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Why do people want to f**k over their mechanic?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by LadyYamaha, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. I've been with the same mechanic for years! I know him well & he knows me. I tell him what's wrong I get a quote. If the prob is vague I get a quote based on educational guess! mostly he knows better than me.Sometimes I swear he's psychic! Or he's a bike whisperer! Had cheaper quotes but resulted in inferior service! Cost more in the long run! Well meaning friends who didn't resolve issues. And testerone which got in the way! I've read posts in here bagging & a few praising but this is just to inform!

  2. I pay too much for my car servicing and repairs because i trust the mechanics i use.
    Have tried cheaper and has always resulted in more $$ down the track because they provided inferior service.

    Bikes, eeerrgh.... I want to throw up. But thats another story.
  3. LY - you've lost me. The thread title is "Why Do People Want To F**k Over Their Mechanic?" but nowhere are you indicating that anyone has fcuked their mechanic over.

    It's great that you've got a mechanic that you can trust, I hope it stays that way for a long time.
  4. That's great. I love finding Mechanincs who do their job well. I use Stafford Yamaha when I'm in Melbourne and the Hoda Dealer in Benalla when I'm up that way. Both provide me with excellent service.

    Umm, it did actually sound like praise to me. NAming the mechanic would be informative. Someone in your area might be looking for someone. :)
  5. I've been quietly surfing this site & seen so many peeps doing this to save a few bucks then looking for a quick fix when it all goes pear shaped!
    I had my 1st mehanic couldn't do a basic sprocket & chain replacement unsuccessfully!

    So just raising the question is $ more important than service trust & safety?

    I trust my mechanic with my life, but don't we all?
  6. Having been in one trade for 18 years I can tell youhow it works.
    Type 1: Good tradesmen/shops wil quote their price, which wil cover everything you could reasonably expect done, using quality materials. They will not usually haggle on price, except with loyal customers, who wil get a discount even if not asked for.
    Type 2: Average tradesmen/shops wil do a few really good jobs for people who are willing to pay what the shop needs to make a proper profit. the rest of their jobs can be hit and miss, depending on how much the customer haggles/tries to screw them down. Bottom line is, if you want something done to YOUR price, compromises to parts quality or labour time WILL be made.
    Type 3: These tradesmen/shops work on volume. You won't get anything better than basic work, and anythimg to difficult wil be turned away, unless you beg them and throw money at them. They work on volume/turnover, and don't really care if they don't see you again, there are plenty of others who want a bargain. They are usually always flat out, but never turn much of a profit.
    You get what you pay for, and a tradesman/business has to make a profit, otherwise, why bother opening the doors? If you want cheaper, you wil get cheaper quality/service.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I pretty much do everything myself, if I can't, then I have a couple of good mechanics I can trust to do a good job, I pay them top dollar, but know I will get the job done right. I think if anyone puts their mind to it they can easily learn to do many things on their car or bike, just doing the basics such as oil changes and brakes will save you plenty, then when a big problem arises you aren't as hesitant to pay out as you have saved along the way by doing all the other small things yourself.
  8. Seany mentioned he goes to dealers for his work.
    I agree with finding good mechanics to do the work, and not always shopping around for the lowest price. The bloke I go to I chose because he was the closest, and he did a great job on my first service, so I've stuck with him to have some really major work done, even though there is probally cheaper around.

    But as far as getting services from dealers goes, the gap between dealership services and independent shop services is so huge- I think I've paid almost twice what I should have the times I've used dealers! And they'll only ever use ripoff new parts, where an independent will find used or aftermarket parts for less if they do the same job and can save you money.

    So point is, a good workshop is worth the money, but you can go too far by getting your work done at a dealership. There's a perfect middleground.
  9. If you just plain don't have the money then diy is your only option and there are plenty of people in that boat I'm sure.

    It's great that you have found a mechanic that you can trust so implicitly, but what if I can't find one like that? Where do I go? Or should I try and do it myself as I know my care factor will be way above any mechanic I may have tried b4?
  10. Not too many dealerships have a good workshop, most charge heaps and perform some of the most half assed work. And the customer service is usually pathetic.

    A small workshop where you can have a talk to the actual guy who will do the work on your bike is the best.
  11. I've been servicing the bike & the ute myself for years(car is 12 months old) but occassioally I use a known trusted name for big or tricky jobs. Working with the right man can be difficult as personality clashes can get in the way...and one person might be good at one thing,hopeless at another...I use a little dirt bike shop for bike rego checks.He gets straight onto it,but gets shitty if anythings amiss...its taken five years to break the ice...
    As for DIY,I save heaps,no hassles,do it when I'm ready,no fights,& kinda therapeutic...especially with a few cold ones :wink: :LOL:
  12. Oh yeah I'm loaded, single parent, mortgage & sundry debts so the last thing I can afford is a half a$$ed mechanic to look after my bike which I commute on daily or my car which ferries my kids!
  13. What will you do if your trusted mechanic retires or moves away next week and you are left with the half assed guys to get your work done?
  14. Ask for advice on Netrider, people here are always so thoughtful and understanding. :LOL: :LOL:

    (And non-arguementive.)
  15. I've got a brilliant mechanic who offers heaps of advice and tells me what and what not to do. He won't take a cent off me...I have to pay him in favours :LOL:

    BTW: I'm married to him
  16. Why don't you all put your money where your mouths are and list the shops you DO NOT recommend and then the shops you DO recommend?
    I'm not afraid to name the shops I think do a good job.
    Caringbah Motorcycles.
    Procycles St.Peters. (Formely Tom Byrne BMW)
    The Motorcycle Mechanic Helensburg.

    I cannot name the shops that do shite work, because I've only ever taken my bikes to the shops
  17. Ive got nothing but praise for Mick and the boys at Jeffrey Honda in Ferntree Gully. They put my bike back together beautifully after my stack and their servicing is a fair price as well. And they are great to deal with as well. :)