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Why Did You Stop Riding Sports Bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nicholas, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. To those of you who have ridden sports bikes and have stopped riding sports bikes, what was the core reason as to why you gave up riding sports bikes?

  2. Not in that position, but I think a main one would be wanting to have children so needing to get the sperm count back up :LOL:
  3. Ok ok, sperm count back up, thats a reason I wasn't expecting, but yes I'll accept it :)
  4. Because I like classic and naked bikes.
  5. I never will.

    I dont want to grow up
  6. One guy told me he went to Harley's because he wanted to keep his license.
  7. I don't know what you're fishing for, but how about...

    *speeding tickets
    *expensive to crash

    Commonly cited reasons that I've heard.
  8. Expensive to insure is another reason I've heard mentioned more than once.
  9. Ooh, yeah. One of my more senior coworkers did that. He used to race motocross, track, trials, you name it, at an amateur level... Fast forward to about 5 years ago, he testrode a Ducati Monster, decided to for a Harley instead for the sake of his license. :)
  10. I'm weening myself off them gradually.....hence sports/tourer. As I got older, comfort mixed in with at least some sports performance became more of a priority. Gotta look after them old bones (creak!) :LOL:
  11. Ask my 5th cervical vertebra, my hips and both knee joints ... I'm sure they'll tell you why I went to a sit up and beg ... :LOL:
  12. Back to topic.

    I'm 51 and the riding position of the old FZR is getting to be a bit
    uncomfortable, so, just maybe my next bike will have a riding position that's a bit easier on the old joints.

    Not just yet though.
  13. I suppose as we get older our riding styles change as well.
    Hence we tend to go for more comfortable bikes with more relaxed riding positions as well as something that's a touch cheaper to insure and less race oriented.
  14. Yes, I ride alot, my bike is my only form of transport so when I test rode some sports bikes the one factor that dawned upon me was how uncomfortable it would be to ride a sports bike all the time coupled with the realisation that these bikes are designed for serious speed and track use.

    Do those of you who ride sports bike do it mainly on the weekends? Or do you ride them quite readily?
  15. I ride my Gixxer nearly everyday as it is my main means of getting around. I find the bike to be very comfortable, the longer the ride the better it gets. I get a sore back from work and I find that the position seems to stretch out my back so that when I get home I feel 100%. The only complaint is the ache in my right wrist at the end of a long ride.

    I like the race look so as long as I can ride a sportsbike, that's exactly what I'll do. When I finally give in I will be switching to a naked. :)
  16. Anyway Nicholas, I used to ride my sports bike/s daily and weekends. I also had a spin recently (3 day's worth) on a well-kept 2002 R1 which could well tempt me back to the sports-bike fray :)
  17. I never started :-w
  18. cos i crashed it :cry:
  19. a combination of painful joints from crashing and the fact that i dont realy like the looks of fully faired bikes, prefer twin shock naked muscle bikes
  20. I've never been that tempted towards them because of insurance costs, expensive if you bin them, difficult to service yourself (time consuming anyway) and the fact they age really, really badly.