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Why do you dislike Harleys?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Why do you hate Harley's?

    I know they're expensive, but that couldn't be the only reason? Is it like the V8 Muscle vs Japan turbo car rivalry?

    Personally, I love the look of this:
  2. Harleyphobia ?
  3. Dont get me started on Hardly Dudinsons
  4. I think this may be on the forum elswhere here as well

    Not My Words -- but damn they are so apt

    Harley rider pre-ride check off list:
    1. Comb baseball player goatee and mustache
    2. Spend 6- hours polishing gaudy chrome pieces. Be sure people can read the 'Live to ride-ride to live' statement on gas tank lid.
    3. Assure suspension can handle at least 560 pounds of rider
    4. Pack cell phone and have tow service numbers programmed.
    5. Look in mirror and perfect the "I'm a bad ass mother****er" harley riding scowl.
    6. Affix tassels from daughters bicycle to handle bars for added gay appearance.
    7. Test flashers for when bike breaks down (99% probability)
    8. Put on your wrist brace to help carpal tunnel from all of the unnecessary revving
    9. Leather pants
    10. Gloves
    11. Wrap around sunglasses
    12. Skull cap (German soldier type for the real badasses). Remember to think about the SAFETY aspect/argument of loud pipes as putting that potato chip on head. The real tough guys here will wear a bandana over their face (some with a skull) to look really scary----ooooh!
    13. CAT work boots (new)
    14. Leather vest with some 'chapter' like: North chapter of pig-f*$king-obese-attention-whore-douche-bags-with-fat-ugly-loud-mouth-wives.
    15. HD t-shirt (of course). Because everyone needs to know what shop you paid $40 for a $5 hanes shirt at.
    16. Remove baffles from pipes so EVERYONE can hear you going 18mph in 2nd gear at redline. Note: Most HD break down before hitting 2nd gear.
    17. Starbucks gift card: This is usually your hangout--------------how tough.
    18. Call friends with similar ridiculous motorcycle (WW2 outdated technology garbage) and pathetic store bought image (gay pirate from the Castro) attire. Have them ATTEMPT to meet you at the starbucks without breaking down or crashing due to being distracted from looking at themselves in their chrome.
    19. Five packs of Marlboro reds to smoke while riding to look extra cool
    20. Slam a 6 pack of Zima prior to ride.
    21. Saddle bags attached to pick up and store broken parts that fall off bike as you ride/push (if you can call it riding without laughing) that hunk of shit down the road.
  5. No problem with Harleys here, I like them and their sound but I'm not sure I'd own one for the long term, perhaps on a tour around the country on one of the glides but for day to day too cumbersome.
  6. Whoever said there is no such thing as a stupid question, lied. Not everyone hates Harley's

    The Night Rod is a hot looking bike and I would buy one in a pink fit. However, the twit that designed it paid no attention to the comfort of the rider.

    Sit on one and you'll soon see why. The frame that sticks out from beneath the tank is a stupid design and is the second reason as to why I wouldn't buy one. It is very uncomfortable to have your knees hitting this part of the bike as you ride.

    Don't get me wrong if Harley Davidson said "here, you can have one of these if you run our banners for the next 5 years" I'd happily have it and I would get pants made with extra padding in that area.

    They Night Rods are a gorgeous bike.

    My next bike will be a cruiser. :D
  7. Those jap engineers know how to build a damn good car, and bikes too. I have owned 2 jap turbo cars.

    If I wanted a cruiser, I would be buying japanese too. Does it have rarity value? Does it have a badge with status? No, but when your sitting on it and riding it, dont the practical aspects matter more?
  8. I always wanted to ride one, then my chance came when I went for my Open licence, was given an 883 Sportster Low to ride. Glad I got the opportunity but the seat was incredibly uncomfortable, I couldnt imagine going on long trips on it like I do with my Yamaha.
  9. they are ok with me, particularly that night rod.

    But I love a screaming Jap bike the most. :)
  10. Rode a sporty ages ago, was a different experience to what i was use too. Everything rubber mounted and the laid back cruiser style def gives a unique feel.

    Almost bought a Night Rod but decided i still like the corners to much so went out and got a Superduke.

    Maybe get a few more years under my belt and some greys showing through on top before i'd buy a Hardly Rideable :D
  11. they are slow and cant turn corners. having said that, id love to have one for long distance highway cruising, that or a bonny.
  12. I don't dislike them, but they don't suit what i need from my bike now. Some people like some sorts of bikes others like others, ride what you like and be happy
  13. It sometimes feels like there's a heap of stupid Harley bashing around here. Perhaps its simply the fact that an ear-bashing minority always seem bigger than they are, and there's certainly a continuous bunch - though the individuals change over time - who go in for it.

    When somebody else replies with the sensible old "Each to their own", they say something about just making a joke. Thing is, the joke is rather shrill and constant, and you can't have a proper thread about a Harley, as you might about a GS500, without their entrance with tired 'witticisms', without somebody actually questioning the validity of the choice in a way you never find regarding a Jap bike.

    When I mention I ultimately want an 883, I get people constantly trying to talk me out of it. Their objections would count against many good bikes (eg fuel range), or they amount to good arguments against a KLR650 (esentially, that a HD doesn't perform like a sports bike), as though we might argue that hammers are stupid because they don't turn screws as well as a screw driver.

    I guess some people like to talk shit, and talk it loudly in your face. The reasonable majority (or whatever their number is) don't get noticed because their virtue is 'reasonable silence'.
  14. Maybe people are just taking the piss? I wouldn't knock back a Harley for the garage, but I'll still rag on them. Same with Ducati riders and bikes. This is Australia after all, and I'll keep being a knob about everything until the government ban it or tax it.
  15. This place really is becoming stoopid question central lately.
  16. Damn, thats the truest thing I've heard in a good long while. I really get the irrits with the 'loud shit' type as well, mattb, so you aren't alone.

    As for Harleys, I wouldn't mind one. I won't be having one any time in probably the next decade or so, but I wouldn't mind one.

    Cheers - boingk
  17. I don't dislike HD's, in fact I have a soft spot for em, just can't afford one. I reckon the new 883 Iron will be a big seller and as more riders embrace the cruiser lifestyle this will reflect in the sales of big topend cruisers like the HD's.

    Most of the cruiser riders I hang with are mature riders who no longer need to worry (well not too much) about budget so they can now afford to buy the bike they have always wanted, they are past tucking their ankles up under their arse and crouching over sports bikes.

    Not every rider of a HD is a redneck, just like not every Ducati rider is not a latte drinker, (ok maybe the Ducati bit was a tad hard to believe but you get my drift)
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  19. First of all, with only 15 posts on this forum, you haven't got a true feel of this site, or perhaps motorycling in general (?) yet. There are a couple of 'givens' when bikes get discussed; one is that Ducatis get razzed for terrible electrics, and Harleys get razzed for having bad handling and being too noisy. Their respective riders are also razzed for their choices; it's a motorcycling standard, and usually it's done in light humour. So not everyone dislikes Harleys; have a look round the roads to see how many of them that are out there.

    Personally, as I have always said, I reserve my judgment on Harleys till I have ridden one....
  20. Why do I hate the H-Ds? Well thats an easy question. I don't.

    I'm fairly certain that I'll own one in the later stages of my life. Probably a V-rod. Maybe a Fat Boy. They're pretty damned cool bikes, I just don't want one now.

    Also, Hornet, why haven't you ridden one yet? You're of that age now aren't you :p