whatever I can make a quick profit on.
    Buying my next bike purely on how it looks instead.

    Warning: incoming hate messages
  14. Nothing wrong with that. At least you would get to try different bikes over a period, rather than short test rides.
    I would probably do the same if i lived in a capital city with access to mucho bikes. In the country need to be a bit more selective - bit of a hassle shopping for bikes.
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    i ride a KTM Super Duke because i'm here to fcuk shit up and piss people off.

    soon to upgrade to the 1290. probably will end up in jail but i really dont care.
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  16. KTM 950SM, because it it needs to do everything. And well.
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  17. JimmyD, can i look after your 1290 while you're inside?

  18. my dad has one of those, the only thing we found with it that the seat was a little to soft and you end up sitting a bit too far back. so he got another seat made which has a step in it like you find on some motocross seats. a bit easier to tell where you are on the bike. but they are fantastic.

    how's the steering lock!!

    i guess so, i'll be in there for a while i would say..
  19. I kinda like the flat seat - continuously variable positioning, just slide forward and a little devil takes over ;) .
    The foam is a bit soft if you're heavy enough to fully compress it but as long as I don't wear a backback I'm under the threshold and good for 600km days.
    (neck muscles cop it though).
    Waiting for the 1290SM :LOL:
  20. Alas, no 1290 SM on the horizon.
    We have all been waiting to trade the 950/990 SM's to an 1190/1290, but KTM have decided the 2x1190 Adventures and the 1290 SD are enough:(
    Live in hope that they change their mind.