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Why do people mock me?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by ScooterBoy, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. I recently bought a Yamaha cygnus 125, not because i fell in love with the notion of scooter riding but rather because we couldnt afford a second car.
    Although i will admit i love riding it to work, its surprisingly heaps of fun. But i am really sick of people seeing my money saving machine and mocking me (laughing).
    the ironic thing is they are flying past me in a huge v8 and have spent more in fuel and running costs by over taking me (whist laughing) than i will spend in a whole month.
    Whats the go? i dont understand why people think i need a vechile car or bike that will cost me half a days pay to own, just to get from A to B.

    Anyway i feel heaps better now thanks for listening. comments welcome.
  2. You're happy with it?
    You're enjoying it?

    So who cares what the numbnut in the tintop, on the sportsbike, or cruiser or whatever thinks. Just do it!!!

  3. thats the mentality i think they have, i am just surviving on my budget and having fun at that!
  4. Mate, just hitch your skirt up and off you go :LOL:
  5. Yeah i know, i should be the one laughing at them.
    and by the way i dont wear a skirt, only a blouse.
  6. Sling a baseball bat over your shoulder when you ride, people will think twice about laughing.
  7. :grin: :LOL: :)
  8. scooters are a lot of fun, a lot of people were going for their license just for the purpose of having one when i did my training for L's

    and they are probably just bogans i wouldn't worry about it too much they will end up in a bad way doing that kind of stuff
  9. my concern is that people who ride sports bikes or lager two wheel objects are creating a divide with scooter riders just because there smaller.
    i used to ride a larger road bike years ago, and you would always get the head nod of approval from other riders, but this has not happened since i jumped on a scooter. (something fishies going on).
  10. Learn to wheelstand that sucker, then no one will be laughing :cool:
  11. My concern is for those scooter riders who do so on a car license, rather than on a motorbike license. They have had no additional training to ride and often have some false perception about what constitutes safe riding gear, etc, etc.

    In SA, you can ride up to 50cc on a car license.
  12. as i said i have ridden before for many years and on bigger bikes, experience has nothing to do with it, its financial not a lack of skill that i ride a scooter. get over it !!!!!!
  13. He's not talking about you, he's talking about general opinion about scooter riders. I've seen some silly things done in Sydney's CBD done by scooter riders in peak hour traffic and I was standing on the sidewalk. Also in nsw to ride a scoot you need to do the same training as bike rider.
  14. As I said, my concern is for those who ride a scooter on only a car license.
    I am over it :)
  15. just do it back to them in traffic. sit next to them... wave them past, give htem a shrug of your shoulders and filter through. :)

    pet hate of mine: people that incessantly (is that a word?) lane change and speed, only to be in front of you at the next set of lights.

    reading traffic will get you there faster than any motor or speed will.
  16. I laugh at people while I am on mine.. If I was to get a motorized scooter to replace the electric I'd probably still be laughing.. Considering a scoopy or today50 - as a bloody artist I really go for the chick/retro look..

    I think you have to have a bike licence in NSW to ride a 50cc scooter..

    Congrats by the way for having a tiny carbon footprint..
  17. :jerk:

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Global warming or not, people need clean air to breathe.. in my nursing studies I gathered that carbonizing your lungs is not a good idea..
  19. Isn't it funny, I can't think of many 50cc scooters that aren't 2smokers, but they go on about their environmental friendliness.... :LOL:
    Electric scooters just move the carbon elsewhere, and leave you a nice heavy metal problem as well.
    I was laughing at your approval, as if anyone needs your approval!
    And that carbon footprint bullshit, come on! What's the next media catchphrase you lot will be spouting off! :LOL:
    I suppose you thing a Toyota Prius is a good car too, because they say it is.
    Humans have been breathing carbon since we evolved.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. i think 50cc are environmental friendly because they use next to nothing for fuel, but you are right, two strokes= no envo friend, thats why in Europe they don't make 2str any more
    But my beautifully x8250 (here i go again), complies with EURO2003, that makes it The best 2 wheels for the environment.!!!

    The logic goes that when i use my 50cc to go to work, i use fuel to move 120kgr on 60km/h. When my neighbor goes to work, he burns oil for 2 tons.. And I go there quicker!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.