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Why do Car driver hate us? Why do they sterotype us so much?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Camel Salesman, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. I was riding my GSX-R 1000 K7 today with a bunch of friends and we copped some abuse from cagers.

    Now my question why do they stereotype us like this? Here in Perth we have a charity ride called M.A.D (making a difference) because prior to this we thought... lets start an organized group ride it will make us look less like a bunch off hoons and shit. but even after all the charity events we still get pulled over, they notice our club keytags and sterotype us. even though i was riding the speed limit.

    we try to show compassion but nobody cares. WE CAN NEVER WIN. WE WILL BE HATED 4 LYFE.

    So who cares if you do a wheelie passed a family sedan or 4wheel drive and the driver is shaking his or her head, they are gonna shake their head anyway.

  2. Everyone sterotypes everyone else.

    Be biatch and moan about cagers they do the same to us. They will have an opinion about bike riders already made up in their minds from past experiences or what they have been told. Changing that is usually a pointless exercise.

    When you see people in beat up VN commodores alot of people will think oh, bogans.

    Why I see a highly moded car - esp something like a skyline, I automatically think that person is a hoon or dickhead.

    When I see 4x4's in suburban areas I assume they are wankers.

    Everyone will sterotype people for some reason if they can put them into a group
  3. Get over it, all of yez. Why would you care what any random person thinks of ya.
  4. Re: Why do Car driver hate us? Why do they sterotype us so m

    Hehe.. there's a example of stereotyping already - "cagers."
    Many of the members on NR call all drivers "cagers."
    You stereotype them, they stereotype you, nothing hard to understand about that at all.
  5. Probably cos your Gixxer is ready for war? Maybe the people who abused have watched your vid and don't like war? :cool:
  6. Ya get used to it.

    Hell, put up with it for long enough and you start to enjoy it. :twisted:
  7. +1

    people will always do that shit. motorcyclists are one of the biggest....i'm trying to think of the word........if your a motorcyclist, which is like 4% of road users (or some crappy little number, i cant remember exactly) you are going to love bikes and riders and have a special bond between one another. the other 96% (or some huge number, i cant remember exactly) are going to think your bastards and that you make life difficult for everyone else on the roads. remember, daddy doesn't want to get a small dent on the front of his $100,000 SUV just because he didn't notice a silly bike that was 'hooning' down the road. oh and he couldn't care if your 6 feet under or in ICU or a wheel chair because of it either. if you are part of a minority group you will always be stereotyped. ALWAYS.
  8. I think it's more to do with the actions of a small percentage of rider's that sticks in the minds of many drivers. For example, if they see a rider lane splitting past them at high speed, they just start thinking that all riders are like that ~ not so much worried about their paint job.
  9. I don't understand people who jump out of perfectly servicable planes, but I don't hate them.

    People who don't ride don't understand people who do, but sky-divers don't filter to the head of the queue in traffic, and start their planes up with after-market exhausts in quiet suburban streets at 5:30am as they head out for the day :wink:.
  10. I wear earplugs. I don't see why the neighbours can't :LOL:
  11. The same attitude is given to cyclists

    Heaven help you, because some idiot went through a red pedestrian light and killed a pedestrian ...

  12. This isn't right either - I reckon at most there are maybe 4% of drivers who are rabidly anti-bike, maybe another 20% who don't particularly like bikes and riders but aren't fussed, at the other end 20% who like bikes but not enough to get one, and for the large majority bikes don't even really register in their consciousness much.

    So getting into an 'us and them' mentality just means you're unfairly stereotyping the attitudes of the majority of drivers based on the attitudes of a very few...
  13. your assumptions are correct
  14. You are spot-on, I reckon.

    Do this test next time you are out riding. Watch the reactions of people as you ride past. Riders will look up and identify your bike as you glide by. The vast majority of people will look straight through you to the furniture shop on the other side of the road; you aren't even part of their daily mental equation. That's why they say "sorry mate, I didn't see you', because genuinely, they didn't. You just don't exist.
  15. It will always be thus.
  16. Well what happened was my shadow sped up beside me and wheelied about 150 meters and about 2 people started beeping and one guy in a 4x4 flicked the finger at us.

    I reckon these poofs are just jealous.
  17. You could well be right.

    I too, wish that I was you. I would love to be a Cigarette Salesman, but I reckon that I would make more money, if I sold all of the brands, other than just "Camel'.
  18. your back tyre probably flicked some "sniff" chicken strips "sniff" up at them and they cracked the shits :LOL:

  19. I think I would flip you off to if you wheelied past me while moving. Esp if I had my son in the car.

    I don't think it's a sterotype here, it's just they would have thought he's a wanker. I would have had the same thought to.

    But hey it's war isn't it?
  20. Is my fender eliminator going to flick some rocks in the air and hit your son in the face through the window aswel?
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