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Why didn't Bronwyn throw Christopher Pyne out on his ear?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Flibble, May 16, 2014.

  1. Why are we paying these oxygen thieves?

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  2. My cousin is in the press gallery, and in no fan of Christopher Pyne. She said he called Shorten a GRUB. I don't know if it a lot better when you think about how our tax payer dollars are being spent...
  3. I know what I heard...

    Oh and just so no-one gets the wrong idea, I reckon both sides are as bad as each other. Question time is a fuckin' joke.
  4. So the big question is was the budget designed to be blocked? I can't see the libs being actually stupid enough to want half the stuff to go through and when the deficit looks the same in 3 years they can blame labor.
  5. A distasteful response to what was probably an equally distasteful taunt yelled from the other side from the looks of it. So what?
  6. absolutely. talk up the "budget crisis" beforehand, add shit that is never likely to get through, pocket the cuts, and the general population will forget before next election..

    they are the perfect politicians :)
  7. Crafty c*nts.

    Though I've think they've underestimated how many votes they will lose from the whole broken promise stuff. They basically won the last election on the trust thing and convincing people who by all means should never vote liberal to vote liberal.
  8. they'll gold pass before they get phased out? and many cuts are to be locked in to start AFTER next election...

    what do they care :D
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the plan is to negotiate. Labour et al talk them down from the scary stuff, they 'make do' with the stuff they were actually aiming to get through, they get to blame other people if things don't work out ("it would have been fine if you'd let us...").

    What got me onto that line of thinking is them putting $20bn into a "medical research fund". In other words, into something their budget won't rely on. And I'm not sure Australian researchers could even spend that much...
  10. $20 billion after 10 years... and then it "might" have "1 billion in dividends per year...

    so.. do we spend $2 billion per year on medical research??
    or wait 10 years, then spend $1 billion per year..

    I'd rather spend the $2 billion per year upfront... (then again, we don't even have $1 billion worth of investment opportunities for medical research in Aus.. way way far from it..... basically the gumbyment will just pocket the cash with very little support for research)

    plus, it seems exactly the opposite of selling assets which provide dividends, in order to get cash upfront?
    in that sense it seems rather hypocritical?
  11. Wait. What are you doing. You have no future in politics. That makes SENSE!

    I do wonder if the budget is designed to cause a fuss, get some of what the government want, and blame the opposition (and later Palmer) for any issues. Labor is the high player now, but Palmer may be a serious concern to Liberals later.
  12. A friend noted another very unpleasant possibility/probability: that private firms will be able to apply for medical research funding from the fund.
  13. Y'all also saw the footage showing that Bronwyn *took direction* from Pyne on stopping the applause for the budget reply speech, right?

    Worst Speaker ever?
  14. after all they've given/bribed doctors with over the years, why shouldn't they get some cash back? :D
  15. Stumbled across this piece. The interesting bit is a detail that's revealed down the bottom of the page:

    "Chris Berg is Policy Director at the Institute of Public Affairs. "
  16. Worse than Peter Slipper? Not likely. Lol
  17. Slipper, whatever his other faults, was actually a bloody good speaker, in terms of doing what a speaker is supposed to do, which is, basically, impartially keeping order in the House. Certainly better than Harry Jenkins or Anna Burke, and a whole heap of orders of magnitude better than old Kero Bishop.
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  18. Feds are just doing what the State gov are doing here in Victoria. After years of mismanagement by the other side, drastic budgetary measures were required. However, miracle upon miracles, now it is an election year, we have bucket loads of money for all the stuff we have been crying out for for the last three years. Don't be surprised if in 2016, Feds announce we are building a bridge to NZ, starting a space program, building a new high speed rail link between all of Australia's capital cities and handing out cash on street corners....
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  19. Except the feds are not saving a bucket load of money. All the cuts are basically to cover the scrapping of 2 major taxes that happen to target the major source of liberal party campaign funds.
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  20. So what mismanagement by the other side was so horrible it had to be destroyed?
    Seriously if I hear that mantra one more time I'm gonna go postal.
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