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Why do sportsbike riders....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Why do sportsbike riders ride with their left hand on their hip or thigh?
    Been noticing a lot of it lately.

  2. coz we can
  3. My arm gets sore from the clutch
  4. It's not really on their hip/thigh, they're really stroking themselves over how cool they think they look.

    I do it all the time.
  5. Do you reccommend it?
  6. I do it to straighten my back and give my left arm a rest: the more forward-leaning posture is great through the twisties, but both unnecesary and tiring when putt-putting along a straight, where it's impossible to overtake due to on-coming traffic, behind some dear and righteous person sticking well below the speed limit. Nothing to do with looking cool, everything to do with being comfortable.
  7. i recommend it if your hand starts to get sore. its the body positioning of the bike that can sometimes cause people wrist/hand to get sore. i do it coz after a long time using the clutch, my hand gets sore.
  8. +1

    Also because its harder to take your right hand off and continue forward momentum :p
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    I do it because It looks cool......

    But seriously... I do it to have a change of posture... when you have been in riding mode, all of the weight of your body is on your arms... sitting up allows you to rest your back, arms and neck.... you cant keep your hand on the handlebars otherwise you would be leaning forward... So if you cant put it on your handlebar, where do you put it? You could put it on the tank, your leg or behind you.... behind you is just silly..... the tank is ok.... the leg is comfy....
  10. Plus, if I had a friction throttle, I'd totally spend half the time riding no hands
  11. The way sports bikes are designed these days, the fairing tends to direct air into your chest at speed.

    This scoop effect "lifts" the riders torso a little, taking some weight off the arms and wrists. Of course the scoop effect disappears at low speeds. So to take some weight off the wrists and have a rest, sitting up with an arm on your hip helps.

    Gives you a chance to stretch the old back, too.

  12. I prefer resting my elbow on the tank to give my wrist a rest.
  13. i dont get it too... of all the places to rest your hand, why choose the hip. Its obviously a pose. Try holding it there (hip or resting on leg) for 5 minutes and see how comfortable it is.
    I found just letting it dangle by my side to be the most relaxing/relieving.
  14. it looks cool..............nah just to give the hand a break
  15. Uhuh, because your body is the standard by which all of us should be measured. I say it's comfortable for me, you say it's 'obviously a pose'. I'm on an old Spada, ffs... it's so not about the posing.
  16. Yeah your not cool unless you ride with one hand on your hip :p

    +1 on all the above posts, I do it for a change of posture (back probs & sports bike not the best mix) & to stretch my hand/wrist a bit... I put my hand on my thigh and stretch my wrist and fingers...

    recovering from a broken right wrist at the moment, so when I'm on quiet straight roads I use my left hand for the throttle to give my right wrist a break and stretch...
  17. It's not on my hip or thigh, it's on my poor aching back, tortured by that lovely Ducati 'Spanish Inquisition' riding position. I'm thinking of putting some carpet tacks on the seat to take my mind off my back.........
  18. I do it when it's hot... gets the best airflow through my jacket :) otherwise its elbow on the tank, or just hand resting on knee, dangling at side, etc...
  19. surely its 99% wank factor?
  20. +1 on comfy ness. I just noticed i had my knuckles jammed against my hip before I started reading this thread! I wasn't hanging my hand down the side of my seat. I guess putting it on your hip also holds your back up a bit too