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Why do people tailgate ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. G'day All,

    I was on my way home on a single lane road today doing about 90kmh (the speed limit & we have double demerits on until Sunday in NSW) minding my own business and some goober thinks it would be a good idea to sit so that I cannot see his bonnet ornament, way to close for my liking.

    I give him a couple of taps of the front brake hoping the hint to back off would work, nope. To friggin stupid to work it out.

    I slow down and wave him to F*** Off and finally he went around. I illustrated my displeasure and then followed him until I cooled down and rode home.

    How would someone with half a brain think it's a good idea to sit so close to a motorcycle ? No reaction time at all.

    Do they not realise the danger they are placing me in as I will bend as well as say a cars metal body ? Playing with my life.

    How does one not react ?
  2. This is why you should ride like an axe-murderer *everywhere*. Don't give them a chance to show what idiocy they're capable of.
  3. "And the hurrying people daunt me, and their pallid faces haunt me

    As they shoulder one another in their rush and nervous haste,

    With their eager eyes and greedy, and their stunted forms and weedy,

    For townsfolk have no time to grow; they have no time to waste."

    'Banjo' Paterson
  4. Get over it. Get past it.

    What you're dealing with there is a complete c0ckhead who doesn't even think bikes rate as vehicles on the road, in short he owns the road and is the only one important enough to be on it. You shouldn't even be there and are in HIS way.

    My solution is just to change lanes where possible....if I couldn't do that I'd probably indicate then brake so he went around me.

    Then, if I was pissed off enough I'd make a mental note of his rego number and make enquiries as to find out where the car lives...

    But generally I conclude the pr1ck is splashing around in the shallow end of the gene pool and let it go. You should do the same.
  5. :WStupid: Hakuna Matata dude.
  6. :?
  7. By following with a 0.5sec gap instead of a 3sec gap it means he gets where he's going 2.5sec faster... insentive enough as it is. I like people tailgating me when I'm in the car alone... I have comp insurance the insured value is $4k higher than market value.
  8. They are impatient Commodore racing drivers, hence the need to tailgate.
  9. I dunno why they do that. Be it on a motor cycle or in a car. It pisses me off big time. You have enough trouble watching what is in front. With out watchin some d*** head at the rear.
    For those who dont know. What you should have in the dry is an elapse time of at least 2 seconds. Between you & the vehicle in front.
    In wet conditions it should be 3 to 4 seconds.
    How do you judge that, easy. When the thing in front goes past a given point. Count 2 seconds. If you are already past that nominated point. You are way to close. Easy aint it.
    If you have that buffer zone, you have a greater chance of not running up the ass of what is in front of ya, if somethin goes wrong. And it does quite often, does'nt it.
    You also have a greater view if what is coming up.
    Next time your out there. Try it, I bet most of you find you are also been way to close all along.
  10. But they'd be 2-4 seconds late. :roll: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. G'day,

    I have always used the 3 second rule but I was amazed at the lunacy of this prat.

    Maybe a clip behind the ear would assist in getting his brain into gear.
  12. Ooooh dont get me started on tailgaters!


    My number one pet hate :evil:

    Why the hell people can't fathom that they won't get there any slower if they leave a couple of second gap I don't know!

  13. When in a car if someone sits up my arse I just slow down....right down, they get the message pretty quick.

    Don't think I'd try it on a bike though.
  14. Dont try this at home.
  15. I do it on both. Keep the reduction in speed nice and gradual though. At the end of the day if the wanker is going ride on your arse, it's much safer to be traveling at 60 than 100 because it gives both of you more reaction time and if there is a stack the results won't be as bad (still going to hurt of course). Usually I find they get sick of it by the time your doing 15km under the limit and over take.
  16. Would that work? has anyone actually tried that?
  17. dont try this at home.
  18. some are aggressive, some dont realise how dangerous it is, some just plain dont notice

    best thing to do is slow down gently to a crawl, say 1/3 of the limit and wait until they wake up before continuing
  19. All you deadshits with your handfuls of nails..... I know what you REALLY have your hands full of.
    Who do you think you are? Batman?

    Because next day when you ride that stretch of road, who's tyre do you think the nails will end up in?? Dickheads!
  20. Micheal I was just going to suggest the same thing. Nails wouldn't just go into the car behind you, they may go into the bike three cars back and cause all sorts of dramas. A well aimed spark plug is much more effective. I believe google will uncover how to make a home made flame thrower for under $100. I'm sure they'd get the message then :grin: