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Why do we do it????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. The road from Geelong to Mt Waverly is long and boring, about 100km each way. All hwy. It gets quite cold for about 50km of the run, almost as cold as Canberra. No matter how much I rug up I am still a little cold.

    I have a Lease/Work car, big olf Nissan Patrol that I enjoy, but I prefer the bike, why..........?

    Driving in, warm, confortable, sit back, kick back, until you hit the traffic, then it get a littlke tedious. YOur fingers start dancing with the CD and radio in a vein attempt to find something interesting. The traffic sludges along, slowly, boring, frustrating... but, alas, i am confortable in a suit.....

    Riding in, back is sore, cold, also boring, load, windy, dangeours.... Get to work and have to change from thermals and riding gear into shirt and tie.... So, why do I do it.... The GRIN factor..... When I get to the traffic, splitting lanes, heart in mouth waiting for that car to move out... Wright wrist dancing with the throttle, fingers poised for the break grab.... Body position upright and cautious.... Enormous amounts of energy expended weaving through traffic like sperm to the glory box........ The sheer happiness and terror experienced from point a to point B ove rthe period of an hour.... Every emotion one can think of..... The almost daily close encounter with a car, truck or bus.... The constant reminder that at any moment some young lass may wipe you from existance.... And then, those close calls that you survive.... The adrenalin and excitement you feel afterward as your ride more agressively in an attempt to relinquish the fear felt..... To bring things back to normality......Thats why.....

    That is why I love riding to work.
  2. someone fnd the man a valium
  3. Why, he's perfectly normal??????!!!!!!
  4. that must be some defnition of the word "normal" i previosly haven't encountered.
  5. Hey Skuff, you didn't answer my question about whether or not you rode at Hume Weir???
  6. Yes, thats right Hornet, I am normal...... Thanks for understanding.....

    What most of us do is complete and utter madness to most, even our brothers and sisters who ride..... But, to the few of us, it is what we live for.....

    I remember, whilst living in San Fran and riding Motards. We use to run the steep hills that you see in the movies... The ones that cars would jump in the movies.... Sunday mornings. 2:00am, we would often place block markers on a 6 block run and fang all the way up the hill jumping intersection after intersection like a big MX track....... :twisted:
  7. Hey Hornet, I used to trail bike around there as a kid... My father would take me fishing and I would always have him take the bike also.... LONG time ago.

    Why, what is there??? Good roads????
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Hume Weir

    No, it's just that Hume Weir was a great little race track back in the 70's and my brother and myself used to go there a lot to photograph the racing.
    Phillis and the Jones bothers (now in V8s, of course) used to "practice" out there a lot, between meetings!
    We saw some awesome racing on the tiny track, (with grass growing IN the back straight!) most notable being Bobby Rosenthal winning in the pouring rain on a Yamaha TZ-750 against an angry horde of 350's, hair-raisng stuff
  10. Hey Hornet, I am 36, got into bikes when I was 10.... So, that would have been 1979.... Sorry, I dont know this track... Sounds like I missed some real history...... :(

    Does the track still exist?
  11. hey i almost forgot.. speaking of almost being wiped out ...

    this morning down springvail rod (rod??? road. dont even know what i type anymore. ) on the right line towards the eastern a car was slowly urging forward to do a u turn.. noone in the right lane soi was cruising through ( going to merge into traffic closer to the entrance ) slowly leading forward the ford falcon i think it was.

    still 3/4 of the lane to pass by.. when suddenly... 3 seconds away VROOM it moves forward giving me
    little more than what you usually lane split in.. swerved.. in between 2 cars.. adrenaline rushing.

    was a close one :) i was like.. bastard! thats it im taking it out on the rest of you! and split in between the other road hazards :D

    /end of todays excitement
  12. but you still have the ride home....
  13. true..

    and i have a meeting at 5 .. so looks like im going home in peak hour!

    quick! karma! ;p
  14. You so lucky Skuffy, I only get a 40 km ride to work, but I do get at least 5 or 6 more corners than you get on Geelong rd....
  15. jesus skuffles do you work anymore? i mean... ah never mind you post whore :LOL:
  16. Actually, I am working very hard. Spending alot of time on the phone with existing and new clients and office bound for 2 weeks drumming up new business and opportunities.

    Dont worry, I will dissapear for 2 weeks again
  17. Hey, Skuffs I was actually enjoying that post, you were waxing quite lyrical there (better than waxing your legs, I guess)
  18. Sorry Skuff, I'm 56, so memory goes back further.
    No Hume Weir sadly is no more, like so many other race tracks round the country.
    It was in the quarry site from where the earth for the Hume Dam was dug.
    Not sure what the site is used for today, but the track's most distinguishing feature was that the back straight and one of the front straights were only separated by a sleeper fence!
  19. WOW, separated by sleepers, niiiice..... Unfortunately, you are correct, as the urban sprawl spreads like cancer, we are the ones that suffer... Oh, mother nature also cops a bashing.
  20. A very large gentleman (I'm sure he wouldn't mind me describing him that way) called Graham Watson raced there often (he was a local) and on one memorable occasion a fellow tried to get a run up his inside going down into Scrub Corner. Watto took his hand off the bars and planted it in the middle of the guy's chest and forced him to let HIM have the line for the corner. (They don't let you do that any more, the sponsors get mad!)