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Why do people always have to get negative when discussing bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by YamahaWoman, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. I'm part of a forum for Australian reptile owners, and there has been a discussion about bike riding going on that started yesterday. It was about a rider who scraped a footpeg for the first time, then this comment appeared:

    It then started descending into ranting about people who are irresponsible on bikes but the attitude about it made me sick. Some one tried to pull him up a bit:
    but he wasn't having that:

    Here was my simple reply about the 'temporary Australian' comment:

    All human life is temporary, so there isn't much point in calling anyone a temporary Australian just because they ride a bike. I've had a good look around motorcycle forums and asked questions and there are quite a few people who have ridden for decades, it isn't necessarily an activity that includes certain death, that's a sensationalistic way to look at it. The ones who do stupid things get killed at a higher rate but the same can be said for those who do stupid things in cars.

    This was all he said back:
    I also wanted to question him about his comment about not riding because he 'has a brain':

    You don't ride a bike because you have a brain? I hope you're not trying to imply that all bike riders are stupid because we certainly aren't. There are some idiots who ride bikes and do stupid things, but we're not all like that and shouldn't all be called idiots who don't value our lives. I certainly value mine which is why I'm a careful rider.

    Your attitude about getting satisfaction from bike riders getting hurt or killed from doing stupid things is a bit disturbing. Have you ever known someone who died being stupid on a bike? I did and I certainly didn't get any pleasure from knowing he was dead... mainly because I saw how much it hurt his family. Plus I have a heart.

    Here was the reply:
    Another person of a similar attitude popped up:
    I challenged that 90% garbage:

    Absolute load of crap. I don't know ANY bikers who trust anyone in a car to keep them safe. Very bad exaggeration!
    Interesting, I didn't know that 100% of bikers rode there, and I also didn't know that this guy sat and watched them all day everyday to come to the conclusion that 90% of them rely on others for their safety. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Not my comment, but another bikers:

    Lots of facepalm in there! Plenty of misconceptions too. ](*,)

    I haven't met anyone like this in person before, which is probably a good thing... I guess we can probably thank the press for a lot of these generalisations.
  2. who cares?, it's a lizard forum, their brains are the sizes of walnuts.
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  3. Go for a drive up the old pacific highway on a weekend towards the Central Coast and watch all of the morons there that put others in danger because they expect people in cars to be monitoring their safety. We went for a drive a few weeks ago and this bike kept getting up my *** (I had my 2 children in the car) so wasn't going to speed for his sake. The knob overtook in the right lane and revved his P.O.S bike and left both myself and my 7 year old son deaf in the right ear for the rest of the day.
    The "mid life crisis" gang usually all stop at a restaurant on the pacific highway and I can tell you now that prick on the bike was lucky that he didn't stop there because he would have been waddling home with his helmet and his bike rammed right up his ***.

    Why would any normal person think that having a bike behind you would mean the rider wants you yo go faster.Talk about stupid behavior,how hard is it to put a blinker on and ease over to the left and let them pass.
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  4. Reptile forum. I'm part of it too, I just don't have that level of ignorance. Most of the people there are pretty intelligent which is why I like the site.
  5. Lol, exactly! Someone on the GOR got mad at me the other day for overtaking him, I made sure it was safe but he still put his hand out the window and signaled me to stop. When I got in front of him he flashed his lights at me. Don't know what his problem was :-s
  6. This is absolutely disgusting. But i think this is probably a widely held view that drivers have of riders. These drivers are obviously very dangerous. These opinions that place blame on other parties in traffic are extremely destructive.

    The smidsy threaders should read this to see what they're up against, to see that no onus can be placed on these drivers to do the right thing, it is our job to avoid them.

    The sad thing is no matter how many little old ladies we help crossing the road, how many people we let in front of us in traffic, how many thank you waves we give, the dangerous views of these scum won't change.

    A rider cannot win a battle with a driver, so don't even try. Avoid them at any cost. Pull over if you need to, DO NOT engage in conflict.
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  7. I did a few weeks back - forced a tosser in a 200sx to a stop by getting closer and closer to his left front guard as he slowed for a roundabout

    he was blocked in so I got off my bike went to his window took his keys and hurled them as far as I could
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  8. Are you for fucking real??? Man up and start a thread will you. FFS.
  9. I admire you naivety, or innocence......either one.

    The question is what do you want to do about it? You're in there having a dip and that's admirable, but are you trying to win an argument with somebody who's determined not to have their opinion swayed?

