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Why do racers get their leg out?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cakeman, May 4, 2009.

  1. Hi, ive been wondering this for a while, when braking to enter a turn, quite a few racers, rossi being the main one i see doing it most, He takes his inside foot completly off the peg and lets it hang when entering the turn?

    Why is this?

  2. It can only be to create a bit more air resistance
  3. really... thats it? thought it would have been a bit more then that, the resitance factor would be marginal.... having the onboard cameras would make just as little difference (weight/resitance) as the leg out
  4. It had me confused for ages as well. I'm pretty sure they hang their foot into the inside of the corner to get the weight out further and change their centre of gravity.
  5. From my side, I do this also 'cause, when racing, it causes pain to the foot when pushing hard with it on each turn. I don't feel my blood anymore and I need relax it... So I move it the same way... But not like these crazy guys just before turning !!!!!
  6. Yeah, I was wondering about this also, it was really annoying me when Rossi was doing it pretty much every corner at the Japanese Moto GP... Any definitive answers? :?
  7. They wouldn't do it for no reason
  8. Correct.
    The commentators last year said that's the reason.
    The bikes are faster and the quickest way to shift the centre of gravity is to swing the opposing leg.
  9. Rossi himself doesn't know how it works, but he's reported as saying that it helps him with stability into a braking area and only left turns.
  10. Think of it as a tightrope walker with a pole ;-)
  11. Coming into a right hander you wouldn't want to uncover the brake.
  12. stablize the bike more for hard braking while dipping in. i'd say.
  13. I seriously doubt that, since the lack of weight would surely make it less stable?

    Yes I know stoner does it too sometimes, but my money is on it being just a random habit, regardless of what commentators think.
  14. He occasionally does it with the right. Apparently Rossi has joked he should recieve a euro from the other riders that have started doing it too
  15. Will Johnny O start doing it? Watch this space.
  16. F#@k off I've been doing it for years, it's to balance a bike while it's moving around, like I said, like a tightrope walker uses a pole for balance.
  17. Never noticed you do that. Did Rossi get it from you?

    No need for the "f*ckoff" either, John. I don't speak to you like that, so don't do it to me.
  18. Are you for real, of course it's only in jest, you should know me by now. :wink:
  19. Don't change your surname to Gambino
  20. Kevin Schwantz was doin it in the 80's. Rossi learned it from the original Mr squiggle