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Why didn't it start??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Went to start the bike this morning after not having been started for 2 weeks.

    Cranked over fine but did not want to Start. was firing but stopped as soon as the cranking stopped.

    Thought that it may take some time for the carbies to get enough fuel so let it sit for a few minutes....Still nothing.

    Started to consider the cage and then took the seat off. Tried again and it fired and away we went.

    Now i know leaving it for a fortnight probably didn't do it any favours, but what would have caused it to not start like that?

    All seems fine now though..
  2. Does the Spada have an OFF position on the fuel tap? If it does but you left it in the ON position then the carbies will have flodded with fuel that needed to be worked out. :)
  3. Engines don't like to sit - tends to make the fuel in the carbs evaporate off making it more difficult to get fuel to the engine. Not sure what sort of fuel tap the Spada has but if it has a "Pri" (or prime) setting turn it to that and leave it for a few minutes before trying to start. If it's the On/Off type try setting it to "on" and leaving it sit (assuming it's been set to off). Of course if its been left set to on for 2 weeks then it might have the opposite problem (be flooded) - in which case the best idea is to drain the carb float bowls.
  4. tap was definately OFF for the 2 weeks.

    Turned in ON a few minutes before trying to start.

    i have OFF/ ON/ RES. no Prime setting.

    I waas thinking the carbs may have got a bit stuck and wearned delivery fuel.

    All a moot point now but i was curious about why it wouldn't go. was rather frustrating.
  5. Iny relatively limited experience, bikes tend to do this. The carb bowls are relatively small, so fuel evaporates off quickly.
    I found that on both my Z and the GTR, it would be cranky to start if lefy for say a week or so, but sometimes a few days can do it too.
    The carbs just don't have fuel in them. If your bike was flooding out via a dodgey fuel tap, you'd smell it.
    Actually, the GTR has been a bugger to start the last couple of weeks, the battery is on the way out I think, and a slow cranking speed doesn't do starting any favours!
    So, if you crank it a bit and can't smell fuel at the exhaust, you have a fuel supply issue.
    If you smell fuel, you have a spark issue.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. If the bowls drained/evaporated adn you didn't put the tap to "pri" (if it has one) then it would probable take a bit of cranking to pull fuel into the bowls.

    also, leaving it for 2 weeks probably meant the battery wasn't at 100% so your cranking speed would have been down. This limits compression and meants fuel takes longer to get sucked in.
  7. ok thanks guys