    Putting up with the negatives is something we just do. The unwashed know they can't do what we do so they like to come off sounding superior instead.
  10. Not naive or innocent, just frustrated I guess. But then, I should be used to people's stupidity by now, there's quite a lot of it haha.

    I like to question people in an attempt to get them to see things from a perspective other than their own. Of course many people don't listen but once in a while someone does. Of of them has stopped talking to me for now, I questioned him about his '90% of bikers expect others to ensure their safety' crap. He chose to deflect, presumably because he can't back up what he's saying. Even if he doesn't change his view everyone can see that it has come about through ignorance and assumptions. I suppose people won't trust too much of what he says on this topic if he ruins his own credibility by saying silly things :D

    People like that coming off as superior is certainly right, and then when a biker dies whether they know them or not they take it as some kind of victory for their perception.
  11. It's like flies at a BBQ. Inevitable! drink your beer, swat them away and as you were that man..ah girl ah
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  12. There are quite few, (#######) Drivers with that attitude.

    They are stuck in another time,

    The only way I can say it is, Theirs heads stuck so far up their own Arse, They really are a Menace to ALL road users,

    They will speed up when you pass, They will cut you off, They will squeeze you,

    And then have the Gall to abuse you,

    It does not fit into their little world,

    So, Abuse Prevails, At every one they disprove of,

    Car versus bike, Bike loses,

    And these Arseholes know it, And some of them do use it,
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  13. yeah well car loses when we take their mirrors when they're at a stand still considering we almost all have far superior off the line acceleration.
  14. I'm with ya I just wanted to see if you'd take the bait ;)

    I don't get frustrated per se, not with cagers anyway they're just an irritation. When riders feel the need to share their amazing insights or condemnation of riders I get fired up though. Riders are an easy target for scorn or derision, and as you can see we get enough of it outside our community so I don't see any benefit from riders doing it. Quite the opposite.

    Look at the end of the day once it's boiled down riding motorcycles is a stupid thing to do, but we do it anyway. Sometimes the best comeback to someone saying it's stupid, dangerous or you'd have to be an idiot to ride one is simply...


    Don't apologise, don't justfiy, don't shy away from it, just own it. After all, we're blessed with having experiences and a lifestyle that many people will never be a part of. Sucks to be them.
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  15. It's teh interwebs.

    Where else are dim-witted, verbose, knob-ends going to pontificate on something they know nothing about. People like him typically have no empathy for others who undertake a pursuit they cannot comprehend. People like him also usually display an ugly personality trait called Schadenfreude - a delight in seeing the misfortune of others.

    Take some solace from this, his wife is probably 10x worse in terms off attitude than him; gives him more grief than a nest of fire ants up the hoo-haa and probably doesn't put out anymore. He possibly has a boring but cashed-up bogan life consisting of the same mindless crap every week; which is beyond miserable because his little pea brain cannot comprehend how to change it. You go ahead and Schadenfreude right back at him. Then let it go because anything he said wasn't worth a pinch of shit and he will never change.
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  16. ...oh and that there is why I have no respect or time for them. Pulling them down a peg or two is a source of endless entertainment though.
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  17. Several times throughout that I wanted to see Raven's (it was his, right?) video of him and the oncoming truck in his lane in part of the response. Unfortunately some don't seem able to read between the lines and would go "See? Riding is so stupid dangerous!" but it sure drilled in for me (and a few friends once I explained my thoughts after showing them his video) that there are other road users who may stuff up, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not, and it's up to us to look after ourselves, which Raven managed well, and that being in a car in a situation like that may well have seen one very Mummified Raven.

    The hate out there sure can get frustrating.
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  18. I love it when you girls get feisty and fired up, it makes my day :)

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  19. Haha, stirrer :D

    Yep. I shied away from doing a lot of things in my life because of fear, but then you end up existing rather than living which isn't satisfying. I've probably lived more in the 3 months I've been riding than I did in my entire life before that. At least if I died riding I'd be doing something I loved, plus I'd never have to listen to the negative whingers again :LOL:

    Lol, I love that post!
  20. i don't need a lizard forum for it.

    i work all day in the company of people who read the herald sun for lunch, then watch channel 9 when they get home.

    and they all drive to work.
    nearly everyday for about ten years i get like> "seeya have a safe trip home, be carefull "

    me> "err Ok... i'm going now.. umm, i will.. (like wtf)
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