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Why do 250's even have a 6th gear?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ShadowGT, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Went on a ride for no apparent reason down to portsea today, Lyra loved it (yes i named my bike Lyra you got a problem with that?), the weather cleared up & it was a great ride. On the freeway on the trip home i decided to see what Lyra could do while the traffic was light & got her up to $1.40 in 5th but in 6th I could barely get to $1.50 which makes me wonder why 250's have a 6th gear if its just going to waste like that?

    Lyra is a Kawasaki GPX 250 by the way.

  2. 6th is overdrive.
  3. So they can do 150
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  4. Yours is way better than my TE 250 Husky with a close ratio 6 speed,tops out at a screaming 120kph.Be nice to have an over drive 6 to cruise at sensible revs.
  5. Not the one I saw today - parked on the medium strip (red sporting a L-plate) on Homebush Bay Drive around 2pm today... nobody around. Wondered if it was somebody attending the learner's session around the corner? Should've stopped seeing as I was towing an empty trailer at the time but I was in a hurry.
  6. I had a ninja 250 which had a 6th and it got to $1.80 once. I have ridden other 250's that only have 5 and i thought they all needed a 6th, especially for a little lower revs when cruising
  7. $1.80?!? Must have been one hell of a tail wind.
    They have 6 because it is one more than 5.
    Why is that better?
    Because it is a whole one more than five. (goes to 11)
  8. To pass drive by noise regulations.
    To pass emissions regulations
    Economy.. Fuel wise.

    First mod on a GPX is going to a 15/45 sprocket combination. That will make it pull a bit quicker in top. Mmm think Kawa has finaly done this anyway. Check your manual.
  9. yes, I'd be re-gearing to make use of the more useable part of the rev band too
  10. 150km/h in 6th gear? Urghh.
  11. I always wonder why there is no 7th
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  12. Yeah, thats what 2nd gear was made for.
  13. $1.50 is hoon law territory. Perhaps not on the freeway. Unless you want to feature in an article in the Herald-Sun.
    Kawasaki speedos are notoriously about 10% over so you may not have got near $1.50.
  14. I've owned many bikes over the years, 5 speeds, 6 speeds, and the one thing I've always found with all of them is that I always wanted one more cog.
  15. makes you wonder why they don't just make it so it has one!!
  16. it's a highway gear.
    less revs means less fuel gets used. economy
    ideally the bike will be geared so it can sit comfortably on freeway speeds in 6th
    but overtake in 5th
  17. It's impossible. I wished my 5-speeds had 6, I wished my 6-speeds had 7.
    If my aprilia had a 10 speed gearbox I bet I'd still wish it had 11.
    Every bike I've owned there were times when I'd shift into top gear and then search for the next only to find I was there already.:rolleyes:
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  18. change the cogs if you don't like the gearing
  19. You've never owned a Guzzi.
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