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Why do we ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bazza, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. What are the various reasons people ride motorbikes on the road?

    It can't be the feeling of the open road as we know there are none anymore, and it can't be the feeling of the wind in your hair due to the helmet laws, and we know that even a decent road rider is capable of taking a modern road bike to only about 70% of its potential coupled with the fact that cars and trucks and buses are all trying to kill you and often do which means the only smart rider is a defensive rider, so why is it?

    I no longer see any acceptable reason to take the undeniable risks, especially if you are a parent of young children. Am ready to cop the flack but I am genuinely curious having lost a few too many mates over the years.
  2. Re: Why?

    Because I have no interest in cars*, and don't want to become one more angry cager, stuck in a car, rageing at everybody and everything.

    *well there are some cars I like, but I'm probably never going to be able to drive them.
  3. Re: Why?

    Because I enjoy it and I can. As do those who I ride with.

    That is the reason why there is a difference between a motorcyclist and someone who merely has the ability to own a mototcycle.

    If you see no acceptable reason to own/ride, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family, (and also those that you may ride with), is to stop it before you become your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The mindset of "gee, I would never own a bike anymore/own a big bike/etc as I would kill myself/don't trust myself says more about the person than the bike.

    I don't think there is really any right or wrong in the reasoning. It is not something that is compulsory, so don't do it.

    Enjoy your next hobby.

  4. Re: Why?

    But aren't you just as stuck on a motorbike, especially when it rains? Having to do the speed limit? Where is the freedom? We are only talking about a form of transport here, nothing more.

    It's not a mindset it's reality. Do you think blokes who get killed on bikes take to the road with that mindset? No they don't but they are still dead. Even champion bike racers get killed on the roads, it is nothing to do with ability. A bit like you never see the shark before it attacks you.
  5. Re: Why?

    I've owned and driven 600hp+ road cars and now I'm into bikes. For me, having stupid power on hand doesn't mean that I need to use it to enjoy it.

    I don't have the fast cars anymore, but I do enjoy the feeling that older and/or more simple machinery gives. There's something about getting the gear shifts just right, matching revs on down-shifts, sweeping through fast corners, knowing that there's no electronic diety that's going to save me if I get it wrong. I can do all that without breaking any laws, too ( well, maybe stretching them a bit ).
  6. Re: Why?

    More fun that driving and also...what traffic jam? Also parking is 10 x easier. In addition to enjoying my motorbike i also enjoy owning it which means talking to other owners, riding with other riders etc etc.
  7. Re: Why?

    Death happens every day and is an unfortunate fact of life.

    Everyone's been to a funeral, but they don't stop doing all the things that have the potential to shorten their live do they? Such as driving, working a dangerous job, crossing the road, having another smoke, drink or second helping of KFC.

    Motorcycling is an obvious and easy target and has greater risks. Yes, I know.

    I don't go out riding with the mindset of I'm going to die today and I don't even have the mindset of "I'd rather die at 300 on a 'busa. (Gotta love the speedo watches/believers don't you..)
    I do go riding with the assumption that everyone on the road is trying to kill me, whether they know it or not. But that is not the top of the thought process as I'm too busy looking where I want to go and loving the ride. As does my 12yo girl when I take her for a spin.

    If your riding is only as a commuter or two hours on a sunday morning before you mow, clean the pool, (you don't swim do you? That's dangerous too), or whatever, then your justification process is probably muddied somewhat.

    Many more guys hurt and even kill themselves in this country falling off ladders than do so riding. Is there a "Why?" question on netladderclimber.net ?

    FMD, if you don't enjoy it, then don't do it.
  8. Re: Why?

    I ride, because I enjoy it,
    I ski, Because I enjoy it,
    I have sex, because I enjoy it,
    I dont need reasons to justify what I like doing, I just do it,

    If you need a reason for doing some thing you like, Your on the wrong Tram,
  9. Re: Why?

    Even slow riding, I enjoy.. I never get bored on 2 wheels, but sitting in a car I can easily fatigue which is never good on the highway.

    I have more control over my own safety in that a bike is more agile, can stop quicker, accelerate quicker and change directions quicker than any car I can afford.
    Being smaller, despite the common thought of being invisible to cars, I feel safer because I can keep a greater distance either side from other cars and if the one infront stops suddenly there is almost always room next to him if I notice too late.

    The 'cool factor' of having a bike doesn't really exist anymore. The people who you would expect to think bikes are cool (and even some who do think that) also believe they are instant death sentences and would never go near one.

    And I've now officially ridden bikes more than I've driven cars, and have been pulled over by police many times in a car, once for speeding, once for a random rego check, 2-3 breath tests... not once on the bike, and have in fact been waved through 2 breath test stations where all the cars had to stop (not 100% sure why, maybe they just think its too much effort when i have to remove my helmet to do it)
    So that was a plus too
  10. Re: Why?

    That's a good question.

    That's a very narrow minded assumption

    Did you say "I can no longer see.....etc" to stir up a response or is that really the case?

    Because if it's the latter, then there's a saying that's been tailored to suit your question completely...

    "For those who understand, no explanation is necessary.....for those who don't, none is possible"

    It's sometimes referred to as passion.
  11. Re: Why?

    To challenge or test my skills
    Rush or thrill or to test my nerve
    Better able to deal with congestion
    Easier or quicker to park
    The social aspect
    To be alone or independant
    A better view of the traffic or environment
    Better feel for the road and/or surroundings
    It's cool
    For fun/enjoyment
    The physical workout
    Cheap(er) transport

    Probably a few of those..
  12. Re: Why?

    Because I can.

    Because it's fun.

    Because it pisses off those who would protect me from myself.

    Because I don't like sitting in traffic jams.

    Because I can buy state of the art performance technology for the price of a Korean hatchback.

    Because everyone around me 25 years ago said I'd grow out of it.

    Because it provides me with a prepackaged social life should I feel the need.

    If you don't want to ride any more, that's fair enough. Nobody is making you. It doesn't, however, mean that the rest of us have run out of reasons.

    I suspect trolling.
  13. Re: Why?

    I realize that but what do you enjoy about it?

    Comparisons to climbing ladders etc are not relevant, I am assuming you are climbing a ladder to conduct some sort of work not because you have a ladder fetish?

    It's interesting that very few top bike racers ride bikes on the road, could it be that they get it out of their system on the track so could that also mean that many bikers like to think that they are perhaps a bit like Bayliss or Casey?
  14. Re: Why?

    For the top level pros I suspect it has a lot to do with contractual conditions.
  15. Re: Why?

    If I have a bad day at work and have to drive home, that bad day is still with me when I get home, but when I ride home, it's my meditaton time, I get home and all the days agro is left behind.
  16. Re: Why?

    That's just not the case.
  17. Re: Why?

    Yes there are, you just need to travel a bit more to get to them. I came from SA. open, practically empty and fun roads anywhere from 10 -30km from the city. Even more further out. If you are seriously intertested, the extra distance wouldnt bother you.
    The average person only uses anywhere from 70-85% of their lung capacity.... should we stop breathing? I mean really... what does that even mean?
    Not being the wicked witch of the west, i wont melt (y)
    I had a friend who was like you... Scared of everything. Wouldnt come out in an light aircraft with me... to dangerous.. wouldnt drive... too dangerous. wouldnt eat certain foods. only organic (he was scared of pecticides.) didnt go out alone or after dark. He slipped in the shower one day, and will spend the rest of his life dribbling on himself in a wheelchair.
    Fear and intelect are different things
    Then dont... go live in constant fear of dying. One day your fears will be realised. You WILL die.. so go spend your last breaths desperately running from it. I'm having too much fun riding to join you in the running, but i'm sure we will meet in death. I will bring some good storys, you bring yours.
  18. Re: Why?

    some of us just like the smell of spent petrol fumes and the sound of a sweet exhaust note and that is without leaving the garage hahaha
  19. Re: Why?

    So rather than answer my question you make a personal attack on me? I don't think I would fly in a light aircraft with you either, the private pilots license is often referred to as "a license to kill", is that what you've got?
  20. Re: Why?

    There was no personal attack. The only person who appears to be attacking is you with your implication we still ride because we are intelectually inferiour to you, by accepting risks. I answered your question. I ride because i enjoy it. I ride despite the risks, because i refuse to live in fear of doing things i enjoy.