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Why do men prefer blondes?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Blonde

  2. Brunette

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  3. Red head

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  4. Other

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  1. My Fiancee wants to know why men prefer blondes and I couldnt give her a definitive answer, can you guys help??

  2. I voted "other" for "no preference". I know the saying, but I don't know, do guys prefer blondes? I don't.
  3. If she don't know then she must be blonde? :rofl:
    Ask yourselves, what are blondes subjected to so many jokes? :LOL:

    Really I don't know. But I'll offer that blondes can be angel like..and possibly have a virgin status. Also being blonde makes them look younger?
  4. Blonde (for me) goes with the slutty look, which gets my vote!
  5. I actually like the redheads and I mean the real fire colour hair. Don't know why it is, just what i'm attracted to!!
  6. :rofl: for that exact reason my girlfriends gone back to brunette, to much attention based on that premis.

    i think some guys prefer blondes just as some guys prefer red cars, purely personal preference i doubt there's some deep primal thing behind it.
  7. my gf is blonde...

    so they get my vote!!!
  8. My hubby likes blondes...and yet I'm not one :roll:

    Maybe it is the lighter coloured hair that attracts the eye? Don't know, but I prefer dark haired fellas myself.
  9. depends on the overall look of the girl. To me, generallllllllly, brunettes look classier and more desirable as a long term prospect where blondes look sexier and more desireable as a short term prospect.
  10. Yellow pigment stands out more or something...

    So most of us probably like the "blonde" blondies that have actually had their hair bleached blonde...

    either that or i duno.
    Brunettes are the way to go... unless they're sofie monk or hillary duff... those blondies are tops.
  11. I prefer redheads
    Having said that, all my serious relationships including the current one have been with brunettess and the only totally useless human being I know is a redhead.

    Never had a real blonde... am I missing anything?
  12. i agree with tailus... i think blondes do stand out more so they catch your eye more instantly so you think more physically ;)) where as brunettes do generally look classier to me too... my gf goes from blonde to brunette and back again.. so i get best of both worlds :D
  13. brunette for me, as said they look classier. blondes never really stood out to me.
  14. Brunettes all the way for me. I've probably been with 50:50 blonde and brunette but just love girls with dark hair. But at the end of the day i go for the girl, not the hair
  15. Blonde for sure.

    All the brunette gf's I had were nutcases.

    Most women look better as a blonde than a brunette IMO, eg. Buffy, the chick on 'backyard Blitz', Madonna, Britney.........

    Apologies to all the 'non blonde's' out there, just my preference.
  16. :grin: :grin: Exactly.

    I dont have a preferance really. One day I like blondes, and next I see a really nice Brunette and I swap. I think probably the majority of girls I like are Brunettes with nice brown eyes :wink:. Its just some of the blonde girls I work with look trashy :?

    But back to the original question, blondes are really short term fun 'projects' while brunnettes are long term :grin: .

    Also I have found that if you are trying to make a girl jealous. Go for the opposite. ie trying to annoy a brunnette at the moment, so I am trying to find a blone etc :wink:
  17. Ok, so with th exception of Triway above the stats and comments seem to indicate that most men really prefer brunetts with the exception of a minority who go for the "slutty", "easy" look that blondes convey - WONDERFUL

    Mental note to self, dye hair brown next week.
  18. Before you go and do that, just remember that a majority vote doesn't always mean it's the right thing to do...............just look at John Howard :grin:

    Stay blonde you beautiful thing :wink:
  19. my partner is a redhead...a true redhead :wink:

    a fiery one with a nature to match :twisted:

  20. yesssssss.... the hairs the first thing i look at :roll: