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Why do clear roads attract idiots?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Four40, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. The other day, I decided that I needed a ride to help clock up the k's so I could book my bike in for it's 12k service. I headed out to Burrinjuck Dam. Mostly highway to and from and the ride there was very pleasant.

    On the way home, I had just turned back onto the highway and traffic was light and far away. Got into the left hand lane and sat on the limit (110km) minding my own business and checking my mirrors. This shit box van was coming up behind me, nothing wrong there. Checked again, they had moved to the right hand lane to overtake. I adjusted my speed a bit(slowed down), as we were on a hill and I wanted to give this guy time and space to safely get in front of me. The tool then pulls in front of me, less than a car length seperates us and no indicators were to be seen.

    Why? There were no other cars in sight, the weather was clear and visibility was as close to perfect as you can get. Needless to say, I slowed down even more and not wanting to play a game of who can overtake who, found my speedo showing under 100k. Perhaps it was a challenge, or the driver really dislikes motorcyclists.?? Anyway, the second exit to Yass they pulled off and the rest of the journey was incident free.
  2. I think some people are just tools!! :-k .....they seem to do dumb stuff for no reason!! :roll:
  3. Not much you can do mate, even in heavy traffic people are giving the indicator the miss and just barging on over, really sucks but yea, if you're expecting to see a blinker before sombody changes lanes these days you could get skittled, take care man
  4. Good to hear you didnt lose your cool.
    As said before people are just tools.
  5. Some vans offer limited vision outa their mirrors.... as if that's an excuse. :roll:

    Ride past & pass on your best wishes, I would recomend.
  6. Riding on that slab will give you square tyres ;)
  7. I think you need to change the thread title - leave out the word "clear" and it will be more accurate... :LOL:
  8. Plenty of clowns change lanes once they're immediately in front of you nowadays even when there's plenty of clear road in front of them. Lucky they didn't change lanes when they were still next to you.
  9. :LOL: :LOL: too true.
  10. Yeah I had something like this happen last night. Doing 110 on the motorway, pass a car doing 95, he then speeds up and sits in my blind spot. I speed up to 113, so does he. I drop to 110, so does he. I pull in front of him to pass a car and he flashes me. Why.

    I don't even try to answer the question anymore.
  11. You did exactly the right thing. Be proud! :applause:

    I see this behaviour in the cage all the time. Whats worse is that people drive even more insanely in wet weather. When it started pissing down last night, I was heading down to the airport to drop off someone, and there were people speeding past me at 50% over the limit, in a downpour, with their lights off. ](*,)