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Why do people ride litre sports bikes on the road?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by springs, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Ok, ok, before you get over excited, I'm just asking the question.
    I'm not trying to tell anyone what they should do.
    No I haven't ridden one.
    I'm just asking...
    Why do people ride litre (and bigger) sports bikes on the road?
    Yea heavy bikes, touring bikes, riding two up, etc I can understand all these points to big bikes, but why a sport/ super sport??

    No its not a troll, I'm just seeking enlightenment, oh wise oracle of the internetz
  2. because they can, is the obvious answer

    but, more subtly, because they do everything a smaller bike does, but faster, more immediately and with more excitement

    plus chicks dig them :LOL:
  3. What hornet said and believe it or not some people actually find litre sports bikes easier to ride than a 600cc sports bike. This is partly because of the power delivery and partly because of physical size, most litre sports bikes have more 'room' than most 600cc sports bikes.
  4. why not!
  5. yep, where I have to change gear twice the litre boys just roll it on; torque, especially, rules
  6. My girlfriend refuses to get on the back of the R1. She won't get on the back of the RGV either though so maybe it is all sportsbikes.

    I got my R1 because it is a R1 and I had never had a 1000cc sports bike. There is something about having the fastest. There are bikes that you just have to own once, like a postie and a VFR and a Italian twin and a Harley and a 1000cc sportsbike and a Turbo Hayabusa.

    Its for sale...so many bikes to own so little time.
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  7. I was shocked that the travelling preacher-man nailed it, but he did so on all three points.
    Using only 2 gears during your entire commute has gotta be a plus...
  8. because you can go fast and break laws.
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  9. 1000cc and 600cc super sports are both uncomfortable so you may as well go with the stupidly powerful one.
  10. because they do it all' track day ' touring 'ride to work around the hills and its fun

    congratulations for the stupid question of the day '' you win :)
  11. troll or .anker or just dosent gettit
  12. For extreme lulz.

    Strange that you pose this question without having ridden them, its not something people really think of until they've had some time on them. Its a valid point that 1000+ SS are often so good that they're boring. They're designed to be screaming around at 150kmh+ on the track all day, so the average punter on the road is riding it at a tiny fraction of its potential - so its a dull experience until you're really giving it.

    I sold my i4 super sport after 2 years of ownership - I've returned to slightly sporty twins. I found i4 SS to be thoroughly unrewarding at anything near legal speeds. Twinners are grinners, as they say.
  13. I had absolutely no intention of purchasing a 1098, in fact I went shopping for an 848 as I thought the 1098 would be too much.
    After taking it for a test ride I realised it's wasn't that agressive and I think I would have sold an 848 in a short period to upgrade to a 1098.
    Unfortunately R1's have a bad stigma attached to them...

    Why have I got a 1098? Because I love my Ducati's, probably because of my heritage and I feel, unlike Jap bikes they have some soul about them.
  14. First a squidding thread and now this...

    Yes, spring is certainly here!
  15. Small-penis.
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  16. so you don't need to use your mirrors anymore.
    nothing is going to be there anyway.

    but mostly for the chicks, have to fight them of everytime you come to a stop. then they camp out the front of your house. i fire up the beast in the morning and get pelted with panties and bras
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  17. Modern 600 SS are absolutely dogs to ride around within the legal limit. I owned a 675 triple and thought 600s would be close but they're not. I own a 07 cbr600rr and it's shithouse as a road bike. It's either all or nothing and all is way too much when your watching your demerit points. Thous have way more low down power and are usually more comfitable than a 600. I'd buy a litrebike SS in the future for the road but never another 600, but I'd prefer another 675.

    My 600 is now a track only bike and it's fantastic for that. I now ride a 1000cc vtwin on the road, very happy with it as a genuine road bike.
  18. G'day everyone,...

    You to MT1,..?

    There is only 1 drawback that I can see and that is the service costs,....

    Haveing to have the air box unclogged from the G-strings sucked into the air intake can run up the cost slightly,...

    Dr Who?


    Not trollin', I just want to know.
  20. It's OK mate, we caught the culprit yesterday: