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Why do you hate Ducati

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. With all the backhanders that goes on about them :shock:

    like........friggan Caffe Late, Mochachino Lygon Street riding posers :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Why do you hate/dislike Ducatis so much :?:

    Or is it All Euro bikes :?:

    Cheers 8)
  2. i beleave the remarks thrown at Ducati's all comes down to Jealousy.

    Mr average can only just afford the average bike, always a bit hard on the bank account when your looking at 35 - 40 grand for a decent "DUC",
    plus they are V-Twins, not everyone likes the big V's

    They also have "look at me value" which the latest Suzuki K5 wouldn't, might be because they are mostly red though and we all know red cars/bikes go faster :p

    They are one of the best superbikes on the track "foggy" proved that, so you really cant knock them.

    I think anyone who came into money would buy one, they are the 2 wheeled version of a Ferrari, they are statis symbols, they are exotic and some are just plain sexy to look at.

    btw, ive been known to knock them here and there, but you cant knock there performance/looks/sound

    So to anyone who owns a Ducati........ UP YOURS, because i cant afford one :LOL:

    sorry lil :p
  3. I don't hate them. I quite like them. I just don't think they are worth anywhere near the money being asked for them.

    I also think there is a lot of myth out ther about them. like "the engine is perfectly balanced" and "they weigh less then a 4".

    So yeah I'd like a 1000SS, but I wouldn't pay anymore for one then somehting like a SV1000 or Daytona.

    As for the 9whatevertheyareupto, well nice bike but it can't be worth that much more then a R1 or GSXR1000. You could buy a lot of trick bits for your jap bike with the change.
  4. If its what you want, you'll do anything to have it. Mine is a poor man's Ducati. I have never been in the money....I work damn hard for everything I have.

    When I testrode the Duke, I had almost paid a deposit on a new 2002 Blade, a bike I was not 100% happy with. My bike is not the prettiest of bikes, but the ride....oh, the ride!!!!!

    You cannot say mine is a Cafe racer....62000kms in not even three years is pretty good. I am also (still) thrilled with my purchase. Its been a fantastic bike.....and its different - who wants to be like everyone else.

    :D :D :D
  5. There OK I guess, I'd have one...The Storm is more than enough for me at the moment though. Love the twins.
  6. Hate them? I love them!

    But yeah it comes back to affordability. Reason i got into bikes is because of the performance/dollar ratio. And unless my financial position changes dramatically ill never own a ducati.

    But if i won the lotto first thing id do is buy a ducati or mv agusta. Damn theyre sexy!
  7. On the affordability of them, I was a McDonald's manager when I bought mine and I am still in hospitality. I am FAR from a Corporate Highflyer (which is not to say I've given up on ever being there :p ) and things are only going to get tougher when I go back to Uni.

    :D :D :D
  8. I love the sound. :)
  9. Of the clutch rattle :p

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. A Ducatti was a bike i was looking at for an upgrade (in a long time), didnt realise they are a status symbol + huge money. :roll: no ducatti for me
  11. "I think anyone who came into money would buy one, they are the 2 wheeled version of a Ferrari, they are statis (sic) symbols, they are exotic and some are just plain sexy to look at."

    Hit the nail on the head, oh rodent-container. Some bikes are about practical ideas, and some are about aspirations. Even if you couldn't practically drive a Ferrari every day, you'd want to be able to go out to the garage with a coffee in your hand and just look at it and enjoy the fact that it was your's. Same same with a Ducati.

    And for those of us who remember the 900SS when it was a current model, and racing at Amaroo in the Six Hour, no bike provoked the same reaction on the hill as did the Duke, rattly clutch and all. (Oh farawayman, tell me there's not some little noise or other about your bike that doesn't jingle your inner bells, you hard-hearted meanie!!!)
  12. of the seat buzz of shorting electrics
  13. only joking. Word is they have sorted this
  14. What's wrong with Dukes? They're brilliant bikes.
    It was only practicalities that stopped me from buying one.

    Ah, but then I did buy a BMW... :LOL:
  15. Of Termis. 8)
  16. Hey Dan, what part of the furum are you living in? I had three looks through page one and Tack hasn't posted on this thread. Where did the quote come from??? (I'm not commenting on its content or your opinion, I just can't find the quote with which you agree)
  17. I put the quote as a hyperlink to the original thread.
  18. ok, understand
  19. What do I hate about them? Nothing really. The best of them are styling masterpieces, the worst are no worse than the best of most other marques. I think the move away from the elegant simplicity of the '78 SS900 and GT750 was a mistake (but the MH 900 Evulozione is truly beautiful), but you can't hate a bike just for trying to be modern.

    What I do hate is the riders who buy a bike designed to be ridden hard, and then use just to collect the milk. And the reason is simple jealousy - they've got a bike I'd like to own, and they don't appreciate what its capable of.

    <OFARC "things were different when I was a lad" mode ON>

    And while I'm on my soapbox, I notice a disturbing trend toward using the term "cafe racer" perjoratively, to describe a bike/rider who cruises Lygon Street (or its latte-lapping equivalents elsewhere). For those of us with a passion for stripped-down nakeds, clip-on bars, big headlights, loud exhausts and Brando jackets (fashion victim!), a cafe racer is a bike that you built yourself, to be ridden hard. Cafe racers are the legacy of street-racing hoons trying to wring the most performance possible out of the grey porridge that was being churned out by the 1950 & 60's British motorcycle industry. For a lesson on what a cafe racer REALLY is, visit:


    <OFARC "things were different when I was a lad" mode OFF>