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Why do so many Melbourne taxis have a single headlight out?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, May 15, 2011.

  1. Maybe I only notice it more because they're taxis, but man, there are a lot of 'em with one of the headlights out.

  2. They're pretending to be bikes so they can lane split.
  3. Perhaps they drive in a manner more conducive to having ones headlight kicked out than other road users.
  4. because there is no compulsory roadworthy check carried before a vehicle is registered in Victoria
  5. Taxi drivers before every shift double check that they have removed all four light bulbs from their indicators. This is to stop them inadvertently turning on their indicators to let you know that they are about to turn left, right, merge or pull some other manoeuvring stunt to threaten other motorist lives.
  6. =D>

    Left you a voicemail at the shop, btw ;)
  7. Where do you get that from? Rubbish!! When a vehicle is registered for the first time, or when a registration is transfered from one party to another, the vehicle must pass a road worthy examination. The vehicle is then booked in to be inspected by Vic Roads and the person responsible must also bring the road worthy certificate to that appointment.
  8. Hornet speaks the truth. You just mentioned the exception. The ONLY time you need to get it checked it when its the first registration of a new owner.

    Otherwise you just send your money off to register your vehicle year after year, and no one cares.

    In NZ you have to get a Warrant of Fitness "Wof" (equivalent to your road worthy) every 6 months. If you have no current WoF on record, they will not register your vehicle. Keeps vehicles up to a road worthy standard. Much better system imho.
  9. Oh I see, I didn't realise that Hornet was refering to registration renewals. There is a difference between registering a vehicle and renewing an existing registration.
  10. I bet all NEW taxis have working headlights, but older ones, because.....

    I'm not saying that inspections for every renewal is good or bad, 'cos some zealot will come on and bleat about 'there's never been a proven link between vehicle condition and accidents', but at least they make sure that a vehicle meets some sort of standard for safety, brakes, lights, seat belts, etc. In NSW you don't have to get an inspection if your vehicle is 5 years or younger; after that, evey year you pay for your rego inspection ($27), your Green Slip (who knows) and your registration (vehicle/owner dependent).

    I suspect this is why you DON'T see too many NSW taxis with dud headlights, to return to the topic properly....
  11. I'm miffed by the number drivers (not just taxis) getting around with just one headlight.
    My best guess is it is related to attitudes of safety-vs-expense.

    Since you've noticed a prevalence amongst taxis (or their drivers) perhaps gives a plausible explanation.

  12. Having personally been through it, I reckon the NZ WoF is a pain in the posterior and judging by some of the examples I have seen on the roads on my many visits over the pond, it does nothing to keep vehicles up to a road worthy standard.

    Ditto the NSW annual rego inspections.
  13. Guy last year in the shop who got knocked off by a taxi. I did the insurance quote and it was all genuine damage done in the crash. The Insurance assessor knocked back a heap of stuff and turned a $6000 claim into a $2000 one. Turned out the taxi was insured through one of these "fund" type insurance schemes. The owner of the bike sort legal advice but to fight the case was going to cost around $5000 in legal fees. In the end he paid for it out of his own pocket. Moral of the story is "dont get hit by a taxi"
  14. More rubbish posted on this forum. ](*,)

    Victorian Taxi's are required to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate by a Licensed Taxi Tester every 6 or 12 months depending on age and vehicle type or when issued with a Notice of Inspection to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate by the VTD.
  15. Might I offer an alternative theory to the "taxis with one headlight" observation?

    Maybe it's the same taxi. :p

  16. Lots of burned out brake and running lights on the rear, too.

    But I'm more annoyed by people who run around with fog lights on when there's no fog, to be honest. You can be unaware your brake lights are out, btu fog lights have to be turned on.
  17. I see this all the time as well, not just taxis though. Even seen people drive past cops with them and they don't even look twice.
  18. What is it about fog lights being on that annoys you? BTW - I am not trying to have a shot at you, I am genuinly interested to know what annoys you about this.
  19. "Fog" lights, which used to be yellow, are a nuisance to other drivers and don't offer any real benefit in normal conditions, despite what many people seem to think. Turn the &$*#s off.
  20. 99 times out of 100 they do nothing (they need to be yellow to have a useful effect in fog or inclement conditions), and they're often aimed wrong and glare like hell.

    Rear fogs are even more annoying because they're bright as shit and most people don't even know what they're for anyway.