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Why do they still race at the Isle of Man??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. I noticed that the IOM TT has claimed another three lives, including a Queenslander.

    In this day and age how much longer will this event survive without being nobbled in some way to make it safer.

    From the BBC.
    A rider and two spectators have died in a crash during the senior race at the centenary Isle of Man TT meeting.

    The rider, named by race organisers as Marc Ramsbotham, 34, who was from Wymondham, Norfolk, died instantly.

    One spectator, Dean Adrian Jacob, 33, from Kidderminster, Worcs, was pronounced dead at the scene.

    The second, Gregory John Kenzig, 52, from Queensland, Australia was taken to Noble's Hospital, but died a short time later. Two other people were injured.

    Hilary Beryl Musson, 60, from Ballaugh, Isle of Man and Janice Ann Phillips, 50, from Ramsey, Isle of Man, were also involved in the incident.

    Ms Phillips' condition is described as stable while Ms Musson's was reported to be critical in a critical condition.

    My condolances to all the victims families and friends.

    I've seen more than my share of deaths in motorsport over the last 20 years but those which involve spectators are the worst kind.
  2. Good question.

    A bit like reading about Crusty's crash where he hit the wall in the Friday practice I think it was, and they don't put up the air fence until the Saturday? How stupid is that!
  3. In the case of the TT, both riders and spectators know the risks of participating or attending.

    Long may intelligent consenting adults be permitted to engage in this sort of activity.
  4. Hear freakin hear!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I think Paul's question was less about whether or not people should ride there, and more about how long it will be before the nanny society demands changes to the format/circuit/bikes in an attempt to stop people dying there.

    We lost our own, irreplaceable Kenny Blake to the Island .... Barry Sheene refused to race at the Island, but raced at other arguably more dangerous tracks. Ultimately it's the riders' choice. Too many riders were killed at Amaroo Park, but ultimately it was economics, not that which caused it to be closed. Whatever changes are made, you can bet people will still want to ride there; it is close to the ultimate test of man and machine.
  6. I wonder if the insurance bill will now put an end to this great event.

    I think Crusty's crash was at private testing the week before the race.

  7. Fifteen people died trying to climb Everest last year. In total, 203 people have died trying to climb the mountain.

    People do dangerous things. If they're of sound mind, I can't think of a good reason to stop them.
  8. i have been to the island (no not bloody philip islaind, the proper one) more times than i can say, and the reason they still have the TT is because there is no one to stop them, the isle of man is a self governed colony and does not have to accept any edicts or law reforms from the uk (they still have corpral punishment, which is a bloody good thing)

    and as the 3 weeks of TT (i know its only 1 week of racing but it does last 3 weeks with all the partying) brings in the vast majority of IOMs tourism cash, the government is not likely to stop it any time soon anyway.

    besides, the racers have cajones the size of watermelons and its amazing to watch them race, its mad sunday that realy gives the races a bad name, i wouldnt be surprised if they curtailed that a bit but not the racing
  9. Correct

    And yes the question is more how long until pressure is put on IOM to make things safer.
  10. Oh, I didn't realise that. Still, if it's an official practice then all safety should be in place I think.
  11. It is it’s own governing state so the Isle of Man can have it as long as it’s good for it.
    There is a big history & mystic to the Isle of Man event as well. Stopping that would be like stopping Bull Fighting in Spain.

    It’s great that free-to-air tele (channel 10) will be having a highlights package on soon about this years event.
  12. That would also be a shame. As somebody who has 'done' Mad Sunday more than once, I can safely say that the riders all know what to expect, and nobody forces them to ride. One suggestion that has been made is that all riders participating in Mad Sunday pass a breath test before being allowed on the circuit, but given the logistics of a road circuit I just don't see how that could work. Make no mistake, the TT circuit is bloody dangerous; buildings, kerbs, walls, trees, drop-offs, ditches, signposts, pillar boxes, phone boxes, and squillions of soft squidgy spectators. It is a circuit where your first mistake can easily be your last. I have ridden Mad Sunday at speeds equivalent to a 70mph lap, when race pace is a 120mph lap, and I can tell you I have never been more puckered in the undies than on a 70mph lap of that insane circuit, I just cannot imagine a 120mph lap.....long may it live.
  13. True True!!! How can you stop 100years of motorcycle history
    As for 10 showing highlights of racing IOM ( ABOUT BLOODY TIME)
  14. The Dakar rally is a pretty fatal race too - crew and spectator fatalities alike.
  15. What's Mad Sunday? Do they let the spectators ride around the track?
  16.  Top
  17. yep, they leave the course set up on sunday and you can go race it, i have a few times (prolly about 8) and ridden the track course more times than most racers (at non race times though) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but yep, brethalising would be an idea, half the guys on the road are still half cut from the night before.

    i remeber that posing tosser carl fogarty rode one lap and refused to ride again even bazza was scared of it, it takes a certain kind of nutter to ride any of the major road races (the offroad paris dakar types too)
  18. If you've got Foxtel keep an eye out for the Irish Road Racing Championship on similar roads to IOM :shock:

  19. Half correct. He rode the TT quite a few times and won a few races too. On the other hand he is indeed a posing tosser.

    For coverage of the this years TT I can wholely recomend a decent Torrent program such a utorrent. Most days action is available from various torrent sites usually BBC Northern Ireland or ITV4 coverage about and hours worth for each racing day.

    Also "this months" Two Wheels Only magazine (TWO) has a seventeen page special on the TT as this year was the 100th anniversary, worth a flick through just to see the machinery they used to ride... and the speeds they went on them.
  20. For those who may be interested.
    Some of the Irish Road Racing season is also available by torrent
    The North West 200 is considered to be a precursor to the IOM TT

    Tis a pity we cannot get them on TV here :(