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Why do I love riding so much?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. OK, this may seem like a weird question but i can't work out an answer to. Almost everyone who gets on a bike falls in love with them and can't get enough off them. My question is, what is it about bike riding that makes people fall in love with it? Not that thats a bad thing, i love my bike and wouldn't give it up for the world, i just can't work out why. Its so dangerous, yet so much fun. Any ideas?

  2. My mum hates them...
    I love the freedom and power.
  3. YOU GET BITTEN.... I love that my tt alows me to forgett the day and concentrate on the line.. plus i have wanted a motorcycle since i was four when I was first pillioned. I burnt my leg on the hot exhaust that day and was bitten buy the bug then... 20 years and two bikes later i still love it...

    you get bitten develop an itch and the next thing you know your looking at maps and planning trips to tasmania because " good roads live here "
  4. I think it has a lot to do with the freedom and power also. The fact that the open air is blowing on your face and that you are in control of what you see and do is fantastic. The road is your oyster.
  5. Opposites.
    It can be simple to ride a bike, yet complex.
    It is dangerous, yet fun.
    It can enrich your life in so many ways, yet can change it for the worse.
    They can be powerful, yet this can land you in trouble, or even save you, sometimes all on the same ride:)
    You are loved by many at Toy Run/Poker Run times, yet disliked or even hated by some people at others.
    You can go through life without a bike and be happy and complete, but having a bike completes it and then some!
  6. zoom zoom u twist the wrist and u go zoooooooooeeeemmmmmm bheeeeeeeeeeeeeee zoooooeeeeeeeeemmmmmm. and there ur like shit eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh fcukin cager.
  7. Because when I ride I think only of riding - all the stresses go away. Because when I ride the road, conditions and me are never the same twice - it is always different, even if I know the road well. Because when I ride I am always learning, always finding out more about my bike and me - the bike challenges me. Because when I ride I hear that intake noise and hear my bike's exhaust and I fall in love all over again.
  8. Because it's not normal. Normally people. just drive cars.

    I came from a place where literally everyone would have had a bike, since cars are so expensive. It is *cool* to drive a car around especially at a younger age. One would get laid more often.

    Then after buying a car they all never looked back at bikes... well not all maybe :grin: 21 yrs. on and I still think bikes are the best way to get from A to B..., via C,D, and E.
  9. LOL :LOL: I think that nailed it
  10. Oh yeah! You go out in the car to pick up a carton of milk, you get back in 5 minutes.

    You do the same on the bike and you start off by riding past 12 shops that sell milk :LOL:
  11. Because it extentuates my sexiness!
  12. I think you mean accentuates, matty??
  13. freedom and solitude
  14. *the boring scientific theory*
    Riding bikes (and other pleasurable activities) cause the release of natural endorphins and other chemicals in ones body. A 'natural' high...

    *the real reason*
    Because we think it's cool and sexy and makes us stand out from the crowd which makes us feel better about ourselves... oh hang on that's the reason above ;)
  15. :grin: I live 10k out of town but we have a milkbar just around the corner from my house. I tell the girls - "I'm just going to the shop" and I get on the bike, ride straight past the shop, do the 10k's into Wonthaggi and then decide I should go home via Inverloch. hehe. I usually return home emptyhanded - simply cos I didn't really need anything at the shop. :)

    I also love the freedom and the challenge. Riding gives me a similar feeling as what sailing does...although I'd have to put riding above sailing on the 'love to do' list.

    Most of all though, I love the whole group thing. The meeting fellow riders..making new friends etc. I was at the local servo last night and a chick pulled up on a bike...L plater...similar age to me...had her L's for 3 weeks (same as me). It was only her 4th time out on her bike though and she wasn't feeling too confident about it all. I told her to get onto this website immediately. Amanda...if you're reading this...sign up! We need more riders down this way!

    MattyB said:
    :LOL: Bit hard to look sexy when you're rev revving a bike in first trying to turn out onto a highway and your bike is jerk jerking.. :oops: :LOL:
  16. Mayb he did mean "extend" you know where I'm headed.
    I thought you didn't correct peoples spelling mistakes...?
    Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 4:01 pm Post

    Pedantic gits, you'd never see ME correcting someone's spelling or grammar
    Even if you were sticking up 4 me & I was greatful!
    Even so : )
  17. Thanks you Sir Hornet :D

    Rosie - hey, I look sexy on a CD250U, I can make anything cool :p

    I might bring yoyo's back into fasion.
  18. Good topic.
    The "opposites" thing was right on too.

    I think it gives you a sense of freedom that personally I have'nt found elsewhere.

    You get on a plane flying to london its exciting, but your in a plane with 100 other people and you have no control. You get on your bike with a rough idea of where you want to head and a full tank of gas and your away.

    I remember as a young fella I would jig school, jump on my worked XR250 and just hoon off up north. It was a sense of freedom that I felt in my gut - that I've never got in a car or a plane etc.

    ++++ Plus, someone mentioned the stress relief of just focusing on ur riding, I reckon thats spot on also - I used to do alot of long distance running, you get into the zone and forget ur worries - I find that on the bike. (maybe coz I'm not too good and have to concentrate 110%!! haha)