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Why do you disrespect vehicles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Riderman, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I've been reading many threads and wanted to ask why people call vehicle drivers derogatory names such as cagers etc.?

    I am sure riders here also drive cars? and share a passion in all motoring, 2 wheels or 4?

    I saw an idiot on an R1 crossing harbour bridge and then M2 weaving in and out of traffic, wearing shorts, t-shirt and joggers. What is the name for his type?
  2. squid/loser
  3. a tosser :)
  4. Quite possibly somebody who is a better rider than you and has faith in his abilities.

    Everyone's a wanker except me. And I don't mind a wank either.
  5. We don't like people that are different to us.

    As for the R1 rider, we call him a netrider argument waiting to happen.... Along with hyo nodders, clutchless shifters and left glove firsters. All of these things irk us into a state of flamebellion and cause endless threads of arguing of essentially something that no one really should care about enough to fight about for 21 pages.
  6. We hate anyone who's not like us, irregardless of who we are.

    That was a squid you saw, plenty of people feel the risk is negligible... comes down to risk assessment & the level of risk you're prepared to accept.

    As to cagers, well, sure, a lot of us drive, but once you've ridden a motorcycle, you tend to drive a bit differently. I know I do now.
  7. Thanks for the explanations, and why is the term "Squid" user?
    Also a Hyo nodder?
  8. Stupidly Quick, Under-dressed, Imminently Dead. Apparently the dangling skin also resembles that of a squid when they fall off.

    Do a search for "Hyosung", if you think we're harsh on cagers, you're about to see how hard fellow bikers get it! :rofl:

    Stick around, you'll have fun!
  9. If you identify such a vehicle instead of nodding turn your nose up and look away... even if it means sending your vehicle off the road into a fiery wreck, its a better fate than nodding at a hyosung. There is a special corner of hell reserved for hyo riders... and its rumoured to be the worst section of all... :nopity:
  10. LOL!!
    doing search on Hyosung now.

    Funny I was about to buy one...
  11. Can someone elighten me as to what the issue is with putting on the left glove first? I understant the issues with the other things but have never come accross the left glove first argument....
  12. You're one of those left glove first weirdo's aren't you? :-s

    I should think that the reasons for putting the right on first are clear by now...*sigh* need i say it?

    forum search. :rofl:
  13. Man those left glove firsters really irritate me, its nothing short of pure insanity i tell ya![-(
  14. why not buy two hyo's? when the first one breaks down you can change over to the second one immediately.

    but seriously, it's korean. people used to laugh at jap bikes. now look at them. I am actually waiting for chinese bikes to start selling here. all the korean bike owners will have moved up the pyramid and will be then casting stones at all the chinese bikes.

    squid = hard helmet, soft body. never ends well. a guy on a R6 pulled up to me yesterday wearing a tshirt, thongs and jeans. at least he didn't feel the heat.
  15. Got it in 1.
  16. Not that it's any worse than owning a Hyo.
  17. lol nice troll
  18. Internet forums attract people who feel the need to look down on others, and find a reason to do so ..... I drive and I ride; I've seen more stupidity in a year from riders than I have in ten from drivers.
  19. Okay, so I get the squid thing, been around for years, it's an acronym.

    But whats this "left glove firster" thing, is it as obvious as it sounds, or is there something more to the joke...
  20. Perhaps it has something to do with most riders regularly encountering car drivers who can't drive, and are either a nuisance or a danger because of it. Due to either sampling bias or self preservation, riders adopt a cynical attitude towards all non-riders on the road.

    "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul."

    After riding a motorcycle to it limits and the limits of my ability, I now find driving cars only half as entertaining and fulfilling as I used to. Stick with motorcycling and I'll wager you'll feel the same way in time.

    Organ donor.